Freefly Delivering MōVI Controller

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Tue, 07/22/2014 - 11:19 -- Nick Dager

Freefly Systems has begun delivering its new MōVI Controller.Freefly Systems has begun delivering its new MōVI Controller.

The MōVI Controller is purpose built to provide for a true two-user MōVI stabilizer setup by letting a second operator control pan, tilt, roll, focus, iris, and zoom of a MōVI-mounted camera while the first operator holds the system. The MōVI Controller can be utilized on the MōVI M5, M10 and soon to be released M15 stabilizers.

Freefly Systems’ engineers built the MōVI Controller with a slew of asked-for features. An ergonomic joystick delivers tactile feedback, allowing smooth and accurate control. The new Controller provides access to MōVI configuration settings, and features assignable buttons and knobs offering the ability to customize the Controller to an individual operator’s working style.

In addition to sending control information to the MōVI stabilizer, the Controller receives and displays information from the stabilizer, such as whether it is locked into GPS control and also displays how many satellites to which the MōVI is locked.

The Controller is built with full carbon fiber construction for durability. In addition to its precision joystick, the controller has a high-resolution focus knob, zoom control rocker and a Shutter/Record start-stop button.

The Controller features a long-range wireless link (1200 ft.), and delivers real-time telemetry from the MōVI stabilizer. It is designed with hard points for mounting a monitor and accessories, and can be powered by V-Mount batteries or by Freefly Systems’ AC power adapter. The Controller Includes a 5V USB power output, tripod mount and neck strap for mobile operation.

The controller is available now at