Fox Paramount and Sony Pictures Sign with Sony DCSS Group

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Thu, 10/02/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Twentieth Century Fox Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment have entered into separate non-exclusive digital cinema deployment agreements with Sony Electronics’ Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group. The agreements relate to supplying exhibitors with feature motion pictures in digital form in order to promote the use of digital cinema projection systems.
 The new agreements will provide certain operational and financial resources to encourage exhibitors to implement digital cinema systems that will feature Sony’s DCI-compliant 4K SXRD projection technology. The separate agreements vary among the companies and extend to digital cinema efforts in certain countries in North America Europe and Asia. 
 In addition to digital projection system deployment Sony’s DCSS group will be in a position to offer critical services for exhibitors such as installation and maintenance along with customized solutions and high-level service support – which can all be provided by a turnkey Sony DCSS solution.
   In a joint statement Bruce Snyder president of domestic distribution of Twentieth Century Fox and Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeus co-presidents of Twentieth Century Fox International said “Fox is committed to supporting the highest-quality solutions for exhibitors as they make their transition to digital cinema on a global basis. It is important that exhibitors worldwide have the widest choice of solutions available to them. By working with Sony and its range of available technology experience and stability our goal is to continue to make the transition to DCI-compliant digital projection systems as smooth as possible. We’re proud to be working with Sony DCSS to further advance digital cinema on a global level.” 
 Jim Tharp Paramount Pictures president of domestic theatrical distribution says  “Paramount is committed to maximizing new creative opportunities to encourage the conversion to digital projection and to broadening the availability of high quality 3D cinema. Our collaboration with Sony’s DCSS team is a great step toward that end.  We look forward to continued cooperation in the future.”
Sony’s 4K projection technology will also contribute to the deployment of alternative content – including gaming sporting events and music concerts – in order to develop more revenue-generating opportunities for exhibitors as the industry transitions to digital delivery. According to Jeff Blake chairman worldwide marketing and distribution for Sony Pictures Entertainment “As digital cinema programming becomes more prevalent in the marketplace consumers will experience entertainment in bold and exciting new ways with superior state-of-the-art sound and picture quality as well as the deployment of alternative forms of content.” Sony Pictures recently launched The Hot Ticket dedicated to exploring and creating alternative programming for digital presentation in theaters.   
“We couldn't be more supportive of our colleagues at Sony DCSS who are offering exhibitors a compelling digital cinema experience ” Blake says. “These agreements continue to push the evolution of our industry to 4K from acquisition through to exhibition.”
  “We’re excited to be working with Fox Paramount and Sony Pictures to further facilitate the motion picture industry’s global digital transition ” says Mike Fidler senior vice president of Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group. “These studios understand the value of 4K technology along with providing an integrated range of services to exhibitors – from equipment installation maintenance and alternative programming to security digital signage and advertising. A successful digital cinema business model requires a one-stop shopping approach that only Sony can provide allowing exhibitors to maximize the benefits of the digital transition and to deliver an experience to the consumer that is beyond HD.” Paramount Pictures Sony Pictures Twentieth Century Fox