DoPchoice Offers First Self-tightening Softbox

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Wed, 05/11/2016 - 14:52 -- Nick Dager

DoPchoice has redesigned the classic softbox into the quick-deploying Snapbag, a lightweight, elegant solution for LED lights. 

Softboxes have become popular with LED lights to soften the light emitted and give DPs and gaffers more control. But the classic softbox becomes a project each time it has to be deployed and re-stored due to its complicated assembly. 

DoPchoice SnapbagBy contrast, setting up a DoPchoice Snapbag is fast and stress-free. It literally snaps to attention when it comes out of its flat storage, and can be fit in place over a lighting fixture in 30 seconds. Tear down takes just 10 seconds: it intuitively folds into its protective carrier. The Snapbag is such an improvement beyond the standard softbox that its Snap Technology has been patented.

The Snapbag shortens the traditional softbox’s complicated routine of inserting multiple rods into a speedring. DoPchoice’s self-tightening solution is simpler and quicker, with no small parts that can get lost or broken—thus, less can go wrong. Custom designed for each fixture type, in most cases it attaches to the light fixture via built-in elastic loops that securely self-stretch the Snapbag to the light.

Its self-stretching design guarantees that the Snapbag holds its shape— often a challenge for other softboxes. When it’s time to remove and store the Snapbag, it instantly folds flat so that it doesn’t develop wrinkles that could degrade performance.

With a highly reflective fabric interior, Snapbag maximizes illumination. And its smart fit solutions are designed to eliminates spill so filmmakers can direct the just where they want it.

The Snapbag comes in a choice of configurations. Rectangular models fit most popular LED soft lights. Octagonal models, five feet and three feet in diameter, fit most one by one foot panel soft lights. And the Flyball, also known as a China ball or Pancake, provides evenly spread soft lighting.

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