EIB to Lend up to EUR 65 million to XDC for its European Digitization Rollout Plans

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Thu, 02/25/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The European Investment Bank will grant financing of up to EUR 65 million to XDC in the framework of the financing structured by BNP Paribas Fortis to contribute to its digitization rollout plans in Europe. The loan facility granted by BNP Paribas Fortis KBC CBC and the EIB – the financing institution of the European Union – would finance digital cinema equipment aimed to be deployed in European cinemas in the scope of the virtual print fee co-financing scheme. The proposal based on cost sharing between exhibitors and distributors has been signed by XDC with the six major Hollywood studios to convert up to 8 000 screens to digital over the next four years. Ahead of these senior debt arrangements XDC entered into a financing agreement with Barco one of its preferred digital projector manufacturer partners. Barco will participate in this structure through a specific and tailor made vendor-financing program. Financing capacity and technical innovation are key matters for XDC’s business plan execution ” says Serge Plasch XDC’s CEO. “This EIB loan facility will secure our long term senior debt requirements. Moreover this will allow XDC to emphasize its R&D projects to serve the market with innovative solutions.” EIB President Philippe Maystadt says “We are pleased to support the development of XDC. It has created its unique position as a key contributor in its field bringing added-value to the distributors and exhibitors going to digital and becoming a leader in the high-tech world of cinema.” The European Investment Bank www.eib.org ,1577
AMC Enhanced Theatre Experience Debuts at Disney World,2010-03-09,The AMC Enhanced Theatre Experience made its U.S. debut this month at AMC Pleasure Island 24 at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort. ETX includes a 20-percent larger screen 3D technology digital projection and an upgraded sound system. Specifically the digital projection system produces images comprised of two million pixels which delivers a higher resolution than HD. This image is then showcased on a wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling screen that immerses guests in the image. The ETX auditorium also boasts 12 audio channels fueled by 50 000 watts of power which is a major upgrade and three times the power of typical auditoriums with six audio channels. As a result of this improved sight and sound experience guests will not simply watch a movie. They will live it in ETX. “We are proud to launch our new ETX concept for the first time in the United States at AMC Pleasure Island 24 ” says John McDonald executive vice president U.S. operations. “We truly believe this premier location at Downtown Disney deserves the absolute best entertainment experience AMC can offer and ETX is the cornerstone of that experience.” “With the upgraded screen and sound system in addition to the premium viewing experience digital cinema offers we believe our guests at AMC Pleasure Island 24 will walk away with a new perception of how movies should be delivered ” says McDonald. Movies shown in the ETX auditorium will cost $2 more; 3D titles such as Alice in Wonderland will cost $4 more. AMC Pleasure Island 24 www.AMCEntertainment.com ,1582
Fujinon Chooses Band Pro to Distribute PL Mount Zoom Lenses,2010-03-09,Fujinon has selected Band Pro Film and Digital as the premier distributor of the lens maker’s new PL mount zoom lens series. “We chose Band Pro as our distribution partner because of our long-standing business relationship and their history of bringing high-quality high-performance products to the digital cinematography market” says Hank Hayashi president and CEO of Fujinon. Fujinon’s series of four zoom lenses provide unprecedented focal range choices from 14.5 to 400mm with fast T stop performance and exceptional optical quality. Uniform front barrel size (136mm) and gear placement with consistent color matched image quality in four focal ranges facilitate quick lens changes efficient production and creative expression. The first lens in the series the 18-85mm T2.0 debuted at last year’s National Association of Broadcasters and is now available from Band Pro. The company is also taking orders for the 75-400mm T2.8-T3.8 which will soon begin delivery. The other two lenses the 24-180mm T2.6 and 14.5-45mm T2.0 will be unveiled at April’s NAB exhibition and are scheduled to begin delivery in the coming months. Band Pro Film & Digital www.bandpro.com ,1583
Kerasotes Installs Barix Audio in Two Theatres,2010-03-09, Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres is now using Barix Audio over IP equipment at the core of its audio distribution and playback architecture for two of its premium digital cinema locations.
 The company has launched an Audio over IP service at its ShowPlace Icon Theatres in Chicago and St. Louis Park Minnesota. The service distributes ambient music to its theaters and a more upbeat program to its Lobby Lounge areas featuring fresh food service and fully stocked bars.

 “We were seeking a way to entertain our premium-price ticket buyers without tying in a barrage of advertising ” says Andy Gift director of theatre technology at Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres. “The Barix equipment allowed us to tie licensed Muzak streams from the Internet to our Dolby processing system via IP.  The design of the Barix devices saved us $3 000 to $4 000 on wiring and other component costs and the installation was a matter of hours as opposed to the two or three days required to run wire for a legacy audio system.” 

The Barix Audio over IP equipment provides the audio encoding and decoding elements. Two Barix Instreamer 100 encoders accept the Muzak streams from the web and encode them to mp3 at 192K for premium audio quality.  One Instreamer passes Channel A to the Dolby theaters and the second passes the Channel B stream to the Lobby Lounge.  Barix Exstreamer 100 decoding devices in the various theaters and Lobby Lounge areas receive and decode the streams before passing them through to the Dolby processing system for sweetening.  The streams eventually pass through QSC amplifiers before playing out over the loudspeakers.  

According to Gift the Audio over IP system integrates seamlessly with his digital projection system to further reduce costs and enhance cinema operations. 

