Deluxe Installs MasterImage 3D in its Post-Production Suite

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Wed, 12/09/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

MasterImage 3D has announced that Deluxe Digital Cinema a subsidiary of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group has selected their 3D imaging solution MI-2100 for use in their 3D post-production facility and screening room. The system will be used for quality control and final approval purposes during all phases of MasterImage 3D content production. The MI-2100 is simple to install and maintain and can be used with any DLP projection system.  The triple flash MI-2100 system does not require ghostbusting to deliver a fully immersive stereoscopic viewing experience. “Deluxe is a leading digital cinema service provider and Deluxe’s selection of the MI-2100 demonstrates expanding acceptance of MasterImage technology in theaters and the creative community ” says Peter Koplik executive vice president sales and marketing at MasterImage 3D LLC. “The MasterImage solution streamlines production and delivers the clearest and most realistic 3D image available with a single projector set-up.” “Deluxe Digital Cinema is working on more stereoscopic content than ever ” says Jim Whittlesey Deluxe’s vice president of Digital Cinema Technologies. “Because Deluxe is committed to providing our clientele with the best possible imaging technology during every step of the production process the MI-2100 was the next logical 3D system to install in our screening room. The image quality is impressive. “ MasterImage 3D