enkHouse Partners with KiwiTech to Develop Enhanced Books

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Thu, 08/12/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Brown Books Publishing Group digital division enkHouse has announced the launch of its joint venture with KiwiTech to develop enhanced eBooks and film-based applications. The launch comes within days of Penguin Publishing and Starz Entertainment releasing their first “amplified eBook Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth.  
 Rakesh Gupta CEO and founder of KiwiTech also founded and led Aptara Corporation the largest eBook publishing services company in the world. “This alignment gives us tremendous opportunities to enter new markets especially the film-to-enhanced-eBook market ” says Gupta. “Our companies are a good team sharing entrepreneurial spirits and decades of innovative work across the media spectrum.” EnkHouse is led by David Marlett a film industry consultant screenwriter and producer who is himself an author. His first novel will be published by Brown in the fall. He comes to enkHouse as Transmedia Producer a new designation of the Producers Guild of America. “The three keys to a successful enhanced eBook are content content content ” says Marlett. Having been represented by William Morris Endeavor he has over twenty years of experience writing and consulting on screenplays and productions for studios and producers such as DreamWorks Arnold Kopelson and Michael Ovitz. “This is an exciting time for writers publishers producers and developers alike ” says Milli Brown CEO of Brown Books a publisher with fifteen years of growth in the traditional print industry with thousands of books published. “We complement the digital team with a rich tradition of distinctive print books.” “Besides bringing print books alive in ways almost never before seen ” says Marlett. “enkHouse and KiwiTech are uniquely positioned to provide film and television producers with fresh marketing and new distribution opportunities for content they already own. Similar to how interactive DVDs and 3D technology revolutionized storytelling in cinema enhanced eBooks will revolutionize how we read a book and hear about upcoming movies.” “You’ll not only read your favorite book on your ereader ” says Marlett “but you will interact with it by bringing up images music and videos—transforming the written story into a multi-dimensional experience.”  In addition ereaders will get updates and news about film adaptations and more pushed right to their smart phones or tablet computers. “Basically if a movie and a book hooked up their love child would be an enhanced eBook ” he says with a wry smile. enkHouse www.enkhouse.com KiwiTech www.kiwitech.com ,1897
Harkness Named Official Screen Sponsor for the 3D Entertainment Summit,2010-08-13, Harkness Screens will be the official screen sponsor for all general conference sessions at the 3D Entertainment Summit being held in association with Variety magazine September 15-16 at the Hilton Los Angeles in Universal City California. The event will showcase never-before-seen 3D content projected onto an 18-by-33-foot Harkness Spectral 240 screen. “In the world of 3D the content typically takes the front seat but having the correct screen is a very important aspect of the viewers’ 3D experience ” says John Golicz CEO of Unicomm LLC co-producer of the 3D Entertainment Summit. “As the event’s official screen sponsor Harkness’ reputation for providing high quality screens and service made the company a natural choice for us.”  
  Bringing together entertainment financial and corporate players the third annual 3D Entertainment Summit will focus on how attendees can capitalize on 3D irrespective of what discipline in entertainment they currently hold.
  “We are thrilled to be named the official screen sponsor for this year’s 3D Entertainment Summit ” says Andrew Robinson managing director at Harkness Screens.  “The 3D Entertainment Summit is a premier 3D industry event and we are excited to be a part of it once again this year.”