“There has always been a need to use separate projectors and systems for movies and advertising and that separation creates overhead for the theaters due to extra equipment investments ” says Gift.  “As we move toward digital cinema my focus is to play everything through one system and use IP technology to get there.  Much of the industry is still in the serial age using open/close technology.  We’re trying to get away from that and go all digital because it allows us to automate 90 percent of our projects and not require as much staff to operate the equipment.  That IP connectivity also enables remote access to adjust volume and other settings.” DataNab an IP systems programmer and Barix reseller based in Burnsville Minnesota served as the sales representative for this project. 

“I picked up the devices and we were online in four hours ” he says.  “It would have been a lot more complex and expensive had we gone with a satellite delivery system.  The expenses for traditional receiver technology speaker wire and other elements would have been much higher.”

 Barix www.barix.com ,1584
Calibre Introduces Alternate Content Processor,2010-03-09,Calibre has introduced the HQView-400DC alternate content processor which the company says has been designed for a range of consumer and professional AV sources.   Specially optimized for use with SonyCineAlta SRX-320 SRX-210 and SRX-220 digital cinema projectors the HQView-400DC alternate content processor can be used as both a routing switcher and a universal interface. Its range of inputs includes HD-SDI/SD-SDI HDMI 1.3 DVI VGA component YPbPr/RGBS composite and S-Video with signal compatibility up to 1080p and WUXGA resolutions and built in web browser remote control. “Calibre created the HQView-400DC as a lower-cost alternative to our PVProHD-DC alternate content processor ” says Tim Brooksbank chairman of Calibre. “It answers the need for processing of alternate content to bring it up to near-HD image quality and full compatibility with Sony CineAlta products at an affordable price point. We believe it will be especially popular with compact movie theatres that have smaller screen sizes as well as multi-purpose venues at which movies are only one component in the range of entertainment on offer.”   The HQView-400DC series alternate content processor offers motion-adaptive per-pixel video de-interlacing of both SD and HD signals thereby reducing image flicker and related artifacts. Images are processed with 12-bit accuracy and there is a choice of best-picture and low-latency modes. “The HQView-400DC alternate content processor is a perfect example of how our engineering team can tailor a product to meet the specific needs of an application ” says Brooksbank. “We are proud to be offering this image-enhancing capability to a new market.” Calibre www.calibreuk.com ,1586
Great Escapes Theatres Installed Christie Digital Cinema Projectors,2010-03-09,Great Escapes Theatres the 14th largest theater chain in North America installed twelve Christie projectors to support the premiere of Avatar in 3D part of a total purchase of 174; the rest will be in place before the summer. The chain also contracted Christie Managed Services for round-the-clock support and maintenance. Great Escapes Theatres focuses on mid-sized markets with populations from 100 000 to 400 000. The chain currently operates 277 screens at 24 sites in Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Nebraska Missouri Ohio Pennsylvania Tennessee and West Virginia with 28 screens currently under construction for 2010.  Anne Ragains president and CEO and a driving force behind the theaters’ remarkable growth is proud to note that their theaters always become a point of destination that spurs economic growth and development in surrounding neighborhoods. “Great Escapes has had tremendous success serving the underserved communities that larger chains often overlook ” she says.  Chance Ragains COO of Great Escapes Theatres says “Our corporate philosophy has been simple and effective – build a quality cost efficient movie theatre in underserved markets and the audience will come. As part of our strategy selecting Christie means we can serve our markets with the industry-acclaimed projection systems that deliver the most exciting viewing experience at the lowest cost of operation.  We’re committed to building Great Escapes Theatres into a top-20 company.” He says “We honed in on Christie digital projectors because they have a proven track record of delivering the brightest light output and sharpest image. Along with on-going support through Christie Managed Services we can depend on Christie for the best digital cinema package on the market.”  “Thanks to its successful expansion strategy Great Escapes has quickly become an important player in the exhibition industry ” says Craig Sholder vice president entertainment solutions Christie.  “Because the new Christie Solaria series of digital projectors are upgradeable to 4K digital cinema Great Escapes is ensuring that its audiences will continue to enjoy the latest generation of quality cutting-edge entertainment upon which it has built its reputation.” Christie Digital Systems www.christiedigital.com ,1587
Crawford Purchases Baselight HD Color Grading System from FilmLight,2010-03-09, Crawford Media Services has purchased a Baselight HD color grading system from FilmLight and plans to make it a central component of a new facility that it is constructing for its Crawford Post Production division. Baselight HD which will include Spirit Control and Stereoscopic 3D options will be integrated into a file-based workflow that will also include editorial finishing and audio post systems as well as centralized media storage. The system will be used to perform color grading for Crawford’s existing commercial television and corporate clients and to aid the company’s plans to expand into 3D post production and potentially post production for feature films. “Crawford has been synonymous with excellence in post production and the market leader in the Southeast for more than two decades ” says FilmLight regional sales manager Charles Kuralt. “Baselight HD will help it extend its leadership as the centrepiece of a new collaborative workflow that will provide clients with greater flexibility and a more powerful creative toolset.” “We’ve seen Baselight at the past several NABs and were intrigued ” says Crawford Media Services director of engineering David N. Warner. “As primarily a commercial house we were particularly impressed with the way FilmLight has recently addressed our market and embraced the kind of workflow that we use here.” Warner says the Spirit Control option which will allow Baselight to directly control Crawford’s existing Spirit 2K Datacine will be helpful in servicing the facility’s many clients who continue to shoot on film. The stereoscopic 3D option will allow the facility to provide a new service that Warner expects to be in demand among both corporate and entertainment clients. Baselight’s ability to grade high resolution imagery also holds out the possibility of providing full DI services for the growing number of independent films being produced in the Southeast. “We think Baselight’s feature set is going to be very well embraced by our clients ” Warner says. “We are looking forward to having it here.” FilmLight www.filmlight.ltd.uk ,1588
