HPA to Honor Four Companies with Judges Award

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Fri, 10/08/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

During the HPA Awards ceremony on November 11 four companies will be recognized for their inventive thinking and execution of concept with a special honor the HPA Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation in Post Production.  The companies – FotoKem Gradient Effects Light Iron Digital and Reliance MediaWorks – were chosen after a recent judging session by a blue-ribbon panel of judges. The Creativity and Innovation Award was conceived in recognition of the creative technology-fueled and challenging environment that content creators post-production facilities experts and manufacturers operate in.  The Award offers an opportunity to reward innovative thinking in the areas of new tools workflows and ideas that enhance the post-production process from a technical creative or efficiency perspective.  The Creativity and Innovation Award was created to shine a spotlight on companies and individuals that demonstrate excellence in one or more of these areas. Carolyn Giardina chairman of the HPA Awards Committee says “The Judges Award for Innovation and Creativity was created in direct response to the innovation occurring in the post-production community.  It was apparent that our vibrant and ingenious community was consistently creating new ways to work and improve methodology and the Awards Committee and Board wanted to recognize such expansive thinking.   The HPA Creativity and Innovation judges found that these four companies and the individuals at work there have developed products and processes that will support the industry’s work today and lay critical groundwork for the future growth of post-production. Winners of the 2010 HPA Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation: FotoKem – nextLAB Mobile nextLAB Mobile supports productions in remote locations.  Developed with proprietary software combined with commodity hardware nextLAB presents an advanced toolset for file-based post-production from safe ingest of camera original media audio sync archive color and lut application through transcode.   Reliance MediaWorks – Custom Image Processing Reliance MediaWorks has created advanced software applications for higher quality image results.  With custom image processing for film video and digital sources Reliance can enhance both classic films and new productions.  Recent titles include Avatar The Social Network and Fantasia. Gradient Effects – GLoW Co-founders Olcun Tan and Thomas Tannenberger created GLoW (Gradient Location-Optimized Workflow) as a 2D or stereoscopic 3D previsualization and nonlinear production system. GLoW consists of a proprietary software plug-in and related workflow that features many applications for filmmakers including cinematographers directors production designers and producers. Light Iron Digital – Outpost and Lightstream The Light Iron Outpost and Lightstream systems empower productions to maximize the potential of file-based acquisition tools. Outpost is designed to bring the lab on set. Consisting of hardware software and storage Outpost equips operators to verify footage create back-ups render one-light dailies and transcode footage for editorial. Lightstream is Light Irons proprietary tool for distributing dailies which utilizes mobile viewing devices including iPad iPhone and Droid. Tom Vice vice president and general manager nextLab says FotoKem is proud to have won the HPA Innovation Award for nextLab Mobile.  Our team has been hard at work creating tools for our customers in the field and internally at FotoKem.  We look forward to continuing our development of nextLab Mobile and supporting our clients in unique ways.   Light Iron CEO Michael Cioni says We are very pleased and proud that the HPA recognized Light Iron Outpost with a 2010 Creativity and Innovation Award.  Outpost is a new breed of post-production talent and technology-serving creatives by delivering near-instant dailies from file-based acquisition systems.  HPA's recognition of Outpost as a post production on-set solution is a testament to the forward-thinking leadership of the organization. “We are honored to be recognized as leaders in image processing.  It is exciting to be able to share with filmmakers these powerful tools for such a wide variety of applications including 3D image repair noise and grain management large format and restoration ” says Evan Edelist managing vice president business development. Gradient Effects co-founder Thomas Tannenberger summed it up by saying “The concept of creativity is inherent in innovation and a core deliverable to our community and customers. To win a Creativity and Innovation nod is incredibly meaningful to us. GLoW is one of the most exciting projects that Olcun and I have had the opportunity to work on and we are extremely proud to have been honored with this award.” Also at the November event Ted Gagliano president of 20th Century Fox feature post production will receive the HPA’s Lifetime Achievement Award.   ,2017
IDC Arqiva Announce Partnership,2010-10-09,International Datacasting Corporation has entered into a partnership to supply Arqiva with its comprehensive digital cinema-specific content distribution applications and remote site equipment. This is an extension of an earlier agreement. With this next phase Arqiva will significantly expand the deployment of its network to cinemas.  Powered by IDC's digital cinema-specific remote site solutions it will provide a fully managed electronic delivery service across Europe for its media distributor clients. These systems power the delivery of feature-length films movie trailers and live alternative content such as sporting events concerts and theatrical exhibitions to cinemas equipped with the Arqiva Digital Cinema satellite system. Arqiva's Satellite & Media commercial director Barrie Woolston says Our development teams have been working collaboratively over recent months to develop a platform that provides Arqiva with significant operational efficiencies. IDC has played a significant role in supporting our aspirations to become the principle network for the delivery of digital cinema packages in Europe and we look forward to seeing the fruits of their labor in the months to come as we roll out even greater functionality for our network partners. Fred Godard president and CEO of IDC says Digital cinema is a market segment in which IDC's mix of technical innovation and reliability are in great demand. We are gratified to have this prestigious network in our portfolio and look forward to a continued strong relationship with this important customer. ,2018
Philadelphia Insurance Companies Offer Film Production Insurance,2010-10-09,Philadelphia Insurance Companies has launched an insurance product for the film production industry. PHLY designed its film production product to meet the unique needs of film producers film production companies film schools photographers and videographers offering coverage that includes general liability with abuse and molestation inland marine property auto and excess liability. “PHLY is excited to add film production to its lineup of entertainment products and we view this as a natural progression in the evolution of our program ” says Donna Mescall underwriting manager. “The package approach provides the film production industry with a ‘one stop shop’ to fulfill their property auto general liability and excess liability insurance needs while coverage enhancements provide a broad array of coverages specific to film exposures including but not limited to coverage for faulty stock negative film third party property damage and others. The program targets the film production companies with per production costs of $1 000 000 or less offering short term and annual production policies.” Philadelphia Insurance Companies www.phly.com ,2020
Paramount Promotes Jackass 3 on Cinetransformer,2010-10-09, To promote Jackass 3 in 3D Paramount Pictures chose the Cinetransformer which claims to be the world's first 3D mobile cinema to promote their new release Jackass 3 in 3D. “The Cinetransformer is the world’s first 3D mobile cinema a natural progression for Cinetransformer International having debuted digital cinema in the Cinetransformer in 1998 and high def in 2006 making it the world’s first mobile digital cinema at that time” says Raul Fernandez Cinetransformer’s managing director. “Now with full 3D capabilities this represents a powerful new tool for brand marketers.” 
The privately held Florida based Cinetransformer which circulates a fleet of mobile cinemas for experiential marketing campaigns was chosen for the promotional debut of the film at the San Diego event.
 Cinetransformer’s patented expansion trailer cinema on wheels became the venue for the film’s promotional debut at Comic-Con with an eight-minute video presented during the event. “The addition of 3D technology to the Cinetransformer will make it even more compelling both for feature length presentations as well as for total audience immersion for brand marketing training and promotion purposes ” Fernandez says.
 Cinetransformer www.cinetransformer.com ,2021
Mitsubishi Begins 3D Cinema Ad Campaign ,2010-10-09, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America is rolling out an innovative cinema 3D ad campaign to promote its 2010 line of 3D televisions to consumers with a demonstrated interest in 3D entertainment. The 30-second 3D spot is Mitsubishi’s first foray into cinema advertising and is a part of its integrated in-theatre marketing push – including retail coupon handouts and an exit sampling program. The spot is airing in front of the 3D movie Legend of the Guardians and will be featured prominently within Screenvision’s Premium Pod through November 11th. 
