Harkness Releases New Android Versions of it Technology Apps

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Wed, 10/23/2013 - 15:20 -- Nick Dager

Harkness Screens has released versions of its Digital Screen Modeller and Digital Screen Archiver apps on the Android Platform.

“Since we launched the apps at Cinemacon we’ve been totally blown away by the response from the industry.  In a little under six months the apps have generated over 1,100 downloads from the Apple App Store and when you consider the size of the industry we’re in, at least from a technical perspective, you realise what a remarkable achievement that is,” said Richard Mitchell, worldwide marketing manager at Harkness Screens.

The Digital Screen Modeller is a 3D simulation tool that allows architects, engineers and exhibitors to visualise and optimise digital cinema scenarios in a virtual environment to help make more informed decisions about screen, projector and lamp choices before they’re even installed or as part of planned refurbishment projects.

The Digital Screen Archiver is a secure cloud-based tool that aids projectionists, managers, engineers and exhibitors to maintain their digital cinema auditoria. The tool enables key cinema data to be captured in a standardised format during maintenance visits and use extensive back-end reporting tools to schedule maintenance and monitor screen performance against industry standards.

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