Digital FX Chooses BrightDrive Media Recording for Collaborative DI Workflow

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Thu, 03/05/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Digital FX Baton Rouge Louisiana has installed a BrightDrive media recording system to provide the infrastructure for its data-centric digital intermediates workflow. The system provides a collaborative environment that enables all operators to share data concurrently without the need for copying files between systems.
 “BrightDrive was a no-brainer for us ” says Greg Milneck president and founder of Digital FX. “We looked at all the options but BrightDrive simply gave us the best fastest and most reliable system within our budget. With 50 terabytes and eight concurrent 2K streams to all of our suites we believe we have the fastest system in the Gulf Region. That’s a big selling point for us.”
 Digital FX scans directly into BrightDrive from a range of sources so that data is available immediately to all operators on the network. This data-centric approach to workflow gives high levels of flexibility as operators are able to begin work immediately without having to wait for each other. BrightDrive is connected to all of Digital FX’s DI processes including multiple editing systems Smoke 2K Flame 2K After Effects 3D software and to the company’s color grading suite.
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