Dickinson Theatres to Upgrade 25 Sites

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Wed, 09/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Dickinson Theatres will use its Cinedigm Phase 2 deployment financing to begin installing 250 digital cinema systems at 25 sites immediately. One half of the installations are anticipated to be complete in the next 12 months. Dickinson will celebrate its 90th anniversary in November 2010 with its first digital cinema screens up and running.  These newly transitioned screens will allow Dickinson to bring 3D movie extravaganzas live sports programming 3D concert films event programming and much more to the audiences it serves across ten states.

 We have been looking forward to working with Cinedigm on our digital cinema program and are excited to be moving forward says John Hartley president and CEO of Dickinson Theatres. Not only do they provide the best transitional services but their leadership bringing high quality alternative content and live 2D and 3D events to theatres confirms that we'll be bringing the best to our audiences.  

 We are delighted to reaffirm our partnership with Dickinson Theatres says Chuck Goldwater president Cinedigm Media Services Group.  They bring a personal touch to their dedication to their customers combined with an excellence in operations that has earned them an outstanding reputation in the markets they serve.  With digital cinema they will extend that dedication even further with a greater variety of exciting programming options for their customers. Cinedigm www.cinedigm.com