  “We’re proud that Mitsubishi has chosen Screenvision to showcase their first ever in-cinema 3D campaign for the new 3D Television’s. Screenvision’s Premium Pod will provide Mitsubishi with broad national coverage and help engage consumers in a creative way to connect with the Mitsubishi brand ” says Michael Chico executive vice president sales marketing and research Screenvision. 
  “Screenvision’s in-theatre 3D advertising program provides Mitsubishi with the optimal avenue to target prospective 3D TV buyers in a captive environment whilst they are immersed in 3D entertainment ” says Frank DeMartin vice president marketing at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America.  “Coupled with in-theatre couponing and a strong call to action we have designed a campaign to build awareness of Mitsubishi 3D DLP Home Cinema TVs and drive a targeted demographic of 3D movie lovers to retailers across the country.” ,2022
Moving Pictures Acquires the Rights to First Dog,2010-10-09, Moving Pictures Film & TV has acquired of all international rights to the family-friendly film First Dog. The film starring Eric Roberts (The Expendables) and Tiny Lister (The Fifth Element) and featuring Little Bear once owned by Nancy Reagan as Teddy the dog. First Dog follows a boy in a foster home as he takes it upon himself to return the lost dog to The White House.
MPF&TV also announced its successful sale of rights to Moving Pictures Live Season 2 at MIPCOM. The deal handled by Bender Media Services in corroboration with TBSLA covers Turner Latin America’s entire footprint including all of Latin America and the Caribbean for basic pay television and starts April 1 2011.
Moving Pictures Live is MPF&TV’s interview show featuring interviews with filmmakers and celebrities discussing their movie projects past present and future. Focused on the craft of filmmaking and not on celebrity gossip Moving Pictures Live has featured filmmakers and actors including Adam Rifkin Sean Penn Donald Sutherland Maggie Gyllenhaal Jeff Goldblum Lara Flynn Boyle Samuel L. Jackson and many more.
 “Moving Pictures Live is one of our most exciting television series and we are thrilled to demonstrate that it translates for a Latin American audience ” says Ted Chalmers Moving Pictures president of worldwide sales.  “Along with the acquisition of First Dog we look forward to continued success at MIPCOM.”
 Among the films on MPF&TV‘s sales slate at MIPCOM are the live-action family films Adventure Scouts and No Limit Kids: Much Ado About Middle School as well as the new animated family adventure The Lucky Dragon. Also on the slate is the romantic comedy Spooner recently sold to Digi Dreams of Germany and starring Matthew Lillard and Nora Zehetner. Spooner is directed and was co-written by up-and-comer Drake Doremus director of the acclaimed film Douchebag. ,2023
National Amusements to Install 304 Sony 4K Digital Cinema Systems,2010-10-09,National Amusements is adopting Sony Electronics’ 4K digital cinema technology for the majority of its U.S. screens. The Massachusetts-based exhibitor is rolling out 304 Sony 4K systems across 24 locations with the implementation scheduled for completion by summer 2011. Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions group is working with National Amusements on every aspect of its 4K conversion. The exhibitor is implementing the 4K systems through Sony’s virtual print fee business model as part of a long-term lease. The agreement includes full maintenance service and warranty support for National Amusements allowing them to reduce their operating costs over the term of the agreement. Sony will also manage and support National Amusements’ existing 2K systems currently installed across the circuit. National Amusements chose the Sony 4K technology for its proven track record its unprecedented resolution and image quality flexibility and ability to keep its operation at the highest current technology standards. The exhibitor is also currently working with Sony to roll out 53 4K systems in the U.K. and 32 4K systems in Argentina and Brazil with ongoing negotiations to convert a significant number of additional screens in those countries throughout 2011. “National Amusements is committed to enhancing its operations from the auditoriums to the lobby to the lounge areas ” says Gary Johns senior vice president of Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions business. “They are an extremely creative and innovative exhibitor whose ultimate goal is to continually deliver an excellent customer experience. Sony’s 4K technology offers real and proven benefits for exhibitors and their customers and we’re excited to be working with them as they move to the next level of their digital future.” As part of its ongoing digital conversion National Amusements also plans to outfit approximately 40 percent of all its screens for 3D digital projection combining Sony’s single-projector 3D lens system with RealD 3D technology.      National Amusements also has the ability to use the Sony 4K systems to present alternative content programming. National Amusements www.nationalamusements.com ,2024
Mazzei Chooses OConnor to Support Goo Goo Dolls Video,2010-10-09, Cinematographer Marco Mazzei recently chose the OConnor 2575 to support his latest music video for the Goo Goo Dolls. Shot for Symphony 19 Productions and directed by Morgan Lawley the video is called Home. The song about being away from a loved one and the alienation that goes with that portrays the Goo Goo Dolls in a Japanese market and a restaurant. To highlight their sense of alienation the people surrounding them freeze in mid-action while they move normally. “We shot on Red MX with Cooke Prime lenses to me a great combination and shot slow motion at 60 and 120fps ” says Mazzei. “We also used an Iconix lipstick camera for extra angles tucked into items on the shelves of the supermarket and for use as a ‘security’ camera. With only one day to capture both locations Mazzei turned to his trusted support – OConnor. “The OConnor 2575 was the main head and vital to any shoot I do ” he adds. “It really complements the Red perfectly whether I’m using a prime or the Angenieux 24-290mm zoom. It’s a super versatile head that can get most shots. We did a shot where we had to track with the band’s drummer while he was walking down an aisle. We chose to shoot from one aisle to the other spanning over the top using the Straightshooter jib arm. The OConnor 2575 was instrumental in this because with its counterbalance system we were able to tilt the camera down and find a very steep angle without trouble.” The Goo Goo Dolls video Home is now on special rotation on VH1 in conjunction with the release of their new album. OConnor www.ocon.com ,2025
Screenvision Expands Relationship with Belmont Capital,2010-10-09, Screenvision has extended its relationship with Belmont Capital by signing a new long-term exhibitor agreement. Through the deal Screenvision will continue to have exclusive rights to the on-screen preshow and will now also have exclusive third party selling rights of promotions as well as an additional minute of late preshow inventory.
  The deal with Belmont Capital further solidifies Screenvision’s presence in the Northeast territory as the exhibitor’s network extends from Maine to New York and features 176 screens across 29 theatres with over 50 percent of screens in Top 10 DMAs. The renewal agreement will also provide for Screenvision to digitize 10 of these locations representing 92 screens. 
  “Screenvision’s renewal agreement with Belmont Capital shows that exhibitors continue to select Screenvision for the strength and entertainment value that comes with our preshow ” says Darryl Schaffer executive vice president exhibitor relations Screenvision.  “This deal brings an excellent exhibitor partner to Screenvision’s network while also heightening moviegoers’ in-theatre experience through music videos behind-the-scenes and more.”
  “We are thrilled to further our relationship with Screenvision who shares our commitment to providing a superior cinematic experience on every level ” says Mark Benvenuto of Belmont Capital. “Partnering with Screenvision allows Belmont Capital to take advantage of Screenvision’s ad sales capabilities and the quality and compelling content within Screenvision’s digital preshow.”
 Screenvision www.screenvision.com ,2026
Sony Expands XDCam Line with PMW-500,2010-10-09, Sony is expanding its XDCam line of tapeless acquisition technologies with the introduction of the PMW-500 shoulder-mount professional camcorder. The new camcorder combines the picture quality and performance of Sony’s PDW-F800 optical disc camera with the operational flexibility of recording onto solidstate SxS memory cards.  The PMW-500 is equipped with three 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCD image sensors and can record both 1080 and 720 HD pictures at 50 Mb/s.
  “The PMW-500 represents the next step in the evolution of the XDCam product range of tapeless technologies ” says Bob Ott vice president of product marketing and management Sony Electronics’ Professional Solutions of America. “Customers have been requesting an XDCam HD422 memory camcorder to complement the phenomenally popular optical disc camcorder and this new model is an ideal solution.”
 The PMW-500 has two slots for recording onto SxS Memory Card cards.  First introduced to the XDCAM EX family in 2007 SxS memory cards provide an extremely high level of reliability and fast access to recorded data both critical in demanding professional operations.   Sony is also adding a new higher capacity 64GB (SBS-64G1A) card which can record two hours of material at HD422 50Mbps MXF mode or more than 4 hours in DVCam mode and has an increased transfer speed of 1.2Gbps. ,2028
