Docurama Films Signs with Gigantic Digital Cinema

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Wed, 10/21/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Docurama Films is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a package of classic non-fiction titles has signed with Gigantic Digital Cinema to provide national distribution. The special series is now available online except in New York City. Recently cited by the press as one of indie film's top venues Gigantic Digital Cinema is the only true traditional film exhibitor online today. Under the leadership of its president Mark Lipsky a noted industry veteran and former executive at companies including Miramax IFC and Lot 47 and of its CEO film/music producer Brian Devine Gigantic Digital Cinema showcases acclaimed feature titles in ultra high-quality commercial-free streaming video. Titles are released either exclusively online or day-and-date with theatrical engagements. Markets in which a film is or will be playing in theatres are blacked out in order not to compete with those engagements. To date Gigantic Digital has exhibited Must Read After My Death one of 2009's most acclaimed documentaries the eleven-time award-winning Turkish drama Bliss (released theatrically by First Run Features) and the new documentary Motherland whose exclusive run on Gigantic Digital is garnering rave reviews from coast-to-coast. Gigantic Digital Cinema's Docurama Films' 10th Anniversary Package a selection of gems from over 250 titles released by Docurama to date is available online now through December 6th. Ranging from the personal to the political the package offers an eclectic and fascinating look at the art of documentary film. Lipsky says Until now wonderful programming like Docurama's 10th Anniversary celebration would have been confined to an extremely limited audience. Partnerships like this make it possible to reach millions of people rather than a few thousand. This is the first deal in what we expect will be a long and exciting relationship with Docurama/New Video. Docurama Films