Harkness Installs Clarus Screen for TOHO Cinemas

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Tue, 02/02/2016 - 10:41 -- Nick Dager

Harkness has installed its Clarus screen at a TOHO Cinemas extra large screen auditorium by TOHO Cinemas at an eight-screen multiplex in Umeda, Osaka, the first site to use a Clarus screen in Japan.

The Clarus XC screen technology used at Umeda’s TCX is the result of significant work by Harkness’ research and development team and brings together a number of proprietary technologies to create a screen surface for the age of immersive cinema which has been approved by all the major Hollywood film studios.

"We are impressed with the very minimal hot spot and brightness uniformity of the Clarus 1.7 when viewing both 2D and 3D scenes,” said Shunichi Kobayashi, development & construction director, TOHO Cinemas. “This is something that we have not seen in our regular 3D silver screens. Japanese moviegoers expect the best picture when they go to cinemas. I believe that we can meet this high expectation by employing Clarus screens in our future projects.”

The Umeda site is the only one that offers an experience that’s a combination of TCX, Clarus and Dolby Atmos. What this means for cinemagoers is a superior and more immersive visual (2D and 3D) and sound experience.

“TOHO Cinemas is our strategic partner and an important customer for Harkness in Japan,” said Preetham Daniel, Harkness senior vice president, Asia. “Their belief in providing the highest standards in movie viewing experience is in line with Harkness’ ideology of making the highest quality screen. The Clarus screen is a technology that is like no other screen in the market and we are looking forward to the audience experiencing it in TCX.”

The successful installation of the TCX screen was carried out by Xebex Inc, part of Ushio group.