Global Immersion to Deliver New 4D Theatre Experience at Scotland Visitor Center

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Mon, 03/08/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

A new visitor center set to open next month will be the first permanent 4D theatre installation in Scotland and will feature a custom-produced 4D show interactive pre-show area and 78-seat main theatre integrated with an array of experience effects including stereoscopic 3D lighting audio wind snow and aroma. Global Immersion is managing the design and fit-out of both the pre-show area and 4D theatre and began the renovation in January. As prime contractor on the project Global Immersion has commissioned a custom 4D show and a range of interactive media to be screened within the pre-show area.

Scheduled to open in April the new experience will ‘fly’ visitors from the Arctic to the tropical rainforests traveling through some of the Earth’s natural biomes and habitats along the journey. The theatre will replace the existing Journey of Contrasts exhibit gallery and immerse visitors in content rich CG animations and innovative technologies to tell the story of our planet.

The technical design features Global Immersion’s new Intensity multi-dimensional theatre solution. The bespoke system includes a 6.5 x 4.5 meter screen 3D display technology fully automated touch-screen control and an efficient glasses management system. The solution also features a custom bass-rumbler seating configuration hi-FX theatre effects with wind snow and olfactory Global Immersion’s hi-light smart lighting system and a hi-tempo 7.1 audio system.

In addition to the main 4D theatre area the pre-show visitor holding zone will engage visitors in tailored media and feature a number of integrated technologies including LCD and projection displays graphics panels and special effects lighting. Douglas Walker commercial director at Our Dynamic Earth says “Our Dynamic Earth selected Global Immersion as the supplier of our new 4D gallery for a number of factors. One of these was their innovative design proposal which allowed us to create a substantial space for the pre-show area - a vital element of the overall gallery. There was also a commitment to provide a high quality solution that would both entertain and educate our guests.”

 Walker says “The gallery takes the audience on a journey from the Polar Regions to the Tropical Rainforests and will communicate how different climatic regions and biomes are formed and how life has adapted to these biomes. We were agreed that the 'in gallery effects' should complement the whole experience and not become too much of a distraction. The approach taken by Global Immersion should help us achieve this.”

 Martin Howe chief executive at Global Immersion says “The new 4D experience marks a fundamental milestone for us in the continued expansion of our immersive theatre solutions into the attractions industry arena. We’re hugely excited about our new partnership with Our Dynamic Earth and the fantastic team effort and innovation and it has already led to. As home to the world’s first Intensity theatre we look forward to strengthening the relationship with the team there supporting and reinforcing their world-class capabilities.”