Digital Cinema Summit to Convene April 10 ,2010-03-09,The 2010 NAB Show Digital Cinema Summit 3D: Cinema and Home will feature multiple expert speakers and in-depth sessions addressing aspects of 3D. The summit will take place on April 10-11 during the annual NAB Show which runs from April 10-15 in Las Vegas. Bringing together executives and thought leaders from major film studios broadcast networks and technology providers focused on the creation and delivery of cutting-edge digital motion imagery the summit is co-produced by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California the European Broadcasting Union and the National Association of Broadcasters. “With 3D movies boosting per-screen sales as much as 300 percent it’s only natural that the entertainment industry would want to scale up this kind of distribution ” says Ken Fuller president SMPTE. “With that and the increasing consumer demand for 3D in the home this summit could not have come at a better time to accelerate 3D efforts and help create new revenue streams in our industry. This event also supports SMPTE’s long-term educational goal to be the resource for 3D technology.” With the steady growth and revenue success of 3D movies in theatres the launch of major 3D broadcast services and the increasing availability of 3D-capable displays for consumers the media and entertainment industries are now working through everything from how to creatively tell a story in this new format to the standards to use for producing and distributing those stories as efficiently as possible. This year’s summit showcases not only those specific efforts but provides a glimpse of the 3D-related research and development going on behind the scenes. Topics at this year’s summit include creating high-quality 3D content for broadcast cinema and other distribution types; 3D perceptual viewing; common techniques for and lessons learned in 3D image capture and display; modifying the post-production workflow to handle 3D; the feasibility of converting 2D materials to 3D; and techniques for distributing 3D content via broadcast cable satellite and optical media such as BluRay Disc. A full schedule of session topics speakers and times is available at http://www.smpte.org/events/smpte_nab/2010DCS/. The 2010 Digital Cinema Summit comes almost exactly one year after SMPTE announced the requirements for a stereoscopic 3D Home Master standard. The cornerstone of the entire 3D content chain this standard will provide high-level image formatting requirements for the source materials authored and delivered by content developers. It will also provide requirements for the delivery of those materials to all distribution channels from physical media to terrestrial satellite cable and other streaming service providers. “In a world where people want their content to be everywhere – and to travel with them anywhere – this standard will provide a delivery roadmap for studios broadcasters production houses display manufacturers smart phone providers and others ” says Wendy Aylsworth SMPTE vice president of engineering and senior vice president of technology for Warner Bros. SMPTE expects to finalize the core specifications of the 3D Home Master standard by the end of 2010. The NAB Show www.nabshow.com ,1589
GDC Technology Upgrades SA-2100 Servers,2010-03-09, GDC Technology has introduced the S2 upgrade for all SA-2100 digital cinema servers. The upgrade allows customers to connect the servers to the next generation Series 2 DLP Cinema projector. 
“Once again GDC is quick to respond to the technology shift in the evolving digital cinema industry and brings to its customers the best and latest in digital cinema technology ” says Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “That GDC’s SA-2100 series of servers can be upgraded so swiftly to work with Series 2 projectors exemplifies not only our technology foresight but also our belief in ensuring our customers’ technology investment is always future-proof. Exhibitors opting for GDC can now have a peace of mind and wait for the arrival of 4K upgrade option while in the mean time giving their audiences the best from Series 2 projectors.”   
GDC Technology www.gdc-tech.com ,1591
Grass Valley Names Cut and Win Contest Winner,2010-03-09, Grass Valley has announced the winner of its highly Cut And Win contest in which editors using Edius real-time editing software were tasked with producing a commercial on the features and capabilities of Edius to compete for a chance to win thousands of dollars’ worth of production gear.
  The online competition attracted over 400 000 page impressions and over 200 registrations from 52 different countries.
The Grand Prize winner Frank Aldana receives a full post-production package comprising a HP ProBook laptop computer a Panasonic video camcorder and an external hard drive. 
 Aldana is a freelance editor based in the Philippines. He’s been editing for 18 years and his career has spanned the transition from analog/linear to digital/nonlinear taking in hybrid editing along the way. 
  “In 2005 I hand-built my own editing rig around a DVStorm XA and Edius 3.0. It’s been my weapon of choice ever since ” says Aldana. “It’s fast and fluid and its responsiveness reminds me of old-school linear edit controllers. It works—plain and simple”. 
  Two runners-up – Miroslav Matanovic  of Croatia and David Yoshpe of Israel – both receive a copy of Edius Neo 2 Booster and an external USB hard drive.
 The competition was held in collaboration with viral marketing agency Magnet Media and its online magazine Zoom In Online.
  Contest winners and other entries can be viewed at http://www.grassvalley.com/news/press/edius_cut_and_win 
 Magnet Media www.magnetmedia.com Zoom In Online www.zoom-in.com
Fraunhofer Institutes Open Tomorrow’s Cinema,2010-03-09, The Fraunhofer Institutes HHI and IDMT Berlin have opened Tomorrow's Cinema with the premiere of Germany's first 180-degree short film Orlac reloaded. Tomorrow's Cinema is a showroom with high-resolution digital 180-degree panoramic projection. The core of this technology is a 180-degree screen installed by Kinoton and an Iosono 3D sound system from the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT. 
The special screen consists of a glass fiber fabric specifically designed to support high-resolution digital projection of up to 6K. In addition this material is characterized by a high acoustic transparency that brings the Iosono surround sound system to bear. The installation of a 180-degree screen is always a challenge since the vertical and horizontal tension of the screen must be very carefully attuned to each other in order to achieve an immaculate semi-circular curve. Any deviation from the correct curve may disturb the image geometry after all. 
Six high-resolution video projectors project the 180-degree images each reproducing a 30-degree section of the complete picture. The images overlap in a small area creating a seamless panoramic image. 
Orlac reloaded an adaptation of the movie classic Orlac hands from 1925 is the first 180-degree short film produced in Germany. The panoramic shooting utilizing a special camera rig with six HD cameras took place within the scope of the PRIME research project in which eight leading companies and research facilities develop future technologies and viable business models for the introduction of 3D media consumption in cinema TV and video games. PRIME is an abbreviation of Production and Projection Techniques for Immersive Media. Kinoton www.kinoton.com   ,1594
