Fourth Annual Dimension 3 Convenes June 1-3

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Sat, 03/27/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The fourth annual Dimension 3 the international forum on stereoscopic 3D imagery will be held June 1-3 at Pullman Dock at the Plaine Saint-Denis studios in the heart of the French audio-visual and new media industry. Dimension 3 2010 offers a number of highlights for all professionals including 36 conferences and workshops over three days gathering some sixty international experts from all sectors (scientists developers producers artists engineers manufacturers technicians directors). Three conference rooms including a 500-seat auditorium will accommodate attendees. There will also be an exhibition area where manufacturers publishers contractors and producers will offer demonstrations and real-life product presentations. In addition from May 24-28 there will be bilingual training sessions designed for an international public with a MEDIA certification. The MEDIA support will further develop the training program’s ambitions and objectives. Finally Dimension 3 will include its annual film festival which in 2007 was the first international film event open to 3D films. In 2010 the festival further grows now featuring a competition with six categories and three special prizes. The competing programs (either the full version or clips) will be looped in a screening auditorium during the Forum. Dimension 3 2010