Deluxe Whitepaper Explores Data, the Cloud and Content Flow

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Thu, 03/14/2019 - 12:46 -- Nick Dager

Deluxe Entertainment Service Group today published a whitepaper that explores the integral role data plays in powering the cloud and automating the flow of content throughout the digital media supply chain. In order to provide a high-quality, consistent and personalized end-user experience that meets the increasing demands of global consumers, Deluxe has integrated the cloud throughout its operations and discusses how full integration is more important than ever in its whitepaper.

Cloud capabilities ensure that media and entertainment companies can leverage data to make strategic decisions and deliver content more efficiently. Data is at the center of the Deluxe One platform and serves as a critical reference for automation capabilities. Additionally, Deluxe's operations team uses the data produced in the cloud to increase visibility at a granular level of orders flowing across all of Deluxe’s lines of business, providing greater value to customers.

“Content is king, but data is the key to the future of the media and entertainment industry,” said Deluxe CEO John Wallace. “By sharing our insights with clients and the industry, we are guiding companies as they transition to the cloud and teaching them how to take advantage of the many benefits that data provides when a cloud platform is successfully integrated.”

“For Deluxe One and other cloud platforms, data functions as the central infrastructure for the system and plays a vital role in automating the process of transforming and delivering content,” said Deluxe chief product officer Andy Shenkler. “Data that’s generated through this technology will inform the way media and entertainment companies make decisions in the future.”

Through the cloud, media and entertainment companies have the flexibility to scale operations on-demand with nearly unlimited capacity, reduce costs when managed properly, and achieve seamless collaboration with global teams. Cloud-based data infrastructures open endless applications from leveraging metadata to create and target geographically or culturally relevant materials, to using artificial intelligence to accelerate a compliance edit.

In the whitepaper, Deluxe breaks down the 10 most tangible benefits of having clean, standardized and readily available data:

1. Tell content owners the number of distributable service-ready versions for licensing in various territories

2. Help address sourcing and quality issues with suppliers

3. Provide additional insights into the content onscreen

4. Compliance management

5. Create more personalized user recommendations

6. Derive insights into language pairings for more viewership opportunities

7. SLA monitoring

8. Capacity planning

9. Improve cost effectiveness

10. Prepopulate orders