Matthews Ships Gear to Raleigh Studios in Budapest,2010-03-09, Matthews Studio Equipment has shipped multiple quantities of over 465 different items of grip and lighting control products to Origo/Raleigh Studios and Hollywood Rental Budapest. The company estimated the value of the shipment to be in the high six-figure range. “Hollywood Rentals has had a longstanding and productive relationship with Matthews Studio Equipment ” says Kelly Koskella president of Hollywood Rentals. “Over the years both parties have complimented each other’s business by sharing technical input. HR is one of many companies that highly respect MSE for its substantial place in the industry. We look forward to continuing our valuable association with Matthews for many years to come.”
 Origo/Raleigh Studios Hollywood Rentals Budapest is opening in April. The studio boasts nine sound stages including a super stage 45 000 square foot and 65-feet of grid. To fill the growing need for productions that have chosen to shoot in Hungary the studio will also feature a 15-acre back lot a full production training school a post-production facility and a digital film laboratory. 
  “Matthews became involved in this project over two years ago ” says Robert Kulesh Matthews’ vice president sales and marketing. “Matthews’ products were recommended and specified because Origo is anticipating a wide range of international productions. And Origo insisted that all equipment on their stages be the highest quality and familiar to international production technicians no matter where they came from for their Hungarian production.”
 Matthews Studio Equipment www.msegrip.com ,1595
MTI Film Buys Two Nucoda Film Master Systems,2010-03-09,MTI Film has purchased two Nucoda Film Master systems from Digital Vision as part of their expanding end-to-end workflow in their new Hollywood facility.  The initial order puts two Nucoda Film Masters in place as a key component in their color grading for restoration service offerings. MTI CEO Larry Chernoff says “We were impressed with the Film Master’s toolset from the outset but it was Digital Vision’s willingness to work with us on an engineering level that was a key factor in our decision.  We are extremely familiar with all of the competition and are very satisfied that we have made the right decision.”   MTI Film has a long history of providing innovative groundbreaking solutions to the post-production industry with its award winning Correct Control Dailies and Convey products.   Suzette Ferguson sales manager of the Americas for Digital Vision says “MTI Film has an industry-wide reputation for redefining post production. In planning their full service facility MTI wanted a color grading system that worked natively in a multitude of broadcast formats and the Nucoda Film Master satisfies those requirements with MXF Apple QuickTime Avid DNxHD media and AAF multi-track program timelines.” Digital Vision www.digitalvision.se ,1596
Orion Planetarium Installs New LED Projector,2010-03-09,The newest projectiondesign projector the FL32 1080 ReaLED DLP has been installed inside the Orion Planetarium at Denmark’s Aarhus University. Equipped with a hand-selected wide-angle lens the FL32 1080 creates a four-meter by six-meter image of the stars galaxies space ships and a wide range of computer generated video animations while remaining hidden from the public gaze.   Supplied by Netkom Distribution projectiondesign’s distributor for Denmark and with involvement from one of Denmark’s largest integrators Audio Visual Centrum the FL32 is installed as part of an integrated AV system.  The FL32 1080 projects images that are overlaid across those from a legacy star projector and still-image slide projectors which the planetarium continues to use for the sake of continuity of content.  The projector is integrated into a Sky-Skan SPICE Automation control system which ensures complete synchronization between the various image sources.   Frede Grønfeldt sales manager of Audio Visuelt Centrum A/S says “Last year we took Lars Petersen the planetarium director to projectiondesign’s head office in Fredrikstad Norway where he was shown an early prototype of the FL32 1080.  He immediately believed in the product and had no hesitation in becoming an early investor in the technology.”   Petersen says “Our planetarium is 11 meters in diameter and has 60 seats. It is not a full dome system which makes it challenging because the images from the FL32 have to blend in with other images.  Furthermore because we are showing the stars and aspects of galaxies as well as other animated content  it is vital for the background of the video to be really black.  ReaLED technology from projectiondesign has made this possible.” Anders Løkke international marketing and communications Manager projectiondesign says “Our combination of LED illumination and precision optics is perfect for the planetarium and simulation markets where there is a need for a very large and convincing image to be rendered with excellent black levels. We’re delighted to have been able to fulfill the potential that this client clearly saw in our technology when he was first shown it and believe that the Orion Planetarium will be the first of many installations worldwide to make use of ReaLED technology.” Projectiondesign www.projectiondesign.com ,1598
Reducation Sessions Scheduled for April 8-12,2010-03-09,Reducation the company-sanctioned training sessions for Red cameras is scheduled for April 8-12 at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.  The five-day class is limited to the first 200 registered students. The course combining the RedTech and RedPost two sessions into one in-depth hands-on immersive week covers pre-production through post-production. Michael Cioni who will lead Reducation says “Reducation stands at the edge of an important moment; at the very center of a brand new understanding and application of color science that embraces new exposure techniques new software new hardware and the new MX sensor.  These changes are a pivotal part of the next generation of photography.  Reducation puts you in front of these changes.  In addition to highlighting the Epic sensor Reducation will focus on foundational information for DSMP (digital still motion photography) and its application in image gathering from here on. “   Kristin Petrovich-Kennedy president of Createasphere founding member and operational arm for Reducation says   “We expect a vibrant and creative gathering of students for the Las Vegas class and we’ve designed this session to make sure that the size is a powerful plus rather than a downside.  There will be dozens of cameras plenty of TA’s more than adequate gear in a great venue.” Reducation www.reducation.net ,1600
Global Immersion to Deliver New 4D Theatre Experience at Scotland Visitor Center,2010-03-09, A new visitor center set to open next month will be the first permanent 4D theatre installation in Scotland and will feature a custom-produced 4D show interactive pre-show area and 78-seat main theatre integrated with an array of experience effects including stereoscopic 3D lighting audio wind snow and aroma. Global Immersion is managing the design and fit-out of both the pre-show area and 4D theatre and began the renovation in January. As prime contractor on the project Global Immersion has commissioned a custom 4D show and a range of interactive media to be screened within the pre-show area.

