Hollywood SMPTE to Review Storage and Workflow Systems

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Thu, 08/30/2018 - 10:12 -- Nick Dager

The Hollywood Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers will review emerging storage and workflow systems for 4K post-production at its monthly meeting September 19 in Hollywood.

Representatives from Walt Disney Studios, Mellanox Technologies, Atto Technology, and Roush Media will address challenges post-production operations face with the advent of data-intensive media formats such as 4K/8K, high dynamic-range, high frame rate and Raw. They will discuss whether facilities should invest in costly fiber channel infrastructures or move storage to an IP-based data center environment.

Panelists will explain the differences between various networking technologies including InfiniBand, gigabit Ethernet, fiber channel, and Serial Attached SCSI and detail how each can be applied to high-performance storage topologies. They will review the evolution of GigE networks from 10GigE to 100GigE and describe strategies for transitioning from fiber channel to IP.

“Our panel will include vendors and users deeply knowledgeable about the bandwidth and storage issues related to high-resolution media,” said SMPTE Hollywood Section chair Jim DeFilippis. “They will share their insights into the advantages and disadvantages of various technology solutions for different postproduction applications. Understanding the options is essential for everyone involved in managing pipelines now and in the future.”

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