Guitammer, Lumiere Expand Partnership

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Thu, 09/08/2016 - 11:14 -- Nick Dager

The Guitammer Company’s Beijing, China-based partner, Lumiere Pavilions has installed more than 4,600 Buttkicker-enabled seats across China. Lumiere recently placed a new order with Guitammer that covers 818 additional seats, which are all LD equipment upgrades to its current Guiyang, Beijing Qiaofu and Nanjing Hongyang theaters.

"The global popularity of a wide array of premium in-theater features continues to be a key catalyst for driving the exponential growth Guitammer is achieving in our cutting-edge 4D cinema offerings and further underscores the fact that moviegoers around the world value and enjoy the uniquely immersive effects our ButtKicker products bring to the overall cinema-going experience," said Guitammer president, Mark Luden. "For example, Regal and AMC, the domestic U.S. leaders, have a combined total in excess of 4,400 ButtKicker-enabled seats already, and we expect that number to continue expanding in the near future."

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