Harkness Releases v4.0 of Digital Screen Modeler

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Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:41 -- Nick Dager

Harkness Screens has released version 4.0 of its 3D real-time simulator, the Digital Screen Modeller.

Available as a free download on the iOS and Android platform as well as via the Harkness website, the Digital Screen Modeller is a 3D simulation tool that allows architects, engineers and exhibitors to visualize and optimize digital cinema scenarios in a virtual environment.

“With an install base of over 1,500 in just over 14 months, the Digital Screen Modeller has quickly established itself as the leading industry tool for accurately simulating on-screen brightness levels in cinema,” says Richard Mitchell, head of global marketing at Harkness Screens.  “The latest release brings a greater depth of clarity and visual understanding to issues that affect on-screen viewing performance.”

The Visual Performance Indicator highlights all seats within the auditorium that fall within an acceptable tolerance (50%+) of peak center screen brightness and displays these seats visually in a seat map.

The Lamp Life Simulator allows users to simulate visually the effect of lamp life degradation and projection features such as light-lock to show brightness levels throughout the life of a lamp.

“In the case of the Visual Performance Indicator it highlights clearly the impact various design elements such as auditorium width, throw distance, seating rake and screen specification have on presentation quality.  The new tool enables exhibitors to focus on improving the viewing experience throughout the auditorium which in turn can have a positive effect on increasing customer satisfaction and boosting box office revenue, either from increased occupancy rates or through premium seating,” Mitchell adds.

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