HPA Tech Retreat 2019 Issues Call for Proposals

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Fri, 09/07/2018 - 10:39 -- Nick Dager

The Hollywood Professional Association has issued the call for proposals for the 2019 HPA Tech Retreat, which includes Tech Retreat Extra, the Supersession, breakfast roundtables, an Innovation Zone, and the main conference. Also open now are submissions for the breakfast roundtables. Now in its 24th year, the 2019 HPA Tech Retreat will take place February 11-15, 2019 at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, California.

The main program presentations are set for February 13-15, 2019. These presentations are strictly reserved for marketing-free content. Mark Schubin, who has programmed the Tech Retreat since its inception, notes that main program sessions can include a wide range of content.

The Hollywood Professional Association has issued the call for proposals for the 2019 HPA Tech Retreat. Pictured is the audience at one of last year's presentations.“We are looking for the most interesting, thought provoking, challenging and important ideas, diving into almost anything that is related to moving images and associated sounds,” said Shubin. “That includes, but is not limited to: alternative content for cinema, augmented reality, broadcast in the age of broadband, content protection, dynamic range, enhanced cinema, frame rate, global mastering, higher immersion, international law, joke generation, kernel control, loss recovery, media management, night vision, optical advances, plug-‘n’-play, queasiness in virtual reality, robo-post, surround imagery, terabyte thumb drives, UHD II, verification, wilderness production, x-band internet access, yield strength of lighting trusses, and zoological holography.”

Proposals, which are informal in nature and can be as short as a few sentences in length, must be submitted by the would-be presenter. Submitters will be contacted if the topic is of interest. Presentations in the main program are typically of half-hour duration, including set-up and Q&A.  The deadline to submit main program proposals is end of day October 26. 

Breakfast roundtables take place Wednesday to Friday, beginning at 7:30 AM. Unlike the main program, moderator-led breakfast roundtables can include marketing information. Schubin said, “Table moderators are free to teach, preach, inquire, ask, call-to-task, sell, or do anything else that keeps conversation flowing for an hour.” 

There is no vetting process for breakfast roundtables. All breakfast roundtable moderators must be registered for the retreat and there is no retreat registration discount conveyed by moderating a breakfast roundtable. Proposals for breakfast roundtables must be submitted by their proposed moderators and once the maximum number of tables is reached (32 per day), no more can be accepted. 

In reflecting upon the call, Seth Hallen, president of HPA said, “The HPA Tech Retreat main conference, under the brilliant leadership of Mark Schubin, is simply a must-attend event for anyone who works in this complex process: from before a camera rolls or a project is outlined until the last piece of data is archived. It is a big picture event with an emphasis on real world application of imagination. As we are every year, we are all excited to see the program! I encourage you to submit.”

Submissions should be sent to [email protected]

The 2019 HPA Tech Retreat http://www.hpaonline.com