GunMetal Industries Releases Pipe Bomb 3D

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Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

GunMetal Industries has released the GunMetal Pipe Bomb 3D a professional HD-based 3D camera system that uses distinct dual-camera (left eye/right eye) recording in an extraordinarily small package. The manufacturer says the Pipe Bomb cameras are a major contrast to the complicated other 3D cameras on the market today. Presently there are over a more than a dozen manufacturers of 3D rigs for cameras such as Red Silicon Imaging and other camera sensors. There are also manufacturers of integrated 3D camera systems such as Sony and Panasonic. Due to what it calls the complexity and expense of these systems GunMetal Industries claims there are limitations which are automatically imposed when shooting certain subjects in 3D. For producers looking to strap a traditional 3D camera to a skydiver for example traditional cables can present a massive safety issue to operators. Shooters of a pit change at a racetrack from a dozen angles are challenged because most 3D budgets don't allow for even two cameras let alone twelve. Pipe Bomb was created (U.S. patent pending) by GunMetal to address these issues. Pipe Bomb is not a replacement for more expensive 3D camera systems the company says it is a complement to them. Pipe Bomb allows crews to deploy multiple 3D cameras in locations that would otherwise present significant production challenges while keeping production value high and budgeted costs low. GunMetal christened these little units “Pipe Bombs” because they are very small compared to other 3D systems. Capable of shooting HD up to 60 FPS and based on the Contour HD camera platform Pipe Bomb 3D systems are small enough to fit anywhere and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Pipe Bombs are simple to operate: power up and slide the Record buttons forward and you are shooting 3D. Pipe Bombs come in two configurations: Pipe Bomb CQB is a two-camera system for $2795 that is intended for shoots such as vehicle interiors rooms and close-in action sports. Pipe Bomb XL is a three-camera system for $3495 that adds a third camera for additional flexibility in production and post-production. “When I first saw the Pipe Bomb camera system I was blown away ” said Davis-based SkyDance SkyDiving senior skydiving instructor Nick Armstrong. “Iʼve been jumping and instructing for years and weʼve never seen anything like GunMetalʼs Pipe Bomb. Not only are these units fun to use but they are very compact and fit perfectly on our dive helmets. We found that using Pipe Bomb cameras was no different from using any other existing camera hardware which weʼd use to film our jumps. From a safety standpoint all of our skydivers who used the Pipe Bomb on their jumps felt very comfortable and that the systems presented minimal hazard during operations. Watching our jumps in 3D has been incredible. Weʼve never shot in 3D before so getting perfect footage the first time out was amazing.” “Weʼre thrilled to see the Pipe Bomb hit the market ” says GunMetal CEO Chad J. Cruchley.  “Weʼve already seen some fantastic footage during our tests and weʼre very excited to see the various ways users will implement these new cameras. As an indie film producer myself I was shocked to see how much 3D production and post-production can cost. With the release of the Pipe Bomb 3D camera system we have the capability to put a significant amount of dollars back into the budgets of the production community.” GunMetal Industries