Element Technica Introduces Ultra-Small Neutron 3D Rig

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Thu, 05/27/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Element Technica has introduced the ultra-small Neutron 3D rig which is designed to mount lightweight 3D camera packages for stereoscopic video capture from smaller jibs Steadicams portable camera and point-of-view positions. Live sports and entertainment production demand even smaller less obtrusive cameras for point-of-view camera angles where the camera must fit into a tiny and sometimes dangerous space where it is unseen and out of the way. According to the manufacturer the Technica 3D extra-small Neutron rig provides the smallest form-factor with the ability to mount the smallest 2/3-inch or 1/3-inch imager HD cameras such as the SI-2K MINI and the Iconix. Though the Neutron rig is much smaller and lighter weight than Element Technica’s Quasar 3D rig it provides the same simplicity of assembly and operation ability to integrate with standard stereoscopic production controls and the ease of changing camera configuration quickly between side-by-side and beamsplitter modes. Like the Quasar the Neutron can be configured into both over/thru and under/thru beam-splitter modes. Whether a production chooses to employ the larger Quasar the very small Neutron the upcoming medium-sized Pulsar or a mix of both the crew will be able to assemble and align each rig in less than 30 minutes and convert from side-by-side to beam-splitter mode or vice-versa in less than 10 minutes. Element Technica www.Elementtechnica.com