Emerging Cinema Markets Set to Begin November 20

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Fri, 11/16/2018 - 10:01 -- Nick Dager

Presented by DCS Events in association with The Big Picture and SISAY, the Turkish Exhibitors Association, the Emerging Cinema Markets 2018 conference is set to begin November 20 in Istanbul. The three-day conference will focus on the Turkish, Middle East, Central Asia, Balkans and the African markets and includes key speakers and presenters who will outline the current issues facing emerging markets. 

SISAY Turkish Cinema Exhibitors Association has confirmed that more than 50 of their members will attend the conference and alongside a host of delegates from North, East and West Africa.

Event organizers expect to have some 200 delegates over the three days.

The CGV Mars Entertainment Group is now a Gold Sponsor of ECM2018 joining other Gold Sponsors Aures, CinemaNext, Cinema Intelligence, Comscore, Movio and the Vista Group.

“The Emerging Cinema Markets Conference is crucial to the development of the new opportunities across Africa, Central Asia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey,” said Rob Arthur, DCS Events partner and senior consultant at The Big Picture. “We would like to thank the large numbers of delegates, companies, sponsors and suppliers from all over the world who will be with us in Istanbul. The conference will provide suppliers, exhibitors and content providers from the regions a unique chance to come together at #ecmistanbul to explore, discuss and learn about the key developments, technical challenges and innovations that are central to the cinema industry today and looking ahead to the future.  We are so pleased that so many people have signed up to attend what we promise is going to be a very informative and interesting event and one that also offers a unique chance to network with industry experts and professionals.”

‘The ECM in Istanbul will provide a focus for markets that are re-awakening to the cultural and experiential power of cinema, and which have huge unrealized commercial potential,” said Paul Higginson, executive vice president, EMEA, 20th Century Fox.

"Turkey has taken significant steps in the cinema industry during recent years,” said Cenk Sezgin, CEO, SISAY Turkish Cinema Exhibitors Association and CEO CineMarine. “At SISAY, we are proud to have ECM2018 happening in Turkey, the biggest cinema market in the region."

“We are excited to be co-hosting this event,” said Mike Thomson, partner at The Big Picture. “The quality of speakers and panelists who have agreed to attend is outstanding. We see that every territory is at a different stage in the evolution of cinema. Over the last few years we have witnessed the emergence of numerous new markets and have worked with cinema operators, property developers and local authorities to bring the right cinema offer to each location. We are also helping many nascent companies grow and become truly global best practice operators. It is not a one size fits all and each territory needs careful thought and planning. Now is a good time for everyone interested in cinema to get together and share ideas and experiences.”

For more information and to purchase tickets visit the DCS Events website at www.dcs.events.