Filmworkers Club Upgrades Two Facilities with Da Vinci Systems

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Sun, 06/28/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Chicago-based Filmworkers Club has upgraded two of its facilities with three da Vinci Splice post-production systems which enable the facilities' existing da Vinci 2K Plus systems to be used for non-linear in-context color grading. Installing two Splices at our Chicago facility and one at our Dallas facility has allowed our colorists to grade commercials in-context and in real time while also extending the life of our 2K Plus investments says Reid Brody vice president of Filmworkers Club. We no longer need to change reels to get to the right shot. Instead Splice allows us to assemble all scenes on a timeline and grade them in the order they will appear in the project. This means complete consistency between scenes and it also gives colorists more creative time so they can offer clients more choices of looks. Because Splice accesses digital images directly from SAN DAS or internal storage it eliminates the need to search rolls of film or to cue up video to find the right shot. The 2K-user interface synchronizes and controls Splice so that it can move instantly to any scene or rearrange shots on the timeline while also adding alternative shots. Built with the same Transformer II technology as the da Vinci Resolve digital mastering suite Splice shares the Resolve's basic conform and I/O features. Its session and operational compatibility with Resolve accelerates film television and commercial workflows. The Splice appliance is also available with object tracking and has the capacity to handle 4K files. Filmworkers' decision to connect the da Vinci Splice to their 2K systems is a significant benefit for both their colorists and clients says Jim MacKrell da Vinci's services marketing manager and the leader of the team that invented Splice. Splice reflects our commitment to expanding the capabilities of our expansive 2K installed base. Filmworkers' colorists are delighted with the time saving features which give them more time to be creative. Filmworkers' clients see their work in-context and now have more time in session to experiment creatively with different looks for their commercials. Da Vinci