Dadi First in China to Use Barco’s DP-1200 Projector

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Fri, 01/09/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Dadi Digital Cinema Development will be the first to deploy Barco’s DP-1200 digital cinema projector in China. The DP-1200 is designed for small screen environments. Dadi Cinema Development is a subsidiary of Dadi Culture & Media Group which is composed of a corporate group of media and technology companies. The group’s businesses focus on motion pictures releases the digital cinema construction and the development of new media. In 2008 Dadi Cinema invested in more than 100 movie theatres 300 screens and 100 000 seats throughout Guangdong Zhejiang Shandong Jiangsu Beijing Shanghai and Anhui provinces. “We’ve been using Barco products for more than four years now ” says Liu Rong general manager of Dadi Media. “Our experience with Barco has been nothing but positive; we’re looking forward to a successful future working together.” Barco has contracted with Dadi Digital Cinema to deploy both the DP-1200 and DP-2000 digital cinema projectors. “As digital cinema continues to expand in Asia and particularly here in China our partnership with Dadi benefits all of us especially the movie-viewing public ” says Frank Christiaens Barco president for Great China. The DP-1200 is the latest addition to Barco’s DP series and with the 0.98-inch DLP cinema chip is designed to accommodate small venues. The DP-2000 is a digital cinema platform for large and mid-market venues and is suitable for a wide range of screens up to 20m.   Barco particularly in the growing China market has been providing Dadi Digital Cinema with digital cinema projectors since 2005.     “We’ve been working with Dadi since 2005 ” says Christiaens. “It goes without saying that they are one of the most important players in the digital cinema market and we at Barco are truly pleased to partner with such a forward-looking company.” Barco