Firefly Introduces V6 of Digital Dailies, Color Grading Workflow Suite

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Wed, 04/05/2017 - 11:59 -- Nick Dager

Firefly Cinema has unveiled V6 of its comprehensive color grading software suite which includes: FirePlay (for playback), FireDay (for digital dailies) and FirePost (for color finishing). Used on hundreds of feature films (La La Land, Planetarium, The History of Love, Belle and Sebastien), FireFly Cinema provides an integrated and production-wide approach to managing color workflows on-set, through dailies and post-production.

Unlike other solutions, the FireFly Cinema applications are built to be faster, less complicated, and more affordable for independent filmmakers as well as big budget features. Thanks to FireFly Cinema’s unique SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing model, productions pay only for what they need when they need it.

Firefly Cinema has unveiled V6 of its comprehensive color grading software suite.For V6, an enhanced graphical interface has been developed to make the product suite even more intuitive for new and existing users alike.

FireFly Cinema’s color management tools for digital cinema includes three integrated applications:

FirePlay is a free on-set playback and previewing tool that can handle almost any camera format and provides simple professional color grading. It’s the starting point of the powerful FireFly set-to-finishing workflow. The Live Grading option enables live viewing of color decisions on a professional monitoring setup.

Color grading settings are sent automatically to an external LUT box, which provides real-time previews on a calibrated monitor.

For V6, FireFly expanded support for the latest LUT hardware from Teradek COLR, FSI’s monitors and BoxIO devices, Off Hollywood’s OMOD, and Panasonic’s VariCam. Users can now perform real-time on-set color grading and can read any type of RAW file in a calibrated environment.

FireDay is a high-quality digital dailies management tool that handles any camera format; provides live grading; offers simple, powerful professional color grading; manages all sync, backup, versioning and rendering; and generates helpful color metadata throughout the workflow.

With FireDay Studio and the Live Grading option, users finally have an all-in-one solution at an affordable price point. In V6, FireDay added support for Teradek COLR, FSI’s monitors and BoxIO devices, and Off Hollywood’s OMOD, plus support for ACES v1.0.3, and Aspera integration.)

FirePost is for colorists working in finishing suites and color laboratories, who need a powerful post-centric grading tool that offers unlimited creative primary and secondary grading, great-looking color effects, wide compatibility, managed rendering, and collaborative workflow support for larger teams. In V6, FirePost added GLSL shader support. When working with full resolution images, Pixspan’s Bit Exact Round Trip compression format is now supported with the addition of a Pixspan license.

The FirePlay application is free and can be downloaded here.

Download a demo version of Fireday and FirePost from the Firefly website.

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