Rifkin to Speak at TromaDance AFM Press Conference,2010-10-09,Independent filmmaker Adam Rifkin will join the panelists who will speak at the TromaDance Press Conference at the American Film Market on November 4th at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. Rifkin most recently wrote executive produced and directed all 11 episodes of Look The Series for Showtime. Based on his critically acclaimed and award-winning film of the same name Look is a controversial exploration of our camera-crazed and surveillance-based culture. Prior to Look Rifkin wrote the screenplays of the DreamWorks hits Mousehunt and Small Soldiers directed the New Line Cinema cult classic Detroit Rock City and starred alongside Ali Larter in his own film Homo Erectus among many other projects. Now in its 12th year the TromaDance Film Festival is a beacon for truly independent cinema. As the largest market for independent films the American Film Market perfectly complements the ideals of TromaDance and has served as an excellent setting for the annual TromaDance Press Conference. Hosted by Lloyd Kaufman president of Troma and creator of The Toxic Avenger the TromaDance Press Conference at the AFM has been the perfect meeting ground for the contemporary independent minds of such individuals as Jenna Fischer Fred “The Hammer” Williamson James Gunn Mark Neveldine Brian Taylor Penelope Spheeris and of course The Toxic Avenger to converge and discuss the state of the film industry and other important news. Inspired by Trey Parker and founded in 1999 by Kaufman TromaDance is the first film festival wholeheartedly devoted to filmmakers and fans. Unlike every other film festival TromaDance does not charge filmmakers a fee to submit their films. Entrance to all screenings is free and open to the public. The organizers of TromaDance believe that films are meant to be seen especially when it comes to new filmmakers. ,2029
American Film Market to Screen 409 Movies,2010-10-31, The 31st American Film Market which takes place November 4-11 will screen 409 motion pictures including 49 world premieres and 287 market premieres for thousands of film buyers and industry professionals from 70-plus countries. Jonathan Wolf AFM managing director and executive vice president of the Independent Film & Television Alliance made the announcement. This year 20 films will be presented in 3D.  Additionally 40 plus films not listed in The Film Catalogue will have their world or market premieres during AFM.  Those films will be announced by their respective companies on the eve of the market.  
 Films making their world premieres include Age of Heroes starring Sean Bean Danny Dyer Izabella Miko and James D'Arcy (ContentFilm International); Love Wedding Marriage starring James Brolin Mandy Moore Kellan Lutz and Jane Seymour (Echo Bridge Entertainment); Dirty Girl starring Juno Temple Milla Jovovich William H. Macy Mary Steenburgen and Dwight Yoakam (The Salt Company); Little Murder starring Josh Lucas Terrence Howard and Lake Bell (Parlay Films); The Warrior’s Way starring Geoffrey Rush Kate Bosworth and Jang Dong Gun (Kathy Morgan International); and Yamada The Samurai of Ayothaya starring Seigi Ozeki and Kanokkorn Jaichuen (Golden Network Asia Limited).
 Among the 287 films set to make their market premieres are: Jack Goes Boating starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Ryan (Celluloid Dreams); Barney’s Version starring Paul Giamatti Dustin Hoffman and Minnie Driver (Essential Entertainment); Rabbit Hole starring Nicole Kidman Aaron Eckhart and Dianne Wiest (Affinity International); What’s Wrong With Virginia starring Jennifer Connelly Ed Harris and Emma Roberts (Inferno); LennoNYC with John Lennon (Ealing Studios International); I Want to Be a Soldier starring Danny Glover and Robert Englund (Epic Pictures Group);  Little White Lies starring François Cluzet and Marion Cotillard (EuropaCorp); The Dry Land starring America Ferrera and Wilmer Valderrama (Maya Entertainment); and Bouncing Cats with Common Will.I.Am and Mos Def (Red Bull Media House). 
Other market premieres include The Resident starring Hilary Swank Jeffrey Dean Morgan Christopher Lee and Lee Pace (Exclusive Films International); Super starring Rainn Wilson Liv Tyler Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon (HanWay Films); Oranges and Sunshine starring Emily Watson Hugo Weaving and David Wenham (Icon Entertainment); Henry’s Crime starring Keanu Reeves Vera Farmiga and James Caan (Parlay Films); The Whistleblower starring Rachel Weisz Monica Bellucci Vanessa Redgrave David Strathairn and Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Voltage Pictures);The Way Back starring Jim Sturgess Ed Harris Saoirse Ronan and Colin Farrell (Exclusive Films International).
 The AFM is produced by the Independent Film & Television Alliance. IFTA www.ifta-online.org ,2033
Illumination Dynamics Opens Camera Department in North Carolina,2010-10-31,Illumination Dynamics has established a camera division at its North Carolina facility to further complement the rental of lighting grip generators and power distribution to the entertainment live broadcast and special event industries. The new department will be fully supported by parent company ARRI CSC and will start with a camera inventory including Arricam Lite Arriflex 435 235 and D-21 packages. Joining the ID staff is Rory Holder who will provide both camera rental and prep tech services. Rory has experience as a camera operator and has received extensive training by ARRI CSC to ensure ID’s ability to supply the best possible service to its camera customers. CEO Jeff Pentek says “This expansion to our business is part of our continued commitment and support of the film community in North Carolina and the surrounding regions.”     ARRI www.arri.com ARRI CSC www.arricsc.com         ,2034
Ballantyne Strong NOC Now Open,2010-10-31,Ballantyne Strong has opened a 2 800 square-foot Network Operations Center. The new facility located at the company's Omaha Nebraska headquarters provides 24/7 remote monitoring services capable of tracking and managing a full range of digital equipment including all makes of digital projection systems audio flat panels and the associated networks that provide the unifying connections and systems security. The NOC is staffed with a team of experienced hardware network and engineering professionals. The NOC provides real-time support for technical issues parts supply and dispatch of Ballantyne's nationwide Strong Technical Services team. By subscribing to Ballantyne's NOC service customers will be better able to identify and address potential operational or maintenance issues before they can impact a theatre's operations. Allen Coburn president of Bedford New Hampshire-based Chunky's Cinema Pub an early adopter of Ballantyne's NOC service says Given the excellent job Ballantyne's service group has done with our NEC digital projection equipment installs it was an easy decision to register for their NOC service. Having a team of skilled technicians available on a 24/7 basis provides early identification of potential issues and gives us the added confidence that we are well covered in the event of an emergency or malfunction of our digital equipment. Ballantyne Strong president and CEO John P. Wilmers says The opening of Ballantyne's cutting-edge Network Operations Center is another important step in our evolution as a one-stop provider of a full range of digital cinema products and services. The NOC represents yet another operational advantage that theatre owners will gain in converting to digital technologies. We believe the NOC's capabilities combined with our 70-person team of field technicians provides our customers with the highest level of support available to keep their theatres up and running all year long. Ballantyne Strong www.ballantyne-strong.com ,2035
Band Pro Hosts One World Seminars & Open-House Equipment Exhibition,2010-10-31,Band Pro’s One World Open House will open at 1:00 pm on Thursday December 16. Held at Band Pro’s Burbank headquarters the exhibition showcases the newest HD technology in an informal setting that allows professionals to get hands-on experience with the latest groundbreaking gear while conversing with colleagues and industry decision-makers. Over 30 leading equipment makers will show their latest digital cinematography products. Doors open from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. A buffet and beverages will be served. Band Pro’s 2010 One World events kick off with seminars on Tuesday December 14 and Wednesday December 15. Sessions will feature technical presentations and trainings as well as announcements regarding new cameras 3D Tools and tapeless workflow. The event is free to industry professionals. To RSVP for any or all events and for more information please visit: www.bandpro.com/oneworld. ,2036
Barco Forms Partnership with Real Image Media,2010-10-31,Barco has formed a product partnership with Real Image Media Technologies in India in the field of digital cinema. Speaking about the partnership Barco India managing director Nalin Advani says it would extend training service and customer support facilities to Real Image. According to Advani Barco has about one third of the market share of digital cinema globally and also in India. “Through the partnership Barco aims to attain a potential of about 2000 digital screens all over the country as against 200 digital screens as of now ” Advani says. ,2037
Cinemark Opens Three New XD Auditoriums,2010-10-31,Cinemark has opened new Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema auditoriums at the Century 20 Great Mall Theatre in Milpitas California (San Jose market); the Cinemark Hollywood Movies 18 Theatre in College Station Texas; and the Century 14 Theatre in Sparks Nevada (Reno market). All three new Cinemark XD auditoriums opened in October. Our guests across the country rave about the Cinemark XD experience says Alan Stock Cinemark's CEO. The Milpitas location is the fifth XD auditorium to open in Northern California while the XD auditoriums in our Sparks and College Station locations are the first in those markets. The Cinemark XD entertainment environment features large wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor screens plush seating a custom JBL digital sound system and digital images delivered by a Doremi server and a Barco digital projector. ,2039
Cineworld signs up for Arqiva’s Digital Cinema Satellite Distribution Network

