Harkness Releases Digital Screen Verifier App

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Tue, 05/05/2015 - 11:11 -- Nick Dager

Harkness Screens has launched its fourth tool in the Digital Screen App family: the Digital Screen Verifier.

A low-cost light meter, the Digital Screen Verifier is a unique utility for iPhones that allows cinema engineers and exhibitors to ensure that brightness levels in digital cinema are regular checked and maintained.  Quick and easy to use, this relatively accurate low-cost light measurement tool allows brightness readings to be taken (in foot lamberts) using white test patterns from a digital cinema projector. 

“The Digital Screen Verifier is something we’ve been working on for over two years, in fact it’s origins date back to the early R&D work we carried out on the Digital Screen Modeller,” says Richard Mitchell, head of global marketing for Harkness Screens.  “We wanted to be able to empower the cinema industry by providing a tool to measure light on screen and ensure presentation quality standards, in terms of brightness levels, were being maintained.  In creating the Digital Screen Verifier, we believe we’ve been able to achieve this democratising the type of technology that would normally cost several thousand dollars for an extremely low cost.”

The technology at the heart of the Digital Screen Verifier allows light readings to be taken accurately to within +/-1fL.  Its unique functionality not only allows for light readings to be taken but also to be directly imported into Harkness’ cloud-based Digital Screen Archiver tool in real-time to form a semi-automated entry-level solution for screen monitoring and auditorium maintenance.

“We’re astonished at how accurate the tool is.  Originally we’d envisaged the Verifier being able to take centre screen brightness readings only.  Having conducted extensive fieldwork testing, we’re confident that the Verifier can measure accurately at the edges of the screen making it possible to measure accurately based upon the SMPTE specification,” says Mitchell.  “The Verifier and Archiver tools combine beautifully to form a semi-automated screen monitoring solution and are set to become a very important part of our Curolux screen monitoring portfolio,” he concludes.

The Digital Screen Verifier is available now via the Apple App Store priced $39.99 and is exclusively available for the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 plus. 

Further information can be found at www.harkness-screens.com/verifier