Harkness Unveils New Clarus XC Screen Surface

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Tue, 10/28/2014 - 14:57 -- Nick Dager

Harkness Screens introduced a new higher gain version of its fourth generation 2D and 3D screen surface, Clarus XC at ShowEast 2014.

Shipping in late 2014, the new Clarus XC 270 screen surface benefits from d-smooth coating technology which has specific properties more commonly seen in white screens.  This technology enables Clarus XC screens to benefit from significantly improved light distribution compared to traditional 3D silver screens.  Through this, visible hot spotting is reduced and uniformity is greatly increased, making compliance with 2D industry standards more easily achievable.

“We developed our new higher gain Clarus XC 270 screen surface to allow cinema exhibitors struggling for on-screen brightness particularly in 3D to benefit from all of the visual performance improvements from using Clarus XC technology such as contrast, colour accuracy, image detail and 3D depth whilst increasing centre screen brightness,” said Richard Mitchell, head of global marketing at Harkness Screens. 

Designed to work with all passive 3D systems, Clarus XC screens create visibly deeper 3D content, which draws in the audience creating a more captivating viewing experience.  A whiter look under projection mean that colors look visibly richer and more accurate both in 2D and 3D resulting in a more defined, sharper and crisper picture. 

Mitchell added, “The unique coating technology in Clarus XC 270 allows peak brightness at the centre of the screen to be increased by over 12 percent against our traditional Spectral 240 3D screen whilst not impacting on visual hotspot or uniformity.  Clarus XC 270 provides a unique opportunity for exhibitors around the world to improve the brightness levels from their 3D screens and the quality of the visual performance all at the same time.”

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