 Harkness Screens www.harkness-screens.com ,1899
HPA Appoints Avid’s Vincent Maza to its Board of Directors,2010-08-13,The Hollywood Post Alliance has appointed Vincent Maza worldwide marketing manager/post production for Avid to its board of directors. Maza brings broad expertise to his new role with the HPA having worked in the post-production industry for more than 15 years in senior marketing engineering and editorial positions with leading technology companies in the United States and Europe. “Vincent Maza has been an enthusiastic and thoughtful member of HPA and a very perceptive analyst of the issues facing the industry today ” says HPA president Leon Silverman in making the announcement. “We are delighted to welcome him to our board and look forward to benefitting from his insights and experience. He will be a great ally as we work to extend our mission and make the Hollywood Post Alliance an even better organization than it is today.” Maza has been a member of the HPA since 2008 when he assumed his current role with Avid and took up residence in Southern California. “It is a great honor to join the board of the HPA as it is an essential part of the post community and one of its most respected organizations ” Maza says. “My goal is to support and learn from the organization and its members bringing my experience both in America and Europe into the great content build by the HPA. In particular I want to extend my contributions to the HPA and the post community by helping to find solutions to challenges facing the industry and by developing ways to document new workflows and technology.” Maza’s tenure with Avid spans eight years having previously served as solutions manager and product marketing manager in the U.S. and the U.K. His areas of expertise include stereoscopic 3D digital intermediate and file-based workflows. He began his career as an online editor with Paramount Pictures. Maza says his membership in HPA has been personally enriching and career enhancing. “The HPA Tech Retreat and the HPA Awards are great examples of the amazing content put together by this group ” he says. “Only at the Tech Retreat can one find decision makers engineers executives and manufactures working together to present the most advanced technologies and workflows.” The Hollywood Post Alliance www.hpaonline.com ,1901
Korea’s Largest Theatre Chain CJ CGV Converts to 3D,2010-08-13,CJ CGV the largest theatre chain in Korea has converted 58 additional screens to 3D with MasterImage digital 3D cinema systems and will supply systems for all of the chain’s 160 3D theatres. MasterImage 3D has also installed four systems in Korea's Lotte Cinema in Suncheon. These installations combined with existing systems at Primus Cinema Ya Woo Ri Cinemas and more theatres across Korea bring MasterImage's total to 175 of the country's estimated 250 digital 3D screens which is more than 70 percent of Korea's total 3D exhibition market share. CGV Manager Sung woo Kang says MasterImage 3D's system offers an outstanding value compared to other products on the market and it is simple to install. Also with the high resolution picture quality audiences' responses to the presentation are great. Younghoon Lee founder chairman and CEO of MasterImage 3D says From our US headquarters and offices in Asia and Europe we are aggressively converting theatre markets all over the world. Exhibitors are recognizing that our ownership-based model and passive-glasses approach offers them a different and often more attractive business proposition than competitive systems and they're demonstrating that recognition by choosing MasterImage in increasing numbers. CJ CGV www.cgv.co.kr ,1903
IndiePix Launches West Coast Operation,2010-08-13,IndiePix the internet-based distributor of independent films has announced the expansion of its operations with the launch of a new West Coast office. Director of Acquisitions Jason Tyrrell will head-up the new efforts beginning with the establishment of an IndiePix satellite office in Hollywood. In addition to discovering more West Coast independent filmmakers Tyrrell will cover additional film festivals in the Midwest Southwest and Asia with the view to developing new projects for potential production through IndiePix Studios. Presence on the West Coast will allow more opportunities to create film fund partnerships to expand IndiePix’s 2011 theatrical slate to a half dozen or more films that will go on to receive national exposure. “As IndiePix has expanded its reach and our team has scouted talent at larger national and international film festivals ” says Tyrrell “I began to find that contrary to what may generally be thought about the Los Angeles area there is a solid and vibrant independent film and arts community totally under-served by the studio system. In addition to acknowledging the significant and further