Has TV Drama Won the Battle over Film?

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Tue, 12/23/2014 - 11:44 -- Nick Dager

Has TV drama already won the battle over film? The Göteborg Film Festival will present the 38th edition of TV Drama Vision, its flagship seminar on TV drama January 28-29 at Biopalatset, Kungstorget, Gothenburg. This time the spotlight is on Norway, and will feature award-winning keynote speakers Nuno Bernardo, Tony Grisoni, Andy Harries and Anne Kolbjörnsen. 

The most gripping and groundbreaking stories, the most talented writers and actors and the most engaged audiences seem to be on television these days. Spreading out over two days, the upcoming edition of TV Drama Vision will cover the latest international trends, the key people from the industry and inspiring talks and discussions.

Norway is the country that brought Little Steven in the Netflix hit show Lilyhammer as well as a Nazi holding a pineapple in The Heavy Water War.

The festival will feature exclusive clips and works in progress from upcoming Nordic series, including the two most awaited drama series from Norway, Occupied (TV2) and Acquitted (TV2).

The keynote speakers are multitalented. Tony Grisoni is the award-winning screenwriter and co-writer of Fear and loathing in Las Vegas and Brothers Grimm. Andy Harries was nominated for as Oscar for producing The Queen and winner of Special Achievement award by BAFTA for his contributions to British television. Nuno Bernardo is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated producer and Anne Kolbjørnsen, is head of Scripted at Rubicon, one of the largest production companies in Norway.