Hollywood’s Award Season Showcased In Screenvision Pre-Show

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Wed, 01/28/2015 - 12:21 -- Nick Dager

Screenvision says it is bringing all the excitement of Hollywood’s award season Front & Center in Screenvision theaters. Through programming alliances with some of the freshest voices in entertainment media, the company’s Front & Center preshow will cover the buzz around contenders, style and fashion, awards show recaps, and other news. In addition, interactive audio and gaming programs in select theaters are enabling moviegoers to connect to music and entertainment via their mobile phones and vote their support for favorite films. 

The programming slate runs through February 26th and features segments from BiteSizeTV, @Hollywood, OraTv and TheWrap. Each of the content partners will also provide updates throughout the programming run so Screenvision audiences will stay on top of all the award season excitement.

Kicking off the slate is exclusive, original programming from BiteSizeTV and @Hollywood.

Programming from BiteSizeTV’s Hollywood Today Live team will originate from the network’s Hollywood & Vine studios, from award show red carpets, and behind the scenes in Los Angeles, New York and additional locations including the Sundance Film Festival.

@Hollywood, part of PMC, will capture the award season in its signature style, beginning with a program on the Top Five Surprises of the award season.

SoundHound integration is enabling moviegoers to connect to music and supplemental entertainment within the pre-show. Audience Entertainment, an interactive screen technology company, created the interactive voting game. And Screenvision’s 40 Foot Solutions creative team developed the preshow graphics package. 

“Hollywood’s award season brings a unique focus to the passion we all have for the movies," said John McCauley, Screenvision's Executive Vice President, CMO & Strategic Alliances. "This special preshow will engage moviegoers, and we hope bring even greater attention to the immersive and captivating experience of the big screen. We’re excited to be working with such a great group on the programming and look forward to bringing moviegoers more of these themed pre-shows in the new year.”

The special preshow comes at a time when many industry watchers are expecting a record year for cinema advertising.

“The highly anticipated movie slate for 2015 is off to great start, and our clutter-free and engaging platform will only be enhanced, and create even more reason for brands to want to be part of the preshow,” said Katy Loria, Screenvision’s EVP of Sales. “And we can guarantee that no one will use a DVR to skip or fast forward through our cinema ads.”

Screenvision's Front & Center preshow, the platform for brands to connect with moviegoers, delivers unrivaled results. Across key measures of ad recall (59%), ad likeability (13:1 versus television), purchase intent (79%) and brand recommendation (74%), advertisers are realizing premium impact.