developing film communities of San Francisco Seattle Portland Denver/Boulder and in the Southwest we decided it was time to dip a toe in those waters.” Bob Alexander president of IndiePix says “It is a natural step for IndiePix to increase our focus on Independent Film development and creation in Los Angeles. Independent Film has a history in New York but the independent spirit is not isolated there. Working with a wider range of Independent Filmmakers earlier in their development and production efforts to bring their special vision to a wider audience is a central company objective. Jason is perfect to lead our effort in this area.” Tyrrell expects to have the Los Angeles satellite office up and running in time for the Toronto Film Festival in September. He will continue to lead the New York acquisitions team with Mark DeFrancis taking an expanded role in coverage of East Coast film festivals. IndiePix www.indiepixfilms.com ,1904
MTI Film Adds Two Nucoda Film Masters,2010-08-13,MTI Film has added two more Nucoda Film Masters from Digital Vision to the pipeline at their new Sycamore Street facility in Hollywood California. MTI is in the process of expanding its post-production services. Larry Chernoff CEO of MTI Film says “The Film Master is a powerful tool that has been successfully at work in our Sycamore facility.  MTI chose Nucoda because we believe that we have a partner in Digital Vision.  We are a progressive company innovating in the television post- production and film restoration spaces and we’ve sought out like-minded companies.  We are focused on technological advancements in digital workflows for the post community and see Digital Vision as a partner in the process.  It is also their willingness to come to the table not just when our requests were easy to answer but when our goals push the boundaries.  Throughout the process Digital Vision has remained creative and enthusiastic in their support as we set off on new areas of development.” Bruno Munger product manager of Digital Vision says “MTI Film has been working towards an innovative long-range plan that responds to the changes in acquisition and post production throughout the industry at large.  It is a pleasure to work with Larry Chernoff and the MTI team as they forge a workflow that incorporates this forward thinking approach.  We are proud to have the Nucoda product line in place at this groundbreaking facility and look forward to a dynamic collaboration with MTI Film” Digital Vision www.digitalvision.tv ,1905
Industrial Light & Magic Turns to Luxology modo ,2010-08-13, The Art Department at San Francisco-based Industrial Light & Magic is now using Luxology's 3D modeling and rendering software modo to increase speed flexibility and efficiency. Our clients rely on the ILM art department to create world-class concept art and design for their films. To generate that type of work we utilize best-of-breed tools and modo is turning out to be a terrific 3D tool for the team says Richard Kerris CTO at Lucasfilm Ltd. modo is playing a key role in how certain looks and concepts are best created and it has earned its place in our toolset. 

 ILM has set the industry standard for visual effects and has contributed to some of the most influential and groundbreaking films of the last 35 years. Working alongside a full complement of professional tools 3D concept art developed in modo has played a key role in a number of recent projects including Confessions of a Shopaholic and Iron Man 2.

 Using modo and producing concept art in 3D has been a huge asset to our department says David Nakabayashi creative director at ILM. Our 2D images are invaluable communication tools but 3D visualization really takes creativity to the next level and brings a whole new dimension to our work.
 Luxology www.luxology.com ,1907
Zentropa Installs Clipster for Digital Cinema Post Work,2010-08-13,Zentropa the largest film production company in Denmark has installed a DVS Clipster. Film director Lars von Trier founded the company. The Clipster will complete the infrastructure of Zentropa’s own digital cinema post-production capabilities. Lars Dela technical director at Zentropa says  We are impressed with Clipster's multifunctionality and versatility. We carry out all essential steps to the finished DCP check the DPX files edit RAW material in real-time and apply Clipster for HD Mastering. On Lars von Trier's latest project Melancholia RAW data from the Phantom camera is being processed on DVS's DI workstation: it is incredibly fast reliable and definitely more than a one trick pony. Ernst-Joerg Oberhoessel sales director region Western Europe at DVS says  Zentropa is the largest film production corporation in Scandinavia and is renowned for its success creativity and artistic quality. We have been partners for many years now resulting in a Clipster installation. Our DI workstation paves the way for Digital Cinema Packages that theatres require for digital projection: Zentropa can now fulfil this demand for all its films worldwide. Zentropa www.zentropa.dk   ,1908
