Doremi Introduces TMS3 Hardware Independent Theater Management System

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Mon, 10/27/2014 - 09:31 -- Nick Dager

Doremi Labs has introduced the TMS3 Theater Management System, that provides a comprehensive user interface and offers support for installation on any platform allowing for lower cost of ownership. The hardware independent application can be installed on any PC-based hardware that meets the minimum performance requirements, and provides a centralized high performance library that will serve any multiplex configuration from 3 to 32 screens using a highly intuitive interface specifically designed for non-IT users.

The Doremi TMS3 features an open gateway for ticketing and POS as well as electronic media delivery through industry partners. Other key benefits include: Full SMPTE DCP support; Create Playlist Templates for future use; Manage content automatically to move content across screens easily; Automated pre-show and trailer packs insertion within playlists; APIs for 3rd party interface development; Automatic collection and upload of standard and custom reports from the servers.

“The Doremi TMS3 is a cost effective management solution that offers unique advantages to multiplexes of all sizes,“ said Michael Archer, vice president of digital cinema, Doremi