Digital Magic Acquires Clipster for Shanghai Expo

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Thu, 04/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

In anticipation of the Shanghai Expo Hong Kong digital intermediate specialist Digital Magic expanded their 4K DI pipeline by integrating a second DVS Clipster into their workflow. Digital Magic will be responsible for footage shown at the Shanghai Expo’s Hong Kong Pavilion the China Theme Pavilion and the Oil Industry Pavilion – and were looking for a high-performance real-time 4K DI gateway. Percy Fung production director at Digital Magic Hong Kong says “With Clipster we have achieved a substantial extension to our product range and service offerings a high-speed workflow and increased security. We needed the unit in order to be well prepared for our assignment at this world 2010 exhibition in Shanghai and are proud to deliver high-quality material for impressive large-screen projections.” Eric Augereau sales director region Asia Pacific at DVS says “It is a great pleasure for DVS to be part of the Shanghai Expo. With an additional Clipster Digital Magic has again opted for a future-proof solution that will assist them in realizing this and other exciting projects at lightning speed.” DVS Digital Magic