Cinedigm Named Digital Cinema Advisor to Telluride Film Festival ,2010-08-30,The Telluride Film Festival has named Cinedigm as its official digital cinema advisor; the festival takes place September 3-6 in Telluride Colorado.   Cinedigm will help the Telluride Film Festival implement digital cinema systems for its theatres including the Palm Theatre the Chuck Jones Cinema and the Galaxy Theatre. Cinedigm will contribute strategic and technical advice relative to digital cinema and will help the Festival identify the appropriate vendors necessary to transform the Festival into a digital venue.   We are thrilled to have Cinedigm join us in our commitment to excellence in film presentation says Julie Huntsinger Tom Luddy and Gary Meyer co-directors of the Telluride Film Festival.  We strive to provide an environment that showcases the most creative minds in film.  Digital cinema is a growing aspect of the industry's future and Cinedigm's unparalleled expertise in digital cinema is a huge asset for the Festival.   “2010 has been a watershed year in the evolution of digital cinema ” says Adam M. Mizel interim co-CEO of Cinedigm. “Cinedigm has been one of digital cinema’s primary architects and as such we’ve developed a network of theatres across the country that can bring new and exciting options to theatre audiences independent producers and movie exhibitors alike. The Telluride Film Festival is a leading independent film event and one of the most respected gatherings of film visionaries each year.  We are excited to support the Festival and introduce digital cinema and its opportunities to its attendees.” ,1918
Close-Up Global Entertainment brings Russian Classic Back to Life,2010-08-30,Close-Up Global Entertainment has distributed Russian films to the international marketplace for more than 15 years and recently the company decided to bring restoration of their classic films in-house. The company which is housed in a 10 000 square foot warehouse in Brooklyn New York works with major international players including Mosfilm.   With the decision to move restoration services in-house Close-Up Global Entertainment CEO Mikhail Sheydin and his team undertook an in-depth study of current technologies and products.   “We did a lot of research ” Sheydin says.  “We met with all of the companies who offer restoration products and looked at their technologies.  After careful analysis we chose Digital Vision’s DVO. Now that we’ve completed work on some of Russia’s most classic films we feel strongly that we made the right decision.” Their first project completed was Cinderella a sixty-three year old black and white Russian classic.  It was destined to go to Legend Films in San Diego for colorization but it was scratched filthy and missing frames.  Before it could be colorized frame-by-frame restoration was required.  The project has been hailed as a critical and technical triumph. Sheydin says “The DVO interface is flawless.  We’ve been able to economically and efficiently integrate it into a flexible environment.  We don’t have a big staff and the ease of learning the DVO has been extremely important to our operation.  We can quickly add new people to our workflow with only a single supervisor and the Digital Vision team has been there to support us every step of the way.”   Martin Bennett vice president of marketing for Digital Vision says “Looking at the before-and-after shots of this beautiful Russian version of Cinderella is visually powerful.  DVO has delivered flawless work for our clients for years but it is still amazing to see a 1947 Soviet film imagery look this pristine. The work that Close-Up Global Entertainment is doing is stunning and we are proud to be in business with them.” Close-Up Global Entertainment www.kinocolor.com Digital Vision www.digitalvision.se ,1919
Datasat Digital Entertainment joins Crestron Partnership Program ,2010-08-30,Datasat Digital Entertainment has announced that  their new AP20 Audio Processor is part of the Crestron Integrated Partner Program. Compatible with Crestron and designed for both commercial cinema and high end home theatre applications the AP20 offers 16 channels of analog and digital reproduction and features Dirac Live room optimization technology.   Crestron’s Integrated Partner Program is designed to allow partner manufacturer's products to operate seamlessly in a Crestron systems environment. The program supports audio/video security HVAC lighting and other controlled devices that may be incorporated into commercial or residential systems.   “We are thrilled to be a part of the Crestron Integrated Partner Program ” says Robert McKinley vice president engineering and manufacturing operations for Datasat Digital Entertainment. “The AP20 is one of the most flexible and powerful general-purpose audio processors available today.  And now through our relationship with Crestron dealers and end-users gain a greater benefit through seamless integration with other products.”   Datasat Digital Entertainment www.datasatdigital.com   ,1921
