Doremi Cinema Achieves DCI Compliance for IMB

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Mon, 05/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Doremi Cinema has become the first server manufacturer to pass the Compliance Test Plan with an Integrated Media Block for use in a DLP Cinema Series II projector. The DCI standard was created by the Digital Cinema Initiatives to maintain specific criteria for the digital cinema industry such as high quality image interoperability and content security. The Compliance Test Plan was created by DCI as a uniform testing procedure for these standards. CineCert is the third part testing facility licensed by DCI to administer the testing procedures defined in the CTP in the United States. “The team at DLP Cinema congratulates Doremi on this milestone ” says Dave Duncan manager of DLP Cinema for Texas Instruments. “We have had a long partnership with Doremi and value their commitment to excellence in the cinema industry.” “Passing the CTP was unquestionably a challenge. We   allotted vast engineering resources over the last year to guarantee that our promises to the industry and our customers were achieved ” says Michael Archer vice president of digital cinema at Doremi. “Attaining DCI compliance is mandatory for any server manufacturer wanting to play in the digital cinema space.  With the studios pushing for compliant equipment Doremi is once again ensuring their customers are not at risk within a VPF agreement when it comes to DCI compliant IMBs.”