Deluxe Signs with SmartJog to Distribute Digital Cinema Content to Europe

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Tue, 07/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Deluxe Digital London has signed an agreement with SmartJog to distribute digital cinema content to theatres in Europe. “We are very pleased to have signed an agreement with SmartJog. Our historical relationship with SmartJog and our common clients make this a logical step forward in our relationship. Deluxe is committed to providing the best services for its clients and we feel that this agreement will enable us to pass on the benefit of digital distribution to them ” says Peter Wright managing director of Deluxe Digital London. In addition to being able to send DCPs directly from its London premises electronically Deluxe Digital London and SmartJog will “handshake” their operating systems to create a fully integrated platform enabling such features as live web-based tracking of transfers and online notifications for their common clients. “This is a natural extension to our current business relationship with Deluxe and we look forward to servicing their digital cinema distribution needs. Using our secured dedicated network SmartJog optimizes and simplifies DCP distribution logistics which will allow Deluxe Digital London to service clients in a secure cost-effective and reliable way ” says Thomas Bremond COO at SmartJog. Deluxe has been using SmartJog for more than five years to distribute a diverse range of content internationally. Currently SmartJog is deployed in 11 of their facilities around the world including in Rome Barcelona Los Angeles New York Toronto and London.  Deluxe SmartJog