Scheduled to open in April the new experience will ‘fly’ visitors from the Arctic to the tropical rainforests traveling through some of the Earth’s natural biomes and habitats along the journey. The theatre will replace the existing Journey of Contrasts exhibit gallery and immerse visitors in content rich CG animations and innovative technologies to tell the story of our planet.

The technical design features Global Immersion’s new Intensity multi-dimensional theatre solution. The bespoke system includes a 6.5 x 4.5 meter screen 3D display technology fully automated touch-screen control and an efficient glasses management system. The solution also features a custom bass-rumbler seating configuration hi-FX theatre effects with wind snow and olfactory Global Immersion’s hi-light smart lighting system and a hi-tempo 7.1 audio system.

In addition to the main 4D theatre area the pre-show visitor holding zone will engage visitors in tailored media and feature a number of integrated technologies including LCD and projection displays graphics panels and special effects lighting. Douglas Walker commercial director at Our Dynamic Earth says “Our Dynamic Earth selected Global Immersion as the supplier of our new 4D gallery for a number of factors. One of these was their innovative design proposal which allowed us to create a substantial space for the pre-show area - a vital element of the overall gallery. There was also a commitment to provide a high quality solution that would both entertain and educate our guests.”

 Walker says “The gallery takes the audience on a journey from the Polar Regions to the Tropical Rainforests and will communicate how different climatic regions and biomes are formed and how life has adapted to these biomes. We were agreed that the 'in gallery effects' should complement the whole experience and not become too much of a distraction. The approach taken by Global Immersion should help us achieve this.”

 Martin Howe chief executive at Global Immersion says “The new 4D experience marks a fundamental milestone for us in the continued expansion of our immersive theatre solutions into the attractions industry arena. We’re hugely excited about our new partnership with Our Dynamic Earth and the fantastic team effort and innovation and it has already led to. As home to the world’s first Intensity theatre we look forward to strengthening the relationship with the team there supporting and reinforcing their world-class capabilities.” ,1602
S.two Ships New FlashDock Transfer Station

,2010-03-09, S.two has introduced FlashDock a portable editorial ingest and archival station for FlashMag solid-state magazines from OB-1 S.two’s on-board digital film recorder. The self-contained uncompressed recorder for HD HD4:4:4 and raw production OB-1 weighs less than seven pounds and draws less than 20W of power is powered directly from the camera fully solid state and completely silent in operation. “This is the workflow component that our OB-1 customers have been looking for ” says Chris Romine president of S.two.  “It is economical field portable and facility friendly and satisfies both dailies generation and backup requirements with a user-friendly touch-screen LCD interface.”

