DTS Releases DTS:X Immersive Audio Bitstream Software Development Kit

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Tue, 10/15/2019 - 11:21 -- Nick Dager

This week DTS released its DTS:X Immersive Audio Bitstream software development kit to its cinema partners. The company believes the move strengthens its position as the motion picture industry creates the interoperable IAB content and device ecosystem needed to provide a true immersive sound experience in theatres.

DTS’s original launch partners GDC Technology and QSC have already committed to the move. Their newest partner, Cocoon Cinema, has also committed to implement DTS:X IAB solution into its cinema products.

“DTS is excited to work with our content and cinema partners to add Immersive Audio Bitstream to the DTS:X ecosystem,” said Loren Nielsen, vice president content & strategy, Xperi Corporation. “We look forward to collaborating with stakeholders to rollout IAB to theatres worldwide as we look to accelerate significant adoption of the DTS:X IAB solution throughout 2020.”

According to Nielsen the move aligns with to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers ST 2098-2 IAB standard and represents a major milestone for the cinema industry toward goal of standardizing single interoperable immersive audio format for theatrical distribution.

Support for SMPTE’s IAB in DTS:X solutions will bring even more immersive content to the big screen worldwide, she said, adding that adoption of SMPTE IAB standard will enable immersive audio content to flow seamlessly into DTS and related ecosystem encoders and decoders.

Nielsen said DTS:X IAB could be ready to bring to the market as soon as early 2020.

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