German Fans Enjoying Open Air 3D

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Mon, 09/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

German movie fans are now enjoying open-air digital 3D cinema outside. The Starpac Open-Air Cinema on the grounds of the Mönchengladbach Germany public swimming pool organized by the local Comet Cine Center is showing numerous 3D movie highlights including Avatar Alice in Wonderland Forever Shrek and Step Up in addition to popular 2D films. The spectators can make themselves comfortable on the 200 deck chairs that have been placed on the lawn or on their own picnic blankets. The managing director of the Comet Cine Center Hans-Jürgen Brandtner had decided late last year to choose Kinoton as the technical service partner for the event. The local Kinoton agency installed a DCP digital cinema projector and an XPand 3D shutter glasses system. The XPand system is fast and easy to set up and provides lively 3D effects on the inflatable matte white cinema screen we are using says Klaus Kraemer the head of the local Kinoton service team. Because of the large picture size of 16 by eight meters we are using a very bright projector with a 6 500-watt xenon lamp. Brandtner appreciates the superb picture quality and is thrilled with the extreme brightness we achieve in 3D and 2D.