 Supporting uncompressed 4:4:4 RGB and raw data including ArriRAW the FlashDock provides multiple transfer target interfaces including dual-link HD-SDI eSATA USB 2.0 Gbit Ethernet RS422 and SAS.  FCP-style XML and Avid-style ALE metadata files are generated and made available over Ethernet or to a USB device for automated editorial ingest.   An optional Expansion Chassis provides two half-height LTO3/4 drive bays and is powered from the FlashDock for true on-location archival or backup capability.  The FlashDock is capable of operating on 100-240VAC or 24VDC power and is designed for use on remote shoot locations in the studio or in a post-production facility. First production units have been shipped to sales and marketing partner Band Pro Film & Digital and are available for immediate delivery. ,1604
Fourth Annual Dimension 3 Convenes June 1-3,2010-03-28,The fourth annual Dimension 3 the international forum on stereoscopic 3D imagery will be held June 1-3 at Pullman Dock at the Plaine Saint-Denis studios in the heart of the French audio-visual and new media industry. Dimension 3 2010 offers a number of highlights for all professionals including 36 conferences and workshops over three days gathering some sixty international experts from all sectors (scientists developers producers artists engineers manufacturers technicians directors). Three conference rooms including a 500-seat auditorium will accommodate attendees. There will also be an exhibition area where manufacturers publishers contractors and producers will offer demonstrations and real-life product presentations. In addition from May 24-28 there will be bilingual training sessions designed for an international public with a MEDIA certification. The MEDIA support will further develop the training program’s ambitions and objectives. Finally Dimension 3 will include its annual film festival which in 2007 was the first international film event open to 3D films. In 2010 the festival further grows now featuring a competition with six categories and three special prizes. The competing programs (either the full version or clips) will be looped in a screening auditorium during the Forum. Dimension 3 2010 www.dimension3-expo.com ,1616
Gen Art Film Festival Celebrates 15th Year,2010-03-28, The 15th Anniversary of the Gen Art Film Festival presented by Acura kicks off on April 7th at New York’s historic Ziegfeld Theatre. Opening the festival will be Josh Radnor’s writing/directing debut happythankyoumoreplease which was shot in New York and won the prestigious Sundance Audience Award.   Radnor (of How I Met Your Mother acting fame) stars in the film which focuses on several 20-something relationships in the city with Malin Akerman Kate Mara Tony Hale Pablo Schreiber and Zoe Kazan. 

Closing the festival is Mercy directed by celebrity photographer Patrick Hoelck and written and produced by Scott Caan who also stars along with Wendy Glenn Troy Garity and Erika Christensen with Dylan McDermott and James Caan.  The drama revolves around a cocky LA novelist who doesn’t believe in love until he meets a female literary critic named Mercy. “Our programming process uncovered perhaps the most promising batch of new films in years.  In celebration of our 15th year we have curated a slate that is perfect for our core Gen Art audience of young thoughtful tastemakers who seek to satiate their hunger for culture through support of new talent ” says film division senior vice president Jeffrey Abramson. “Furthermore the feature films share a collective theme of the exploration of relatable tales of love.  Whether it is falling in love for the first time learning to love oneself experimenting with it fighting for it or recognizing it has become obsessive or idolized we are happy to see this empathetic trend kicking off a new decade of storytelling.” “Gen Art is extremely excited to be celebrating this anniversary with our long-time film festival partner Acura - who has been our co-host for 8 years now. For Gen Art the festival marks a benchmark in our history: a great opportunity for us to both look back at our accomplishments and to look forward to what we see as a very bright future ” says Gen Art CEO/co-founder Ian Gerard. Gen Art Film Festival www.genart.org/filmfestival ,1617
Independent Films Dominate Oscars,2010-03-28, Independent films once again collected the most Oscars at the recent Academy Awards ceremony including Best Picture for Summit Entertainment and Voltage Pictures’ The Hurt Locker. The win brings to 18 the number of independent films earning Best Picture over the past 30 years the Independent Film & Television Alliance announced. In all independents collected 12 Academy Awards (excluding short films) compared to nine for the major studios. 
  “[This year’s] Academy Awards capped by the triumph of The Hurt Locker celebrate the diversity quality and creativity of independent films and are visible evidence that those films matter to our industry and our audiences ” says IFTA president-CEO Jean Prewitt. “We congratulate the artists risk takers and entrepreneurs of the independent film community and our IFTA members for their extraordinary success this season.”
  Independent films receiving Oscars and where applicable IFTA members involved in production finance or distribution are:
 Best Picture
 The Hurt Locker (Voltage Pictures Summit Entertainment)
 Best Director
 Kathryn Bigelow - The Hurt Locker (Voltage Pictures Summit Entertainment)
 Best Supporting Actor 
Christoph Waltz - Inglourious Basterds (The Weinstein Company)
 Best Supporting Actress
 Mo'Nique - Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire (Lionsgate)