,2010-10-31, Arts Alliance Media has sold Arqiva’s Digital Cinema Platform to UK exhibitor Cineworld. The entire Cineworld circuit will be fitted with Arqiva’s professional receive equipment alongside Arts Alliance Media’s Theatre Management System. Barrie Woolston commercial director at Arqiva Broadcast & Media says “As one of the UK’s largest cinema chains Cineworld’s decision to deploy our solution at all of their sites is a major vote of confidence in Arqiva’s Digital Cinema Satellite Distribution Network. Our combination of trusted professional equipment and established satellite infrastructure and expertise is a proven solution which brings technical and commercial benefits to exhibitors distributors and rights holders. Winning the support of major exhibitors like Cineworld further tips the balance in favour of satellite based film distribution and reinforces the Arqiva and Arts Alliance Media partnership as the preferred method of content delivery.” ,2040
Deluxe Universal Sign Film Print Services Agreement,2010-10-31,Deluxe Entertainment Services Group today announced the signing of a multi-year exclusive worldwide 35mm film print services agreement with Universal Studios that includes Focus Features. We are thrilled to have concluded this agreement with Universal says Cyril Drabinsky president and CEO of Deluxe. We are ready to meet Universal's day and date film deliveries which remain a critical component of the theatrical release schedule. The deal leverages the worldwide box office success of Universal's film slate with Deluxe the world's largest processor of film for the motion picture industry. It follows the recent grand opening of a digital intermediate suite by Deluxe's subsidiary EFILM at the Universal Studios lot bringing together EFILM's premiere digital intermediate color timing services with Universal's award winning sound mixing studios.   Deluxe Entertainment Services Group www.bydeluxe.com ,2042
Dickinson Theatres to Convert 250 Screens to Digital,2010-10-31,Dickinson Theatres has selected GDC’s digital cinema servers for its digital cinema conversion. A total of 25 theatres will undergo digital conversion with the installation of 250 GDC digital cinema servers across five Midwestern states. In addition Ballantyne Strong will operate as the project integrator and supply NEC projectors.  Cinedigm will provide deployment support while NEC Financial Services and bankers MacQuarrie International will provide financing.   “We are excited to be moving forward and we believe GDC’s digital cinema servers will deliver the best cinematic experience for our customers ” says John Hartley president and CEO of Dickinson Theatres. “Not only do they provide top quality products but we also feel we are in secure experienced hands with GDC who has assisted us in many aspects of preparation of this transition.”   “It is a sincere pleasure to work with Dickinson Theatres at such a pivotal point in their long history ” says Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “We are confident that this collaboration will ensure Dickinson Theatres are serviced with the highest quality and future proof digital cinema technology while also enriching the moviegoer’s experience.”   “We are delighted be the digital cinema integrator of choice” says Chuck Goldwater president of Cinedigm’s Media Services Group. “Dickinson Theatres has achieved an impressive reputation in the cinema industry which we are excited to be a part of.” “We are delighted to have secured this contract with Dickinson Theatres and to have NEC Financial Services provide the financing to make this deployment possible ” says Pierre Richer  president and COO of NEC Display Solutions.  “NEC Digital Cinema Projector Series provides the highest quality for moviegoers and when coupled with NEC financing solutions represents a best-in-class solution for exhibitors looking to make the move to digital. Partnering with Ballantyne and Cinedigm on this particular deployment is not only an asset for NEC but a building block to leverage Dickinson Theatres.” “The alliance between Cinedigm NEC GDC and Ballantyne is an approach to digital conversion which evidently works and with rapid progress already achieved in this deployment our expectations are justifiably high ” says John Wilmers president and CEO Ballantyne Strong. Founded in 1920 Dickinson Theatres has been entertaining audiences in the American Midwest for over 80 years operating 367 screens at 37 locations in nine states. With a dedication to serving customers motion-picture excellence by providing quality presentations and superior customer service Dickinson’s Theatres believes the transition to digital is an essential step forward. GDC along with NEC Cinedigm and Ballantyne Strong expect to successfully complete at least half of the 25 theatre conversions over the next 12 months. ,2043
HPA Announces Winners of Brinkman Scholarships,2010-10-31,The Hollywood Post Alliance has announced the winners of the 2010 J. Michael Brinkman Scholarship Awards honoring outstanding students and industry professionals committed to excellence and a desire to further their careers in post-production. Six university students will receive scholarships. They include Ivy Flores California Institute of the Arts; Lili Gu UCLA; Kevin Kerr USC; Ashley Maria USC; Sevak Ohanian; USC and Michael Trombley California State University Northridge. Additionally James Key Full Sail University; Dolce Wang Chapman University and Brandon Workman USC received Avid Media Composer 5.0. “This year’s applicants exceeded our expectations in every way ” says Kathleen A. Milnes president and CEO of The Entertainment Economy Institute HPA board member and chair of HPA’s Scholarship Committee. “In fact there were so many qualified young filmmakers that the committee added an extra scholarship to the mix.  We are delighted that a growing number of students and professionals are recognizing the value in applying for the Michael Brinkman Scholarship.  We are also grateful to the dedicated faculty who recommend and teach these young people.” The J. Michael Brinkman Scholarship Awards are open to Southern California residents who are either undergraduate students or working in the post-production industry and seeking career advancement. Student entrants were required to submit a letter of recommendation from an instructor stating why the student is deserving of a scholarship award. Michael Brinkman was a leading figure in Hollywood’s broadcast and post-production communities and a founding member of the Hollywood Post Alliance. Michael spent 16 years with Panasonic and prior to that was an award-winning producer/director working in documentary and educational production. Michael spent his professional life helping others understand technology in the service of the creative endeavor. His contagious enthusiasm and willingness to mentor touched many lives. In his memory the HPA hopes to continue his legacy to the industry and the people who choose to make it their career. ,2046
IDC Deluxe/EchoStar Announce Deal,2010-10-31,International Datacasting Corporation and Deluxe/EchoStar have announced an agreement for an initial order of IDC's digital cinema specific equipment and content distribution systems. Vern Smith senior vice president of EchoStar says EchoStar has a strong relationship with IDC for ViP-TV services and this is a logical extension of our IP-based platform for content delivery. IDC has integrated next generation digital cinema-functionality into its solution that will allow Deluxe/EchoStar to operate our network in a converged mode with live file-based and on-demand delivery. This is very exciting for the future of digital cinema distribution. Deluxe/EchoStar selected International Datacasting as our technology partner for deployment of our satellite-based distribution network after an exhaustive evaluation of all currently available technologies says Rick O'Hare managing director of Deluxe/EchoStar. IDC's leadership and experience in digital cinema distribution including alternative content and live 3-D gave IDC an important advantage in our selection. We value IDC's experience and innovation in this market and recognize that working with IDC would help to minimize the risks associated with such a critical deployment. Fred Godard president and CEO of IDC says We have been working with this important customer for several months and in concert have developed the most comprehensive solution for digital cinema distribution available today. This is a significant strategic win for IDC achieved through our innovative approach to solving the complex technical challenges associated with this unique network deployment. Further our capacity to work collaboratively with our customers has put us well on our way to becoming the de facto standard in this rapidly evolving industry. We have a greater number of advanced systems deployed around the globe than any other provider. Deluxe/EchoStar is a joint venture formed by Deluxe Digital Cinema and EchoStar Satellite Services to distribute digital content via satellite to cinemas throughout Canada and the United States. Deluxe/EchoStar will deploy a turnkey content delivery system that includes IDC's Pro Cinema Cache Servers with dual DVB-S2 satellite demodulators on board storage and DCP aware applications. ,2047
IFTA Urges FCC Support for Open Internet,2010-10-31, The Independent Film & Television Alliance has urged the Federal Communications Commission to keep an open and robust Internet from turning into private controlled networks exempt from anticompetitive safeguards.
 In its comments filed in response to the FCC’s further Notice of Inquiry on Broadband Policy the global trade association of the independent motion picture and television programming industry reiterated how seriously it takes the issue of open access to new media platforms. IFTA has previously filed in response to the Commission’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Preserving the Open Internet Broadband Industry Practices.

