FDA Approves Kodak Laser Projection Technology

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Sun, 02/27/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a variance that allows for the sale of Kodak Laser Projector Systems using Kodak Laser Projection Technology to cinema exhibitors without the need for individual site or show operator variances. This is an important step forward in delivering brighter 2D and 3D images that provide higher dynamic range and a wider color gamut to theatres. “The FDA approval brings Kodak Laser Projection Technology significantly closer to the marketplace and validates the work we’ve done to ensure that this technology is safe and dependable ” says Les Moore Kodak’s chief operating officer for Digital Cinema. “In addition to allowing the sale of Kodak Laser Projector Systems using Kodak Laser Projection Technology the FDA variance serves as a template to be followed by manufacturers that we license to incorporate this new laser technology.” Typically digital projection systems using high power lasers fall under the definition of a “demonstration laser” and must follow existing regulations for conventional laser projectors such as those used in laser light show displays. Kodak has been working in conjunction with laser safety consultants and the FDA to address potential safety issues. The unique optical design of Kodak Laser Projection Technology manages the projector output so that it can be considered to be similar to conventional Xenon projection systems. The FDA variance allows the sale of Kodak Laser Projector Systems with Kodak Laser Projection Technology and theater/show configurations incorporating them. Kodak Laser Projection Technology promises to bring vastly improved image quality to theater screens including significantly brighter 3D viewing and to dramatically reduce costs to digital projection in cinemas through the innovative use of long-life lasers lower-cost optics and more efficient energy usage. Kodak introduced its laser technology in September 2010. The technology has been received enthusiastically by exhibitors manufacturers studios and viewers who have seen the demonstrations. Moore says that Kodak Laser Projection Technology is a key ingredient to potential improvements in digital cinema picture quality for both filmmakers and moviegoers. “This laser technology is a significant breakthrough that promises to have a positive ripple effect throughout the cinema world ” adds Moore. “We at Kodak have always endeavored to provide filmmakers with the best possible tools with which to tell their stories. That philosophy has served us well for more than a century and we will continue nurturing that partnership long into the future.” Kodak is in discussions to license this advanced technology with an eye toward marketplace implementation within the next two years. Kodak http://www.kodak.com/go/laserprojection