Harkness Claims 2,500 Downloads of its Screen Management App

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Mon, 03/31/2014 - 15:35 -- Nick Dager

Harkness Screens has announced that its suite of apps designed to aid in the process of screen lifecycle management recently passed 2,500 downloads.

“The response to the apps since we launched the suite just under a year ago has been nothing short of phenomenal, says Richard Mitchell, worldwide marketing manager at Harkness Screens.  “The download numbers alone are quite staggering, especially for a niche and focused market like cinema.  These figures don’t include those using the tools via our website so the true size of the user base is likely to be far more significant. We’re truly delighted that these tools have gained industry-wide recognition and become part of architects, exhibitors and installer workflows.”

In January 2014 Harkness Screens announced the launch of its third utility the Digital Screen Calculator released on both Apple iOS and Android.  The Digital Screen Calculator is a tool designed to enable cinema operators or installers to quickly ascertain capability in terms of brightness levels based on equipment choices.

Mitchell said, “We’ve seen many examples of how the apps are enabling our user base to make more informed decisions on design, build and equipment specification, all aimed at providing the public with the best possible 2D and 3D viewing experience.  One of the key successes for our registered user base has been the free e-Consultancy service provided by our Technical Team.  The service has provided detailed advice and support to exhibitors seeking to optimise their operating environment through equipment choice and screen optimisation (curving and tilting).”

Since release Harkness has continued to update content and add new functionality to its apps, culminating with a new release of both the Digital Screen Modeller and Digital Screen Calculator at CinemaCon 2014.  The latest releases include constant height screens, multiple projectors and the new Clarus XC screen family launched by Harkness Screens.  In the Digital Screen Modeller, the new DCI/SMPTE light measurement standard has been added to allow exhibitors to simulate light measurement more accurately in a 3D environment.

“These apps have real value and the key is to keep building on their success by adding more relevant and useful content.  We have some quite impressive development plans in place for all three apps and we’re working on a significant update to the Modeller to include some of the key requests from our users.  We’re also working on a fourth screen lifecycle management app, which is currently in testing and we hope to release both this and the Modeller update in late June.  We want to help exhibitors globally to realise the full potential from their auditoria and equipment in terms of brightness levels and we believe the apps are key tools in achieving this,” Mitchell said.

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