Deluxe Upgrades OTT Capabilities

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Fri, 11/03/2017 - 13:56 -- Nick Dager

Deluxe announced today that it has strengthened its suite of managed services from Deluxe Distribution with new over the top capabilities by adding Smart Video Engine to the video supply chain technology stack built by Deluxe Technologies.  This new OTT platform gives Deluxe a game changing, unified end-to-end solution that removes the complexity and burdensome cost of managing multiple vendors and integrations across the video supply chain.  With this platform, Deluxe Distribution is a global “one stop shop” for clients looking for solutions that simplify the growing challenges and complexities of content management and distribution.  

Deluxe has long offered premium content owners and distributors live and video on demand platform capabilities to deliver content to any screen around the world.  Deluxe now extends its video supply chain reaching all the way to the consumer with fully integrated content and subscriber management systems and applications.

Smart Video Engine, developed by Siemens Convergence Creators, is a cloud-based, premium online video platform that powers OTT and TV everywhere businesses, offering maximum flexibility for business models, product bundling, and content packaging. Deluxe is the only globally-scaled content management and video distribution company that offers every service for every screen along the video supply chain from digital cinema and localization to VOD and live linear playout.  With today’s announcement of the addition of Smart Video Engine, content owners, rights holders and distributors can quickly and seamlessly launch a live, linear and video-on-demand OTT offering to meet their consumer’s needs.

This is the latest announcement from Deluxe’s technology group, Deluxe Technologies, focusing on platform solutions that enable Deluxe clients to simplify operations, reduce cost and meet the growing demand for content by consumers around the world. With growing competition in the market, those looking to launch or upgrade an OTT service need a proven partner with a single end-to-end solution that includes content acquisition and media management in a flexible, feature rich platform that can quickly get them to market.  With this OTT platform, Deluxe offers the widest capabilities to support any content and monetization models in the market – from live and linear to VOD, and the ability to combine both, along with support for transaction, subscription and advertising-based monetization models as well as hybrids.

OTT businesses are built on direct customer relationships. Successful OTT services must have efficient content management solutions with powerful user management tools. Deluxe’s newly enhanced platform offers clients a unified service capable of managing virtually any business model, rich data collection for analytics, targeted promotional campaign management, and a recommendation engine that enables targeting and personalization based on user preferences and behavior. These tools give clients the capability to match content with users and maximize subscriber acquisition and retention.

“With the growing complexity of distribution and business models, the market needs unified end-to-end services that remove the complexity of managing multiple vendors and technologies and thereby enabling them to focus resources on monetizing their content across the world,” said Morgan Fiumi, Deluxe’s chief innovation officer. “By integrating new OTT capabilities into Deluxe Distribution’s massive content management and localization platform, our clients now have end-to-end capabilities that give them the ability to respond to the explosive growth of OTT and TV Everywhere and launch feature rich services quickly and more efficiently.“

As part of its previously announced plans to expand the product and engineering team of Deluxe Technologies, today’s announcement is a step in the company’s continued efforts to add to its specialized OTT group focusing on enhancing the platform’s features and capabilities for this raplidy evolving market segment.