 “For independent film and television producers the Internet offers tremendous promise as a medium of distribution and a vehicle that may change the nature of the creative arts themselves ” the IFTA filing said. “The only way to ensure that the promise is fulfilled is through access to an open and robust Internet with diverse sources of content and applications.”
  IFTA further asserted that media consolidation – vertical integration of content suppliers and the distribution channels by which the public accesses content – has limited the opportunities for independent content on today’s existing broadcast and cable platforms and that “the Internet must not become a similar segregated marketplace.” 
  If left unchecked IFTA said “Broadband providers will have (and act on) significant incentives to enhance their private networks with content from affiliated or exclusive suppliers to the detriment of non-managed networks in order to move the customers to private service offerings which generate higher returns. The transfer of resources and investment to specialized services will not only erode the value of public broadband Internet as an effective distribution platform but could permanently close off these private networks for independent content.” 
 The Independent Film & Television Alliance www.ifta-online.org ,2048
New Mexico Film Office Moves to Campus of Santa Fe University of Art and Design,2010-10-31, 
The State of New Mexico Film Office last month moved to the campus of Santa Fe University of Art and Design.   “We’re excited to join the campus community at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. I believe this will be a great fit with the school’s focus on arts and creativity ” says director Lisa Strout. “The university has offered the film office the opportunity to lease vacant office space for five years at $1 per year. Volunteers from the film industry are helping with the move. Our new location puts us in a terrific environment with access to a state-of-the-art theatre and soundstage facilities.” She says “Insofar as a main focus of the Film Office is to support up-and-coming local filmmakers I am confident this will benefit not only the university and its students but also open opportunities for other New Mexico filmmakers. All while saving taxpayers money that would otherwise be spent on lease payments.” 
Santa Fe University of Art and Design formerly the College of Santa Fe offers a Moving Image Arts program chaired by Harry Mathias an Academy Award-nominated cinematographer. The program integrates film and digital production with critical studies and writing. Additionally the university has Garson Studios a renowned sound stage studio used regularly for the production of major motion pictures by the film industry and is home of The Screen a 170-seat cinema which offers great works of world cinema to students and the general public on a daily basis. 
“We are very pleased to welcome the New Mexico Film Office to the campus. The potential synergies will benefit not only our faculty students and alumni but also the community of Santa Fe ” says John S. Gordon president of Santa Fe University of Art and Design. “The university is proud of the fine films that have been produced in our facilities and we want that tradition to carry on into the future. We’re also proud of the role that The Screen plays in the education of our students and the life of our community. Both Garson Studios and The Screen enhance the university’s growing impact on our local economy.” 
Garson Studios is a 32 000-square-foot soundstage facility that film legend Greer Garson funded in 1989. Most recent films produced at the Studios include major motion pictures such as Steven Soderbergh’s Knockout the Coen brothers’ True Grit and Dreamworks’ Cowboys & Aliens. ,2051
National Film Board of Canada Forms Online Partnerships,2010-10-31, The National Film Board of Canada is taking a lead in the ever-evolving digital distribution world by forming new partnerships with top streaming websites and web retailers. 
 These new deals will provide high-speed access to NFB films for viewers around the world. Thirty NFB films will be offered worldwide on Joining the Docs a documentary video on demand/pay per view subscription site based in the UK. Finally New Video will release 10 new NFB titles through iTunes in the US UK Ireland Australia and New Zealand.
  “These are the markets of the future and we are excited to be bringing Canadian creativity to these new online audiences ” says Deborah Drisdell NFB director general of access and digital enterprises. Digital transformation and wide accessibility are our priorities and these are the kinds of partnerships that take the NFB to the next level in terms of digital distribution.” Joining the Docs www.joiningthedocs.tv National Film Board of Canada www.nfb.ca New Video www.newvideo.com ,2052
Panasonic AG-AF100 to Start Shipping in December,2010-10-31, Panasonic Solutions Company has announced that the AG-AF100 which it calls the industry’s first professional micro 4/3-inch video camcorder optimized for high-definition video recording will start shipping on December 27th at a suggested list price of $4 995. Targeted at the video and film production communities the AF100 delivers the shallow depth of field and wider field of view of a large imager with the flexibility and cost advantages of a growing line of professional quality industry-standard micro 4/3-inch lenses filters and adapters. The full HD 1080 and 720 production camera offers superior video handling native 1080/24p recording variable frame rates professional audio capabilities and compatibility with SDHC and SDXC media. 
  “The design of the AF100’s best-in-class 4/3-inch sensor affords depth of field and field of view similar to that of 35mm movie cameras in a more affordable camera body ” says Jan Crittenden Livingston product line business manager Panasonic Solutions Company. “What’s more Panasonic engineering ingenuity has resolved the aliasing and moiré that has haunted the DSLR shooter. Indeed the proof of concept of the AF100 was based on what we heard from and saw customers doing: purchasing DSLR cameras because they liked the look of the image but then agonizing over all of the workarounds required to come out with an acceptable high definition recording.”
  The AF100 incorporates a large 4/3-inch 16:9 MOS imager that minimizes skew with fast imager scanning and incorporates low pass filters for elimination of aliasing and moiré. Additionally it has a built-in optical ND filter. The camcorder records 1080 at 60i 50i 30P 25P (Native) and 24P (Native) and 720 at 60p 50p 30p 25p and 24p native in AVCHD’s highest-quality PH mode (maximum 24Mbps). The AF100 also records in AVCCam’s HA (17 Mbps) and HE (6Mbps) modes 1080i only. Ready for global production standards the camcorder is 60Hz and 50Hz switchable. Equipped with an interchangeable micro 4/3-inch lens mount the AF100 can utilize an array of low-cost widely available still camera lenses as well as film-style lenses with fixed focal lengths and primes. 
Variable frame rates are available in 1080p selectable in 20 steps from 12p to 60p at 60Hz and 20 steps from 12p to 50p at 50Hz. Standard professional interfaces include uncompressed 4:2:2 8 Bit HD-SDI out; HDMI out; and USB 2.0. It records SMPTE timecode and is able to perform timecode synchronizing via the video output seeing timecode in. It has a built-in stereo microphone and features two mic/line switchable XLR inputs with +48V Phantom Power capability. The camera can record 48-kHz/16-bit two-channel digital audio recording (in PH mode only) and supports LPCM/Dolby-AC3 in any of the modes.
Panasonic will support the AF100 with a three-year limited warranty (one year plus two extra years upon registration). 
 Panasonic Solutions Company www.panasonic.com/broadcast ,2053
Petrol Bags introduces Digibag DSLR Camera Bag,2010-10-31, Petrol Bags a Vitec Group Brand has introduced the Digibag DSLR camera bag. This semi-hard cushioned carrier is uniquely designed to safeguard a video-enabled DSLR camera and important accessories while on the go and keep them well organized on location. Petrol Digibag combines a smart streamlined design in black 900D and ballistic nylon fabrics with features designed to offer the ultimate in convenience and equipment protection. The Digibag’s top flap opens extra wide for instant access to the bag’s spacious main compartment. The upper section is contoured to fit a DSLR camera with the lens attached. The hinged floor of this section lifts to reveal twin pockets perfect for stashing extra lenses or spare batteries. Two levels of removable internal dividers help secure contents and create pockets for storing a matte box camera plate follow focus camera light viewfinder cables and more. Contents are surrounded and cushioned by layers of soft padded red brushed polyester. Additional features include an ergonomic carrying handle padded shoulder strap and Petrol Bags’ hallmark dual-directional easy glide zippers.   Petrol Bags www.petrolbags.com ,2054
IVC Digital Film Center Opens 4K Mastering Theatre,2010-10-31, The IVC Digital Film Center in Hollywood now features a 4K mastering theatre with both 4K and 2K projection THX certified surround and what the company claims is the largest currently installed color reference screen a 23-foot by 12-foot JKP Affinity. “The JKP Affinity screen is especially noteworthy ” says Jim James IVC’s chief engineer “and in our use it serves as what we believe is the best and largest color reference monitor now in use. It displays an incredible color accuracy and uniformity across its entire surface without artifacts of any sort.” IVC’s general manager Scott Call says “The JKP Affinity screen reveals detail not visible on conventional screens; I’m confident in telling our clients that they haven’t seen their content’s full resolution until they see it projected in our new DI theatre. This screen was specified and installed by Immersion Graphics because of their expertise and strong reputation of being at the forefront of advanced visualization system design and installation.” IVC a Point.360 company is a full service digital mastering facility.
 IVC Digital Film Center www.point360.com ,2055
Screenvision Acquired by Shamrock Names Travis Reid CEO,2010-10-31,Screenvision has announced the closing of its acquisition by Shamrock Capital Growth Fund and the appointment of Travis Reid as the company's new chief executive officer. We have known Travis for many years and are thrilled that he has agreed to lead Screenvision to the next era of growth says Shamrock managing director Steve Royer.  Travis has an over thirty-year history in the exhibition space having operated chains and most recently pioneering the digital revolution for the cinema exhibition industry. He was our ideal candidate. Prior to joining Screenvision Reid was the CEO of Digital Cinema Implementation Partners the digital integration entity owned collectively by AMC Entertainment Regal Entertainment Group and Cinemark Holdings.  He resigned last month shortly before accepting the job at Screenvision. The recruitment process for a new CEO at DCIP is reportedly underway. During the transition period Rich Manzione the company’s COO will manage the business supported by DCIP's executive management team. Manzione has been with DCIP since its inception and was instrumental in the company's formation and launch. He manages DCIP's operations and technology groups which includes system deployment and administrative services and has been involved in all aspects of DCIP operations. Prior to DCIP Reid held the position of president and CEO of Loews Cineplex Entertainment which was acquired by AMC Entertainment in 2005 and has held positions on the boards of AMC Entertainment Fandango The Cineplex Galaxy Income Trust Fund Yelmo Cineplex and the Will Rogers Memorial Fund. I am eager to join this stellar team of professionals at Screenvision says Reid.  I have known and followed Screenvision since its inception.  I signed their first long-term exhibitor advertising agreement when I was at Loews and have watched them successfully propel their network to over 15 000 screens and over 150 exhibition partners as well as increasing their advertising platform with the launches of their new pre-show online vertical alternative content and mobile solutions.  This is an inventive and driven team who has grown the business consistently throughout the years yet the biggest opportunities are in front of us. Screenvision www.screenvision.com Shamrock www.shamrock.com ,2056
Sony Expands 4K Digital Cinema to Mid-Size and Small Exhibitors,2010-10-31,Sony Electronics says it is expanding the footprint of its 4K-projection technology. The company’s Digital Cinema Solutions group currently has about 5 000 Sony 4K screens worldwide; with one-third of those equipped for 3D – and aggressive plans are in place to install approximately 2 000 more systems mostly covering a range of small- to mid-sized circuits.      Furthering its ability to facilitate an exhibitor’s conversion Sony is also continuing its work to pursue exhibitor financing and deployment deals in the more than 20 other countries in which Sony digital cinema is planning to operate. Most recently Sony Electronics secured $140 million in financing that will pave the way for Sony to help exhibitors of all sizes to convert their operations to digital technology.      “The digital cinema transition is not exclusive to the large national exhibitors with thousands of screens ” says Gary Johns senior vice president Digital Cinema Solutions Sony Electronics. “Sony is equally committed to the smaller and independent exhibitors as we are to the largest circuits. Some of the greatest success stories and innovation are at the independent and regional level and this latest round of financing will go a long way toward enabling Sony to offer conversion opportunities across the industry.”      In addition to Sony 4K projection systems as well as integrated software and servers customers can turn to Sony for digital signage including displays controllers software; installation monitoring maintenance content creation and distribution services.      “We look forward to collaborating with many more small and mid-size exhibitors ” says Pat Leon senior manager business development Sony Digital Cinema Solutions. “Digital movies – in 2D and 3D -- have already proven to be a big hit at the box offices and the movie-going consumers have enthusiastically responded to our Sony 4K projectors for a truly state-of-the-art experience.”      Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions Group has digital deployments underway with a range of exhibitors including AMC Theaters and Regal Entertainment Group – the two largest theater chains in North America – and most recently National Amusements. The group is also working with several other national and regional theater chains including Muvico Theaters Frank Theatres Hollywood Theaters and Lincoln Square Cinemas. ,2057
Spain’s Yelmo Cines signs with Arqiva

