Doremi Official Technical Partner for 67th Cannes Film Festival

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Fri, 06/06/2014 - 13:51 -- Nick Dager

For the 3rd consecutive year Doremi was named the Official Technical Partner of the Cannes Film Festival, which took place from May 14th to May 25th.

This year, the partnership with the Festival highlighted the flagship of the Doremi playback servers: Integrated Media Block (IMB) and ShowVaults. A fleet of 45 servers was provided for all of the theatres of the Palace, from the Official Selection to the Marché du Film. The projections were displayed in 2K and 4K, and 2D and 3D.

Patrick Zucchetta, president of Doremi Europe said, "This year, we were again very pleased to get the chance to work closely with the Festival of Cannes. It is an honor to provide our technology, including this year a large majority of the theaters equipped with IMB/ShowVault. The long standing relationship with the Cannes Film Festival allows us to implement our technology in the service of this great film event of international renown."

Doremi was assisted by the technical expertise of the CST (Commission Supérieure Technique de l' Image et du Son) to manage its fleet of servers, in order to deliver the best possible picture.

Alain Besse, in charge of projections at the CST said, "We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Doremi, which ensures performance and reliability. Their servers are at the forefront of technology and are able to meet all of our screening needs, including 2K and 4K, or regarding the perfect management of subtitles for example. As for the experienced Doremi team, they are always available and we can count on them."

Regarding the validations and repairs of the DCPs (digital cinema packages), these were made in collaboration with the Eclair Group on the Doremi Rapid station and via the latest generation software tool, CineAsset-Pro. Frantz Delbecque, director of research and development, Eclair Group said, "Doremi tools are reliable and enable us to meet the demanding needs of digital cinema. And we have the assurance of a professional mastering job of the utmost quality."