Digital Projection to Supply K Sera Sera Rollout in India,2010-08-30,Digital Projection has won the contract to supply and install 400 projectors to K Sera Sera for a digital cinema rollout in India. The projectors are not DCI-compliant. Located in Mumbai India K Sera Sera specializes in the production and distribution of films to the Hindi Cinema market. K Sera Sera plans to open 500 Miniplex’s with 1 000 screens in urban and semi-urban locations across India. Each Miniplex will have two screens with a minimum capacity of 75 and maximum 125 seat facility. ,1923
NCTA and Dolby Collaborate on 3D Cable Set-Top Box,2010-08-30,The National Cable & Telecommunications Association in Washington DC the NCTA and Dolby Laboratories have collaborated to create the industry's first cinema-quality 3D feed using a cable set-top box presented in a digital cinema environment enabled with Dolby 3D. Drawing on its unique expertise across the entertainment industry – from content creation and digital cinema exhibition to television broadcast and playback devices – Dolby delivered the know-how to demonstrate the potential of future 3D broadcasts. The NCTA screening facility allows viewers to enjoy some of the best and most current cable programming and Dolby is proud to have played an integral role says Walt Husak director image technology Dolby Laboratories. Our rich heritage is built upon years of enabling new possibilities and delivering novel solutions that provide premium entertainment to viewers. Dolby Production Services installed Dolby 3D in NCTA's theater which recently showcased its new 3D display opportunities with the successful broadcast of ESPN's 3D coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup which was delivered through a Comcast set-top box then split into a left and right eye stereoscopic image through a Doremi format converter. The signal was then passed through an image processing unit into a Christie digital cinema projector equipped with Dolby 3D. Audiences wearing Dolby 3D glasses were able to experience for the first time 1080 3D playback of the World Cup in a movie theatre environment. The NCTA theatre is also equipped with Dolby Digital technology to deliver a truly immersing surround sound experience. We're grateful for Dolby's expertise and support in enabling NCTA's theater for the World Cup and other exciting 3D cable programming offerings to our industry and to policymakers here in Washington says Mark Bell vice president industry affairs NCTA. With Dolby's cutting-edge technology NCTA's digital cinema can now display brilliant 1080 3D images. Dolby Laboratories www.dolby.com ,1924
Doremi Reaches Exclusive Agreement with Empire Theatres to Install Digital Cinema Servers,2010-08-30, Doremi Cinema has reached an exclusive agreement with Canada’s Empire Theatres to install Doremi Cinema Servers on more than 300 Empire screens. The installations will include Doremi's DCP-2000 and Integrated Media Block with Doremi's ShowVault. Empire Theatres is Canada’s second largest exhibition company with headquarters in Stellarton Nova Scotia. Empire Theatres operates 50 theatres throughout Canada with 380 screens and employing more than 2 500 employees. We began our relationship with Doremi last year when we installed 63 screens with Doremi's DCP-2000 cinema servers says Valerie Ryan vice president real estate and development for Empire Theatres. Given that initial success and the additional field testing we conducted in conjunction with Series II projectors Doremi servers were the clear choice for going forward. 

 “We selected both the Doremi DCP-2000 and IMB with ShowVault because we wanted to future proof our circuit for 4K says Ryan. Both models provide outstanding 2K playback for 2D and 3D but knowing that Doremi’s IMB is the only 4K IMB readily available today which can easily be upgraded to 4K playback with a simple firmware upgrade gives us the flexibility to control how we roll out our 4K screens.
 Empire Theatres is a truly innovative exhibitor with an outstanding reputation for quality and guest satisfaction says Michael Archer vice president of Doremi Cinema. Their selection of Doremi as their exclusive digital cinema server provider illustrates their in-depth understanding of digital cinema technology and where the future of exhibition is headed. We are thrilled to undertake this long-term partnership and look forward to supporting Empire Theatres as they take their theatres to the next level.