GDC Features IMB Technology at CineEurope 2017

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Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:15 -- Nick Dager

At CineEurope 2017 GDC Technology is showcasing its full line of integrated media block technology including the SR-1000, the SX-4000, and SX-3000. The company will also highlight an advanced storage system.

“Developing new technologies for the cinema industry is unique in that it requires constant communications with exhibitors, distributors and the creative community. From our first day, GDC has constantly worked with our industry partners to deliver new products from their input. The launch of our new SR-1000 IMB to our line-up of digital cinema servers provides the industry with a wider selection of solutions to meet their needs or solve their issues,” said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of GDC Technology Limited.

The SR-1000 is the company’s new sixth-generation digital cinema media server, which has been designed for near-zero maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership. The new system has been manufactured with embedded power electronics also used in military products for total reliability, and has a cache memory, which enables it to playback content without the need for HDD storage. Furthermore, the SR-1000 has been designed to integrate seamlessly with audio products, including high-performance cinema processors.

With cinemas everywhere introducing their audiences to the wonders of immersive sound, GDC and DTS worked together to offer DTS:X premier immersive audio sound. Together, the SX-4000 Standalone IMB and XSP-1000 Cinema Processor comprise the GDC Immersive Sound Solution.

The SX-4000, which received Digital Cinema Report’s Catalyst Award at CinemaCon 2016, is fully DCI compliant and features an built-in decoder for real-time rendering of DTS:X immersive sound across 16 channels, plus two auxiliary channels for special purpose signals, providing audiences worldwide with a rich, full audio experience.

GDC designed and manufactured the industry’s first standalone IMB, eliminating the need for an external file server – the SX-3000. Boasting simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use, this standalone IMB has raised the standard for digital cinema solutions.

Fully DCI-compliant, this model will help lower maintenance and operation costs for cinema operators because there is no need for an external file server, while enabling long-distance content streaming. As well as possessing a certified HDMI input with broadcast-quality image scaling, the SX-3000 offers High Frame Rate capability in both 2D and 3D and all image resolution, including SD, HD, 2K, and 4K, and keeps installation and operating costs to a minimum.

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