Gamma & Density Releases a 3cP-Red Workflow

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Mon, 01/26/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Gamma & Density has announced that it has created a new 3cP-Red workflow designed to increase the technical efficiency and creativity of all aspects of a cinematographer's work. A practical understanding of data-based image capture image and color management throughout the production/post-production process how to communicate color and “look” information to post-production and how to smoothly move and transform the large volumes of image data from the raw camera capture through dailies to editorial is very important for today’s DP and DIT especially for those working with the revolutionary Red One cameras. 3cP simplifies all of those steps into one application freeing the filmmaker to concentrate on the creative aspects of the craft instead of the tedium of technical issues. 3cP takes color decisions made on the set combines them with the .r3d raw image files to produce color corrected dailies QuickTime proxies for editorial image sequences and ASC CDL or 3D LUT files for the DI suite. “After enjoying the success we’ve seen with 3cP being used on Hollywood-style studio productions we’re proud to make the same color control capabilities affordable for Red camera based productions ” says Yuri Neyman ASC a DP himself and CEO of Gamma & Density. “No cinematographer should have to go without the opportunity of a consistent predictable controlled color and post-production workflow throughout the entire creative and production process.” The new workflow features: 1. Direct import of .r3d raw camera footage 2. On-set color correction with real time playback 3. Generation of color-corrected dailies for use as editorial proxies 4. Interface to post-production and DI via DPX and QuickTime intermediates 5. Full integration of all features avoiding the complexity of “piece-part” solutions Gamma & Density