,2010-11-14, Arqiva’s Digital Cinema partners Arts Alliance Media have signed a contract with Spanish cinema chain Yelmo Cines to roll out of Arqiva’s digital cinema satellite distribution system across the chain.

 Barrie Woolston commercial director at Arqiva says “Spain represents a significant cinema distribution market and securing this contract with Yelmo Cines ensures we have a strong presence on which to build within the country. Through a carefully planned and phased deployment each Yelmo site will be fitted with our professional satellite receivers and Arts Alliance Media’s theatre management system to enable the delivery of DCPs and live content via our IS905 platform. Spain is the eighth territory to take up our digital cinema satellite distribution system and it adds welcome momentum to our deployment across Europe.” ,2063
Cinemark Converts in Latin America with Barco ,2010-11-14, Barco will provide Series 2 digital cinema projectors to Cinemark for all of their digital cinema deployments in 13 countries throughout Latin America. Barco maintains that this new deal with Cinemark establishes it as the clear market leader in Latin America. Cinemark Latin America has the largest presence of any theatre company throughout Central and South America. Cinemark has aggressively expanded into this market as a result of increased multiplex theatre construction attractive demographics with a significant teenage population and a growing acceptance of moviegoing as a form of entertainment. Its recent expansion into 11 other countries follows successful deployments in both Mexico and Brazil the two largest economies in Latin America. 

 “We are pleased to expand our partnership with Barco as we continue to deploy our circuit in Latin America. Barco's global reach and regional coverage provide a great fit with our business model and they truly share our commitment to providing the highest quality digital cinema experience to our patrons in the Southern hemisphere ” says Valmir Fernandes president of Cinemark International. 

 Luciano da Silva director of technology of Cinemark says “Barco was the proven choice for Cinemark in Latin America based on our highly successful experience with them in our North American deployments. In addition to providing the brightest most reliable projectors in the industry Barco has been quick to respond to our needs with top-notch customer service and dedicated support to ensure consistent performance and streamlined operations for our theatres.” “Barco is excited to extend our partnership with Cinemark as they expand their digital cinema roll-out into Latin America and we are honored to now be the exclusive supplier of projector systems to Cinemark's worldwide circuit. We look forward to expanding our market-leading local presence in Latin America to fulfill exhibitors' service training and support needs for many years to come ” says Todd Hoddick vice president digital cinema Barco North America. Barco www.barco.com Cinemark www.cinemark.com ,2064
Cinema Advertising Council Names Officers,2010-11-14, The Cinema Advertising Council has elected Cliff Marks president and chairman of the industry association and Loren Venturi-Miller executive director. Effective immediately they join Bob Brouillette and Laura Adler returning as treasurer and secretary respectively.  
  With cinema advertising having grown 28 percent in the past three years it's an exciting time to be in this segment of the business says Marks who previously held the position of CAC president and chairman from 2006-2007.  Advertisers and agencies are finding new and creative ways to embrace the complete cinema environment as well balanced part of any sight sound and motion marketing effort. From on-screen spots and pre-shows that feature thoughtful branded entertainment to integration of 3D mobile and other new technologies into cinema campaigns - and the CAC and its members will continue to guide the industry as it evolves. Marks is also the president of sales and marketing at National CineMedia a position he has held since 2002 and was recently identified as #17 on the 2010 Mediaweek 50 which lists top executives in the advertising and media industry who “advanced innovation revenue and influence for their companies.” Prior to joining NCM he was senior vice president of national sales for ESPN/ABC Sports from 1989-2002 and a network TV buyer at BBDO Advertising from 1984-1987.  
 Venturi-Miller is also the senior vice president of national and regional sales at Screenvision where she has been for over 12 years.  There she is responsible for the strategic direction of the company’s national and regional sales efforts as well as overseeing the respective teams in New York Los Angeles Detroit Dallas and Chicago. She is also responsible for the development of engaging cinema advertising platforms as well as the advancement of long-term relationships with key accounts.  Prior to joining Screenvision she worked in executive sales and marketing for Hatchette Filipacchi Media for seven years.  
 Brouillette has been a CAC officer since 2004.   He is also NCM’s senior vice president of business development where he is challenged to identify and capture sponsorship opportunities forge new business partnerships with other entertainment and media companies and create new media solutions for undeveloped NCM client categories. Prior to his time at NCM Brouillette held several senior level positions throughout his 17 years in the media industry. Adler is president of A&G Marketing Group and serves clients in both the for-profit and not-for profit sectors including the CAC which she’s managed since its inception in 2003.   Adler worked at National Cinema Network for more than 18 years where she started her career as an account executive in 1986.  She was promoted in 1996 to vice president of marketing and public relations. Cinema Advertising Council www.cinemaadcouncil.org ,2066
Christie Officially Opens Projector Factory in China,2010-11-14, Christie officially opened a new China manufacturing facility in Shenzhen on November 3rd with an event that included key customers suppliers and officials.    The facility has been operational since late spring of 2010 assembling and shipping Christie CP2220 DLP Cinema projectors. Grand opening celebrations recognized the contributions of the company’s vibrant and highly skilled workforce many of whom are drawn from the highly educated and talented pool in Shenzhen.   