 Best Original Screenplay
The Hurt Locker - Mark Boal (Voltage Pictures Summit Entertainment)
 Best Adapted Screenplay 
Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire - Geoffrey Fletcher (Lionsgate)
 Best Foreign Language Film 
El Secreto De Sus Ojos (Argentina) 
  Best Documentary Feature 
The Cove (The Works)
 Best Costume Design 
The Young Victoria (GK Films)
 Best Sound Editing
 The Hurt Locker (Voltage Pictures Summit Entertainment)
  Best Sound Mixing 
The Hurt Locker (Voltage Pictures Summit Entertainment)
  Best Film Editing
 The Hurt Locker (Voltage Pictures Summit Entertainment)
 The Independent Film & Television Alliance www.ifta-online.org ,1619
Kodak Releases Film Calculator,2010-03-28,Kodak has released the Kodak Film Calculator and Glossary application the first of several Kodak cinema tools to be released as a free download from the iTunes App Store. The tool determines the running time for any length of film in any format or how much film is needed for a specific duration making complex mathematical calculations quickly and conveniently.   This is the first Kodak Cinema Tool to be made available as an application for mobile device users says Nicole Phillips Kodak's director of web marketing for the entertainment imaging division. We plan to release additional applications in the near future with the goal of helping filmmakers bring their visions to the screen. This Film Calculator app provides quick on-the-spot answers to questions wherever and whenever they arise. As we begin our foray into mobile tools we look forward to offering new ways to connect our customers to information they need effortlessly.   When using the Kodak Film Calculator app information can be entered into fields where data is known: format length run time and frame rate. The app then calculates and supplies the other variables. Film length can be measured in feet or meters for all formats including Super 8 16 mm 35 mm three-perf 35 mm and 65 mm film. The intuitive user interface includes a reset button that makes recalculating data easy and the film format drop down menu allows switching and comparing formats at the touch of a finger.   The application also includes Kodak's Glossary which provides instant definitions for hundreds of filmmaking terms. The glossary is designed to help filmmakers and their collaborators communicate clearly and accurately.   Our customers are accessing information online and through social media networks and we plan to continue to focus our efforts in these areas supporting their needs and making information even more readily accessible at the touch of a button says Phillips.   Kodak www.kodak.com/go/motion ,1620
Production Wraps on Mid-Life Gangsta,2010-03-28, Cinematographer Frederic Goodich recently completed principal photography on the feature film Mid-Life Gangsta. Revolving around a recovering addict’s search through the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles to avenge his father’s death Mid-Life Gangsta was going for a gritty natural look. The film was shot in Los Angeles in a quasi-documentary style and composing for 2.39:1 the filmmakers used Fujinon’s HAe10x10 E-Series Zoom (10-100mm T1.8) and a set of HAe E-Series Prime Lenses along with the Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 P2 HD VariCam AJ-HPX3000 camcorder and Silicon Imaging’s SI-2K Mini.
 “I like to work with available light and add or subtract light as needed ” says Goodich. “Working in low-light levels the speed of the Fujinon HAe10x10 and the E-Series Prime Lenses allowed me to shoot wide open and still maintain the sharpness I need.”
 “I was using an LED light source but I would turn it off because it was excessive ” Goodich says. “Just using the light coming from the street I got the look we were going for by using these Fujinon lenses.”
 “There was no breathing. I loved it ” he says. “When changing focus there is no awareness of the lens or a sense that something is being manipulated on the image because the breathing is so minimal. We had to work very fast. The ability to change lenses quickly was important. We used the same follow-focus markings so we didn’t have to spend time with alterations if we changed lenses.” 
More2Screen Partners with Hoyts for Digital Release of White Stripes Film,2010-03-28,Alternative digital distributor More2Screen has partnered with Australian cinema chain Hoyts to digitally release The White Stripes film Under Great White Northern Lights in Australia. Hoyts was the first cinema chain to release the film commercially with 25 sites.  UK and Irish digital cinema sites are also currently rolling out Under Great White Northern Lights. More2Screen holds worldwide distribution rights (excluding USA Japan South East Asia) and TV rights to the feature-length film which provides a look into the on and off-stage lives of one of the world’s most enigmatic bands. Under Great White Northern Lights is directed by music video and film director Emmett Malloy and premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year to rave reviews. ,1622
Oriental Post in Bangkok Upgrades its Facility ,2010-03-28, Bangkok post house Oriental Post has added technology from DVS to offer an even broader array of services to its customers including a Clipster and a SpycerBox SAN. 
“With Clipster and SpycerBox we have invested in superior cutting-edge technology that completes our DI infrastructure and helps us meet our customers’ requirements ” says Bobbie Wong president at Oriental Post. “We’re very pleased with our choice of DVS technology to tackle the latest demands of DI post production.” The Clipster decodes and demosaics Red RAW files in 4K 12 bit RGB mode in real-time. RAW data can be directly displayed edited in the timeline and played out in parallel in 4K. The Clipster also enables the generation of DCI Masters in 3D. 
With SpycerBox high-resolution projects can be transferred quickly and reliably. All workstations can access the SpycerBox not only as a SAN system but also network-attached storage. 
Eric Augereau sales director region Asia Pacific at DVS says “Oriental Post is Thailand’s number one post-production facility not least because they were the first ones in Asia to introduce DI workflows. With DVS’s tailor-made systems Oriental Post has chosen future-proof solutions that will assist them to continue leading the way in the post production industry.” Oriental Post www.orientalpost.co.th DVS www.dvs.de ,1624
Phish 3D Concert Set to Play in Theatres Nationwide,2010-03-28,Phish 3D a 3D concert experience is opening nationwide on Friday April 30th for an exclusive one week run. The more than two hour movie presented by Action 3D Productions in association with Network LIVE and Cinedigm Digital Cinema highlights Phish’s Festival 8 a three-day eight-set 16-hour concert in the Southern California desert. In advance of the nationwide roll out exclusive preview screenings will be shown April 20th in nine cities: Boston; Burlington Vermont; Chicago; Denver; Houston; Los Angeles; New York; Raleigh/Durham North Carolina; and Washington D.C. In addition to experiencing this special screening fans in attendance will take home a Phish 3D movie poster. The fully immersive music and visual experience featuring state-of-the-art 3D technology gives viewers the sense that they are not only at the event but on stage with the band that Entertainment Weekly has called “the biggest cult band in America.” Phish 3D features fan favorites never before seen cover songs and intimate footage of the band backstage and in rehearsals. Filmed in October 2009 at the band’s Festival 8 more than 40 000 devoted fans watched as Phish combined two of their most beloved traditions — the multi-day festival and the Halloween album costume. The band’s highly anticipated musical costumes are concerts involving the performance of an entire album by another artist—in this case Phish covered the Rolling Stones’ album Exile on Main St. Phish 3D also features songs from the band’s first ever full-length acoustic set as well as performances taken from the six additional sets. Phish 3D www.phish3dmovie.com ,1625
