Element Technica Introduces a Series of 3D Production Tools

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Wed, 09/23/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Element Technica announces the new Technica 3D Series which brings a new level of precision speed and simplification to stereoscopic 3D motion picture production. 3D production has long been plagued by heavy and complicated equipment that requires specialized tools and dedicated crew to assemble and adjust eating up precious production resources. That kept 3D practical for only an elite few. But now the Technica 3D Series overcomes these stumbling blocks by providing smartly engineered 3D systems that are lighter weight and less costly to bring 3D acquisition down to the simplicity of traditional 2D production. The Technica 3D systems are configurable into both beam splitter and parallel camera platforms and the systems are scaled to fit popular cameras from the tiny SI-2K Mini to a full size Red One—even with zoom lenses. Camera and lens controls are neatly imbedded.    The new Technica 3D camera rigs are manufactured in a proprietary configuration of machined aluminum for optimum rigidity. Unlike other 3D systems Technica 3D systems require no tools for camera alignment or mounting. Alignment adjustments are made linearly in each of three axes in addition to pitch and roll. Rig set-up takes about 10 minutes instead of the up to an hour required for traditional 3D rigs. Dedicated motors for interocular and convergence control are built right into the platforms. Technica 3D systems are available in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of cameras. The largest Quasar is designed for full size digital cinema cameras such as the Sony 1500 or the Red One equipped with prime or zoom lenses. The mid-sized Proton mounts box-style digital cinema cameras such as the Scarlet Epic and the SI-2K. The ultra-small Neutron is designed for the tiny 2/3-inch or 1/3-inch imager cameras sporting C-mount lenses such as the SI-2K Mini and the Iconix. All three Technica 3D systems can convert from parallel to beamsplitter and back depending on the application. Element Technica has also developed a series of intuitive hardware/software tools to automate stereo calculation. These tools will be available as add-in modules for the core systems to enable the director or DP to intuitively control how much or how little the subject comes off of the screen without requiring complex IO and CONV calculation techniques. IO CONV and standard lens zoom focus and iris control can be coordinated through the company’s patented Stereo Assist feature. The Technica 3D systems begin shipping in the fall of 2009 with the first deliveries scheduled to go to Hollywood rental houses. Element Technica www.Elementtechnica.com