DLP Ships 4K Chips to its Licensees

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Mon, 09/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

DLP is shipping DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K chips to its licensees Barco Christie Digital and NEC. The chips are scheduled to be installed in projectors in early 2011. “Regardless of resolution option or screen size exhibitors can count on DLP Cinema’s award winning technology to deliver all the light to all the pixels all the time ” says Dave Duncan business manager for Texas Instruments DLP Cinema Products. Several industry demos are anticipated between now and then by DLP Cinema licensees. 
 For example during a recent company visit from Cinemark Barco held a live demonstration of a pre-launch version of its upcoming DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K projector which will complement its current 2K projector offering in early 2011. Walter Hebert senior vice president for Cinemark says “At Cinemark we were the first to commit to DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K technology to provide our customers with the most unforgettable movie experience. What we have seen from Barco during their 4K live demo last week definitely fits the bill. The images projected by Barco's DP4K-32B are without any doubt the sharpest and brightest 4K images I have ever seen. It confirms once again that we made the right choice when we decided to put our trust in Barco for our global digital cinema roll out. We are excited to be offering this DLP Enhanced 4K experience to our worldwide customers in the very near future.” 

 “With Barco exhibitors are offering moviegoers the premium digital cinema experience. Our overwhelming success in the market shows that customers have embraced our DP2K family as the most complete range of DCI certified digital cinema projectors offering the perfect match for every screen. The addition of Barco's DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K projectors to the family will strengthen this even further ” says Wim Buyens vice-president digital cinema at Barco. “While we remain fully committed to our DP2K platform and 2K as the industry standard our upcoming DP4K projectors will allow us to also serve the Enhanced 4K segment which will mainly focus on premium cinema screens.” 
 DLP Cinema’s 4K chip is designed to be brighter and more energy efficient and is designed to meet the Digital Cinema System Specifications developed by DCI LLC for established image quality and security. Currently all DLP Cinema 2K projector models with the next generation DLP Cinema electronics platform are DCI compliant. “DLP Cinema remains dedicated to providing the cinema industry with diverse platforms in both 2K and 4K solution ” says Kent Novak senior vice president and general manager for DLP Products. “Texas Instruments will continue to innovate and further the development of its DLP Cinema 2K chips which are indisputably the industry standard including the capability of upgrading the newest 2K projectors to 4K.”