 “We are very proud to be celebrating our official opening. With over 85 000 square feet of space the Shenzhen facility is more than three times larger than we had originally planned for. It represents a dramatic and successful increase in our production goals to address accelerating demands for Christie projectors ” says Ihor Stech Christie’s vice president of operations. “More importantly it is a testament to the ‘can do’ spirit of Christie’s exceptionally dedicated operations and engineering team. They are to be commended for transforming what was an empty industrial space into a world class high-tech manufacturing facility in a compressed time frame.”

 Responsible for global manufacturing Gerry Remers president and COO of Christie Digital Systems Canada says that to maintain Christie's commitment to quality the equipment assembling techniques and all manufacturing processes in Shenzhen are exactly the same as those of Christie’s North American plant.  “In addition the staff is among the best trained in the world using the same manufacturing principles and processes that have earned Christie's digital projectors numerous industry awards and the unwavering trust of the exhibition community ” he says.

 Stech cites the important role played by the facility’s new general manager Kening Zhang who draws upon more than 10 years experience at Christie both in North America and Asia. “Zhang’s strong negotiating sourcing manufacturing and engineering expertise are important factors in the facility's continued success.  As well she is able to inspire innovation continuity and a commitment to quality in this new vibrant team ” Stech says.  

 Christie www.christiedigital.com ,2067
Cinesite Awarded Effects Contract for X-Men,2010-11-14, Cinesite has been awarded a major contract for work on the new Twentieth Century Fox movie X-Men: First Class. The new film is the prequel to the X-Men series of films and is due for release in June 2011.

 Cinesite has assigned Matt Johnson as visual effects supervisor on the film with Anthony Zwartou as CG supervisor. X-Men: First Class is directed by Matthew Vaughn of Kick-Ass fame with John Dykstra as visual effects supervisor on the production. Dykstra has a long visual effects track record including Inglourious Basterds Hancock Spider-Man and Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Cinesite’s work on X-Men: First Class will commence shortly with Johnson on set at Pinewood Studios working closely with Dykstra on Cinesite’s sequences. 

Antony Hunt managing director of Cinesite says “This is the fourth film in the X-Men franchise that Cinesite has worked on. We’re very proud of our strong relationship with Fox for whom we’re also currently working alongside Walden Media on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” Cinesite www.cinesite.com ,2068
Civolution Signs Exclusive Watermarking Agreement with Sony,2010-11-14, Civolution has signed an exclusive agreement with Sony's Digital Cinema Solutions Group to integrate Civolution’s NexGuard digital cinema watermarking into Sony 4K SXRD digital cinema systems for 3D stereoscopic and 4K resolution projections on a global scale.
  “Civolution’s NexGuard watermarking offers state of the art security throughout our digital cinema servers worldwide and complies with the DCI specifications for persistent content protection including traceable forensic evidence in case of content theft ’’ says Rich Reames director of technology Digital Cinema Solutions Group at Sony Electronics.
 In this multi-year agreement Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions group will integrate Civolution’s watermarking technologies to market DCI compliant servers and projectors with audio and image forensic marking capabilities. Forensic marking is intended to make illegal recordings of digital cinema content traceable and is today a requirement under the Digital Cinema Initiative a joint venture of major motion picture studios formed to establish a standard architecture for digital cinema systems. The NexGuard digital cinema watermark can survive in-theatre camcording and subsequent compression to low bitrates.
  “The DCI compliant and camcorder proofed NexGuard solution helps to protect assets and creates a more secure digital cinema environment ’’ says Jean-Michel Masson senior vice president watermarking operations Civolution. “We are very pleased to roll-out the NexGuard forensic marking with one of the leading D-Cinema system manufacturers and offer the studios a security solution for all digital cinema screens including 3D and 4K theatres.’’ ,2069
DSC Labs Releases Red CamBook,2010-11-14,DSC Labs has released the Red CamBook to its CamBook chart series to complement the workflows of both the Red One and the anticipated Red Epic cameras. The Red One most recently used to shoot the critically acclaimed motion picture The Social Network has increased its resolution to 4.5K as well as boosted dynamic range and low-light performance. The Red Epic which has not yet been released is said to bring a completely new generation of technology to the market. At one-third the size of the Red One camera the Red Epic will come with a 5K sensor and a 27-layer ASIC enabling the capture of up to 120 frames per second at full 14MP resolution. I have been working with charts from DSC Labs for several years now so when Michael Wiegand approached us about DSC making a set of charts specifically for the Red cameras it made sense says Graeme Nattress problem solver Red Digital Cinema. The main chart is a ChromaDuMonde 28 with six extra over-saturated colors specifically designed for Red's colorimetry and an 18 percent gray background. The other two charts are framing charts and they include framings for the Epic as well as the Red One. The neutral white and 18 percent grey backgrounds are great for achieving an accurate white balance. The Red CamBook allows you to achieve better exposure a more accurate white balance and produces a record of the actual lighting on set which helps keep you consistent in terms of colorimetry throughout post-production. Michael Wiegand DSC Labs sales manager says We are pleased to offer this set of charts for the Red One and Red Epic. The Red CamBook has been very well received by Red users both by those who have migrated from a film background and those who come from the video world where test charts and Rec. 709 color space are already the norm. The Red CamBook is available today for $480 through the DSC Labs worldwide reseller channels directly from Red DSC and online at http://dsclabs-us.intelex.ca/store.php. ,2071
IFTA Awarded $248 000 Development Grant,2010-11-14, In a move to enhance the global competitiveness of US film exports the International Trade Administration has awarded the Independent Film & Television Alliance $248 000 under its Market Development Cooperator Program IFTA President-CEO Jean Prewitt made the announcement.

 The multi-year award creates a partnership between IFTA and ITA through which the first American Pavilions will be established at two major film and television markets. These pavilions will provide exhibit space and marketing and technical support to US companies putting them on equal footing with other national pavilions. The first of those markets will be Hong Kong FILMART 2011. IFTA projects the Pavilions will generate $112 million in export revenues over three years for small and medium-sized companies creating 1 120 direct and 2 464 indirect American jobs.

