Dolby Vision Certification Awarded to Eurofins Digital Media Services New York

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Wed, 01/16/2019 - 13:09 -- Nick Dager

The New York facility of Eurofins Digital Media Services has been granted a Certification in Dolby Vision Quality Control Services. Eurofins is the first dedicated Dolby Vision quality assurance facility on the East Coast, meeting the growing demand for quality control and testing services in New York City.

"EDMS is proud of its ongoing relationship with Dolby Laboratories and committed to supporting a growing number of producers using Dolby's high dynamic range solutions to create phenomenal content,” said Josh Erkman, executive vice president strategic operations. “In early 2017, EDMS became the first quality control facility in California to be Dolby Vision Certified. We are very excited to announce that our New York office will have their own dedicated Dolby Vision quality control team under the leadership of Vincent Giambrone, head of operations, New York."

In addition to Master QC services for all digital file formats, EDMS provides digital and streaming quality control, storefront monitoring services, interoperable master format packaging, digital cinema packages, and optical disc quality control services. "Over the past years, EDMS has developed a wide range of quality control skills and solutions to support industry-leading Dolby formats for HDR video and immersive audio," said Ken Kiers, executive vice president of post production services. "EDMS has implemented optimal methods for the QC of Dolby Vision content destined for over the top platforms and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, having completed over 150 Dolby Vision projects for several customers."

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