GDC, DTS:X Sound Pass 100 Screen Mark

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Tue, 04/19/2016 - 13:22 -- Nick Dager

GDC Technology has announced that 100 global movie theatre screens are now equipped to exhibit motion pictures released with a DTS:X soundtrack. Today, nearly 40,000 of the world's screens, from art houses to multiplexes, count on GDC technology to enable new cinematic possibilities and experiences, the company says.

"The digital cinema revolution has raised the quality and consistency of audio in cinemas around the world. More than ever before, audiences everywhere can hear exactly what movie makers imagined for them with DTS:X," said Bill Neighbors, general manager, pro audio for DTS, Inc. “On behalf of the DTS employees worldwide, we congratulate GDC and their team for their contribution to bringing DTS:X immersive sound to China and the U.S. faster than we ever imagined.” 

"With this milestone, a realistic, rich sound experience is now coming to life for millions of cinema goers in China and the U.S.," said Man-Nang Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of GDC Technology Limited. "For the GDC team, the real cause for celebration is that in only seven months, over 100 screens have been converted to DTS:X with GDC technology. In my nearly 20 years in the cinema industry, I have not seen a new technology adopted so quickly. The rate of progress of work done to achieve this milestone was amazing to watch."

With GDC technology deployed in thousands of theatres around the world, the 100-screen milestone marks the beginning of the future of sound in the cinema. The highest growth region for new screens was China with nearly 90 screens enabled with DTS:X immersive sound since July 2015. In North America, 11 screens have been installed during the same period, with more on the way.

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