“We are proud that MDCP recognized IFTA’s ability to help U.S. independent film companies compete more effectively in the global marketplace ” says Prewitt.
 IFTA www.ifta-online.org ,2074
IMAX Launches nXos Calibrator,2010-11-14,IMAX Corporation has launched the nXos Calibrator a patent-pending technology designed to tune and automatically monitor IMAX audio systems. The new technology applies the equivalent of thousands of bands of equalization to perform a highly detailed tuning of the IMAX audio system. IMAX nXos Calibrator is designed to significantly exceed the capability of manual equalization processes. IMAX's audio systems feature proprietary loudspeaker technology and uncompressed digital sound with much greater dynamic range than conventional systems. The system is designed to provide a more immersive audio environment. The IMAX nXos Calibrator works to ensure that the audience is provided an optimum audio experience in the IMAX theatre. We developed the nXos Calibrator to maximize the listening experience for moviegoers and to make the operation of IMAX theatres easier for exhibitors who are often responsible for simultaneously monitoring dozens of screens in addition to their IMAX venue says Brian Bonnick IMAX's executive vice president technology. The automation of this groundbreaking technology will enable operators to calibrate more frequently and with much more accuracy than what is done in conventional theatres. We're very pleased to add IMAX nXos to the arsenal of proprietary IMAX technologies designed to help our customers consistently deliver the best cinema experience to audiences says Larry T. O'Reilly IMAX's executive vice president theatre development. Sound is just as important as picture in an IMAX theatre and this new technology complements our latest image enhancement technologies helping to ensure every single IMAX screening is presented how the filmmaker intended. The IMAX nXos Calibrator was developed in cooperation with Audyssey. Based on a proprietary implementation of Audyssey's MultEQ XT technology the IMAX nXos Calibrator applies digital signal processing technology to tune and monitor IMAX audio systems. The new technology provides remote monitoring to allow IMAX technicians to know on a day-to-day basis the status of nXos equipped audio systems. The system can automatically apply corrections if changes in audio calibration are detected. IMAX Corporation www.imax.com ,2075
Shedding Light on Global Climate Change,2010-11-14, Deepei Film Productions documentary Going South – Cycling through the Americas follows four cyclists as they rode south through the two American continents to shed light on the issue of global climate change. On their way from the northernmost point of Canada to the southernmost tip of Argentina the four cyclists visited both businesses and private households to report on their efforts toward sustainability. Since the distance the cyclists would ride amounted to almost 16 781 miles they had to travel light. They mounted Litepanels’ MicroPro LED lights on their camcorders. Compact and lightweight MicroPro uses minimum space and is unobtrusive. “It is so easy to take the Litepanels fixture everywhere because it hardly weighs anything” says cameraman and managing director Milan Collin. “One of the measures to protect the climate an environment-friendly water filter was presented to us in a small dark house without electricity. We had no generator with us. However thanks to the Litepanels we were excellently equipped for this film location and we did not need any external electricity because six AA cells operate the MicroPro. Therefore we were able to use the fixture for direct light which made it quick and easy to perfectly illuminate the faces and to emphasize details.” The Litepanels technology produces soft wrap-around illumination and offers dimming from 100 percent to zero which makes it easy to customize output according to the need. “With Litepanels it is much easier to work under extraordinary and difficult conditions. This allows the team to completely concentrate on shooting without wasting any thoughts on technical equipment ” says Colin. Litepanels www.litepanels.com ,2076
Production Underway on Man on a Ledge,2010-11-14,Principal photography has begun in New York City on the Summit Entertainment feature Man On A Ledge. An ex-cop and now wanted fugitive stands on the ledge of a high-rise building while a hard-living New York Police Department hostage negotiator tries to talk him down. The longer they are on the ledge the more she realizes that he might have an ulterior objective. Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Elizabeth Banks (The Next Three Days) star among an ensemble cast including Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker) who portrays Worthington's best friend and ally and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) who is Worthington's younger brother and ardent supporter.   Also along for the ride is four-time Oscar nominee Ed Harris (Pollock) who plays a powerful businessman while Edward Burns (27 Dresses) is a rival negotiator who tries to swoop in when he believes Banks has a conflict of interest.   Newcomer Genesis Rodriguez (Casa di me Padre) plays Bell's girlfriend who along with Bell tries to prove Worthington's innocence. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says Man on a Ledge is an incredible suspense thriller with a powerhouse cast.  I look forward to producing this project and once again working with Summit Entertainment with which we just released the action comedy Red. Man on a Ledge is directed by Asger Leth (Ghosts of Cite Soleil) from an original screenplay written by Pablo F. Fenjves (The Affair) and Erich Hoeber & Jon Hoeber and is being produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian (Transformers & Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen).  Executive Producers are David Ready (Red) and Jake Myers (Red). Paul Cameron (Man on Fire) is the director of photography and the production designer is Alec Hammond (Red).  Kevin Stitt (X-Men) is the editor and Susan Lyall (Red) serves as costume designer. ,2078
Ljud & Bildmedia Buys Two Systems from Marvin Technologies,2010-11-14, Stockholm-based Ljud & Bildmedia one of Sweden’s leading film production rental houses has purchased two systems from Marvin Technologies for backing up capture data and generating all camera deliverables on the spot including LTO tape masters offline files DVD dailies and high resolution production stills. “We’ve been looking for something like this for some time ” says Björn Thisell founder and owner of Ljud & Bildmedia. “We have always had to make a whole long list of decisions about what equipment needs to go on set for each project but with Marvin the decision is already made.” Ljud & Bildmedia which has been in business for two decades employs 27 and offers filmmakers the full range of digital formats from small HDV cameras to HDCam HDCam SR to RED ARRI Alexa and Phantom Flex. The facility provides comprehensive rental services including lighting audio grip trucks generators and a service department for both lenses and video equipment and has a client list of over 4 000 filmmakers broadcasters and production companies.

 “Many of us here at LBM have a background working with film production in the field ” says Thisell. “We know how stressful it can be and we are very aware of our clients’ need for reliable tools. We want to make it easier and cheaper for our customers to safety copy and transfer for storing (LTO) not to mention creating a DVD of all the takes from the day to make the director happy!”

 “We’re honored to have a high-profile rental house like Ljud & Bildmedia choose Marvin ” says Adam Welsh general manager of Marvin Technologies. “For rental houses a simple and reliable digital data workflow is win-win situation for them and their customers. Production companies can work much more efficiently and the rental house saves a lot of time and hassle helping their customers recover from data disasters.” 

 Marvin Technologies www.marvintech.com ,2079
Mercury Post Purchases Scanity Film Scanner ,2010-11-14, Mercury Post Production a boutique advertising post house based in Seoul Korea has purchased a Scanity high-speed 2K-film scanner from Digital Film Technology. 
Mercury Post is the first facility in Korea to purchase a Scanity film scanner and is using it as the hub for its commercial digital intermediate workflow alongside a Blackmagic DaVinci 4K Resolve Color Corrector. Mercury Post has scanned and finished over 20 DI advertising projects including Samsung Galaxy Phone McDonalds and Hyundai Motors K7.
“We chose the Scanity film scanner because it provided us with excellent image steadiness as well as sharp high quality images ” says Nam ByungWoo senior colorist at Mercury Post.  “We are also impressed with its high speed 2K scanning at 25 frames per second.”  
 Cho HyunKun managing director of Mercury Post says “We analyzed the technology of other film scanners and in our opinion Scanity’s features outweigh those of competitive scanners on the market.”
 Mercury Post www.mercurypost.co.kr ,2080
CinemaxX AG Installs Meyer Sound in Hamburg and Copenhagen,2010-11-14,CinemaxX AG has installed Meyer Sound Cinema Experience audio systems in two of its premiere screening rooms in Hamburg and Copenhagen.   Based on the Acheron screen channel loudspeakers the Meyer Sound systems are installed in Screen One at Hamburg’s CinemaxX Dammtor (1 001 seats) and Screen One at Denmark’s CinemaxX Copenhagen (754 seats). Both cinemas are also equipped with Sony 4K digital cinema projectors.   “We have created a special movie-going experience that now includes the best in sound along with the ultimate picture quality ” says CinemaxX CEO Christian Gisy. “The Meyer Sound Cinema Experience is in a world of its own. Speech intelligibility is excellent even during action sequences. Also the transition from front to surround is seamless and the low-end is really powerful.   “This specific test in Hamburg may be the beginning of a significant investment ” says Gisy “because based on early audience reactions we expect more screens to follow during the next months.”   Both systems were installed by Düsseldorf-based Film Ton Technik Rüttgers (FTT). Egon Gräfen general manager of FTT says “FTT is excited to be working with Meyer Sound to provide powerful linear cinema sound systems to CinemaxX and in other thrilling projects together in the future. Meyer Sound's commitment to high quality sound technical expertise and comprehensive support makes it an ideal partner for FTT as we endeavor to provide a competitive edge in the cinema exhibition marketplace.   The system installed at CinemaxX Dammtor comprises three Acheron screen channel loudspeakers each augmented by an Acheron LF loudspeaker in addition to six X-800C subwoofers 20 HMS-10 surround loudspeakers six MM-4XP miniature loudspeakers and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 616 processors.   The cinema in Copenhagen uses three Acheron 100 screen channel speakers each supplemented by a single Acheron LF loudspeaker. The system also includes six X-800C subwoofers 26 HMS-10 surround loudspeakers and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 408 processors.