EUE Planning “Dream Stage” in Wilmington North Carolina

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Tue, 08/12/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

EUE Screen Gems Studios home of the largest studio lot east of California is building the largest film and television production stage on the east coast says Chris Cooney COO and president of EUE Screen Gems Ltd. “We’ve submitted the plans applied for permits begun preliminary clearing and ordered materials.  This is the real deal it’s happening this is our dream stage.” The soundstage is part of their 50-acre facility in Wilmington North Carolina.  The “Dream Stage” will be a column-free 37 500-square-foot expanse with a grid height of 45 feet and dimensions of 150 feet by 250 feet.  The stage will include a 60-foot by 60-foot indoor tank with a depth of 10.5 feet.  This will be one of the largest and deepest indoor production tanks in North America.  “This new stage will attract larger and more technologically advanced productions to North Carolina ” says Bill Vassar executive vice president of EUE Screen Gems Studios. “The design and location of the new stage fits in with the existing studio work flow.  It’s central to studio support services such as production offices shops wardrobe areas warehouses and equipment.  It is in right proximity to the existing nine stages on the lot.”   Completion is expected by early spring 2009. Film television and commercial production companies spent $160 215 900 in North Carolina for 2007 according to the North Carolina Film Office. The state recently hosted production of major motion pictures Leatherheads and Nights In Rodanthe and continues to be home to the CW Network’s “One Tree Hill.” The new Dream Stage is expected to further boost the state’s production activity. “In North America this is the third largest stage with one of the largest indoor production tanks. The capabilities of the new facility will make North Carolina even more attractive to producers ” says Aaron Syrett director of the North Carolina Film Office. “It exemplifies EUE Screen Gems continued commitment to the future of the film and television industry in North Carolina.” “The soundstage will be unrivaled and completely funded by the private sector ” says Johnny Griffin director of the Wilmington Regional Film Commission Inc. “This sends a message to the international film industry that EUE Screen Gems believes in Wilmington as a major production center.” EUE Screen Gems’ existing nine stages range in size from 7 200 square feet to 20 000 square feet. Stage #4 includes a tank that is 25 feet by 39 feet by four feet deep. The facility features spacious production suites with bullpen art rooms kitchen extensive offices with furnishings digital phone service as well as high speed Internet access a commissary and screening theatre with 35mm and HDTV projection ability. It also contains multiple mill metal plaster and paint shops plus wardrobe facilities with laundry as well as prop and set decorating warehouses.  “The studio lot has a company managed full service lighting grip and power business. Local staff with production experience maintains the company owned stage and location equipment.  They take care of it as if it were their own ” says Vassar. “In fact the more than 1 000 local production crew people take personal care of the equipment and the studio lot.  It’s amazing how well it all works here.” North Carolina Film Office