Reliance MediaWorks UFO Moviez to Partner on Distribution in India,2010-03-28,Reliance MediaWorks has announced a strategic business alliance with the digital satellite cinema network UFO Moviez to establish what the companies are saying will be the largest gateway for digital film releases on the silver screen in India. By combining UFO Moviezs digitization technology with Reliance MediaWorks' digital cinema experience and theatrical programming expertise the companies say the alliance will help create a strong platform that would enable the producers and distributors to start utilizing more digital screens. The goal is to ensure a wider release consistency in quality and curb piracy. The company made the announcement last month. ,1626
Samsung Launches 3D Advertising Campaign in Movie Theatres,2010-03-28,Samsung Electronics America will be the first electronics company in the U.S. to launch a 3D cinema advertising campaign. The campaign which will launch April 2 and run through July is designed to highlight Samsung’s new 3D LED TV. The campaign will be seen nationwide prior to several highly anticipated 3D films in select movie theaters in the NCM Cinema Network including AMC Cinemark and Regal theatres. To showcase Samsung’s 3D cinema advertising creative NCM will integrate unique new 3D elements into its FirstLook digital entertainment and advertising pre-feature program to coincide with the campaign launch. “We believe that the best way to generate excitement for our cutting-edge 3D TVs is by presenting them in the most engaging 3D environment that exists today – the cinema ” says Peggy Ang vice president of marketing communications at Samsung Electronics America. “Samsung is the leading innovator in 3D TV technology and it is only natural that we be the electronics industry forerunner in 3D advertising as well.” Samsung’s new 30-second 3D spot entitled Wonder-full was created by Leo Burnett and a production crew including the Oscar-winning director of photography Mauro Fiore. It asks the question “Ever wonder how amazing it would be to experience life in another dimension?” “Samsung has long been an innovator in cinema advertising so working together with them on the launch of their first 3D campaign was a great opportunity ” says Cliff Marks NCM Media Networks’ president of sales and marketing. “While 3D is just the latest arrow in the quiver for marketers to use to engage movie audiences it will be exciting to see how exceptional brands like Samsung continue to evolve creatively in our larger-than-life medium.” ,1627
Twentieth Century Fox SmartJog Sign European Satellite Distribution Deal,2010-03-28,Twentieth Century Fox and SmartJog have signed a non-exclusive agreement for satellite distribution of digital cinema content to theatres in Europe.  Under the terms of the agreement SmartJog will deliver Twentieth Century Fox movies in digital format to exhibitors connected to SmartJog’s Pan-European digital cinema network. Julian Levin executive vice president digital exhibition and non-theatrical sales and distribution Twentieth Century Fox says ”We are very pleased to conclude a content distribution services agreement with SmartJog to deliver Fox’s digital movies via satellite to the ever increasing number of SmartJog equipped theatres across Europe. With the rapidly increasing footprint of digital projection systems 2D and 3D coupled with emerging electronic distribution platforms SmartJog has taken a leadership role toward providing a more efficient electronic delivery methodology which we believe will ultimately dominate the means by which movies are delivered to theatres worldwide. We congratulate our colleagues at SmartJog and look forward to working closely with them in the future as they expand their base of theatres.” SmartJog currently has over 160 cinemas and more than 800 screens connected to its network in Europe with over 300 sites planned by the end of the year.  European exhibitors are already receiving digital cinema content via the SmartJog network with over 70 feature films and hundreds of trailers and screen advertising content transmitted since early 2009. “We are thrilled about this agreement and look forward to providing Fox with a complete end-to-end digital delivery solution to theatres ” says Julien Seligmann CEO at SmartJog.  “As the cinema world continues the transition to an all-digital workflow Fox’s selection of SmartJog as an electronic delivery method to cinemas showcases their leadership role in the digital cinema community.” SmartJog www.smartjog.com ,1629
Arts Alliance Media Signs Deal for €50 Million in Funding,2010-04-02, The rollout of digital cinema to exhibitors across Europe received a significant boost with the announcement that Arts Alliance Media has reached an agreement to secure €50 million in funding for its initiative. Funds advised by Sankaty Advisors the credit affiliate of Bain Capital have agreed to provide funding to support the rollout over the next two years subject to final documentation. The deal was expected to close in 30 days. Sankaty Advisors which currently manages approximately $20 billion in committed capital will provide a combination of senior and mezzanine debt for deployment of digital cinema equipment into cinemas across Europe. There are currently about 4 500 digital cinema screens in Europe (approximately 75 percent of which are 3D) and that figure is expected to rise rapidly to almost 13 000 by the end of 2012. Arts Alliance Media currently has digital cinema deals in place in seven territories within Europe and commitments in place for over 1 500 screens which are currently in the process of being installed. “The financial crisis of the past year slowed the process of digital cinema conversion but the recent announcement by DCIP in the US and now this announcement for Europe illustrates that the rollout is now ready to move full speed ahead ” says Howard Kiedaisch chief executive officer of Arts Alliance Media. “Sankaty Advisors are very forward thinking and have created an extremely flexible model that we are looking forward to offering to our exhibition partners. The many exhibitors we’re already working with are delighted with the results digital brings – better presentations 3D and alternative content are great for audiences and cinemas alike. “The announcement of this deal is a huge vote of confidence in Arts Alliance Media and the whole European digital cinema industry ” says Patrick Foley CFO of Arts Alliance Media. “As part of this agreement we will create a very solid but expandable financial structure that will allow us to significantly scale up our capital raise over time. We are confident this financing will allow us to continue leading the industry in Europe by adding more cinemas to our network.” 

 Arts Alliance Media www.artsalliancemedia.com