Goldcrest Post Adjusts to the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Fri, 03/20/2020 - 09:41 -- Nick Dager

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, New York post-production facility Goldcrest Post has established the capability to conduct most picture and sound post-production work remotely. Colorists, conform editors and other staff are now able to work from home or a remote site and connect to the facility’s central storage and technical resources via remote collaboration software. Clients can monitor work through similar secure, fast and reliable desktop connections.

The service allows Goldcrest to ensure theatrical and television projects remain on track while allowing clients to oversee work in as normal a manner as possible under current circumstances.

Goldcrest Post is located in New York's West Village.“The coronavirus has presented challenges unlike any we’ve previously encountered,” said Goldcrest Post managing director Domenic Rom. “We are doing everything possible to protect the health of our clients and employees while continuing to provide services without interruption.”

Goldcrest has set up a temporary color grading facility at a remote site convenient for its staff colorists. The site includes a color grading control panel, two color-calibrated monitors and a high-speed connection to the main Goldcrest facility. The company has also installed desktop workstations and monitors in the homes of editors and other staff involved in picture conforming and deliverables. Sound mixing is still being conducted onsite, but sound editorial and ancillary sound work is being done from home.

In taking these measures, the facility has reduced its onsite staff to a bare minimum while keeping workflow disruption to a minimum. “We are able to allow our staff to continue their work from home while using all the resources we have on site. It’s working seamlessly and securely,” said Goldcrest Post technical director Ahmed Barbary. “As a small, one-stop boutique, we continue to provide all of our resources to our clients. We enacted a plan to get everyone up and running as if they were physically in the facility.”

Rom notes that Goldcrest Post operates like a family business and has a personal mission to protect the safety of its staff and clients.

“We survived 9/11, Superstorm Sandy and various floods and fires, but have not faced anything as concerning as this,” he said. “We take the welfare of our people very seriously.”

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