EUE/Screen Gems Studios Dream Stage 10 On Schedule for May Opening

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Sun, 03/22/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

EUE/Screen Gems Studios’ $15 million Dream Stage 10 which will be the third largest film and television production stage in the United States is on track for a May 22 opening in Wilmington North Carolina. According to the studio two large features are now considering filming there. 

 “We are thrilled but not surprised that two studio productions are already considering Dream Stage 10 as the location for their films ” says Chris Cooney COO of EUE/Screen Gems Studios. “Any studio would realize significant benefits from working with us.”

 Dream Stage 10 will include a 37 500-foot column-free stage with a 10.5-foot-deep water tank; established infrastructure; the third largest crew base in the United States and EUE/Screen Gems’ three decades of production expertise. Dream Stage 10 will be the tenth stage on EUE/Screen Gems Studios’ 50-acre lot in Wilmington. Its sheer size will accommodate large-scale blockbuster films and the 186 000-gallon indoor special effects water tank will add groundbreaking versatility. The water tank will be one of only three in North America; the other two are based on the West Coast and owned by studios that allow very limited access to outside productions.
 “We consulted with leading stage and acoustical engineers as well as producers directors cinematographers and our local crew for Dream Stage 10’s design ” says Bill Vassar EUE/Screen Gems Studios executive vice president. “As a result Dream Stage 10 was built to the specifications of the people who create visual magic. From the central location near production offices the access to the wardrobe facilities construction shops and our extensive lighting and grip facility Dream Stage 10 was built to maximize the vast production resources of EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

The City of Wilmington considers EUE/Screen Gems Studios one of the crown jewels of the community. Wilmington has always looked to us as a reason creative people from all walks of life want to relocate to our community. Dream Stage 10 will provide additional creative cache as well as economic stimulus of Southeastern North Carolina necessary during these tough times.” EUE/Screen Gems Studios