Digital Media Bank Launched

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Sun, 11/21/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Omar Kaczmarczyk has announced the launch of Digital Media Bank which it says is the world's first film and television distributor structured after the service model of a bank. The result the company says is a comprehensive distribution and marketing engine for independent filmmakers. Digital Media Bank is a strategic partnership between Kaczmarczyk's LongTale GoDigital Media Group and ContentBridge Systems. Similar to a traditional bank DMB will accept deposits of rights from copyright owners. Digital Media Bank will then manage and exploit these rights through extensive global licensing much in the way a bank generates a return on principal by lending its deposits. All assets and transactions will be managed via an online dashboard which provides producers with access to bank-like value-added services for a fee such as marketing advertising and PR. At Digital Media Bank filmmakers take control of their intellectual property says Kaczmarczyk. Producers can direct a powerful combination of proven industry experts to execute the distribution and marketing of their films while enjoying complete insight into the process. Digital Media Bank