ContentFilm Gets New Name

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Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

ContentFilm has been renamed Content Media Corporation to better reflect its role in multi-platform distribution. The company will consist of three divisions: Content Television Content Film and Content Digital. It will continue to license content to digital media platforms worldwide including on-demand broadband and mobile. 
 The new name and logo unifies the company’s brand and reinforces the commitment to all three areas. Notwithstanding the changes of name and branding there will be no changes in the staffing reporting lines or the business operations within each of the film television and digital divisions.
Greg Phillips will continue to oversee Content Television and Content Digital and Jamie Carmichael will run Content Film. Jonathan Ford who has been responsible for the company’s digital efforts as executive vice president digital acquisitions and distribution will continue to report to Phillips and manage Content Digital on a day-to-day basis. Phillips and Carmichael will report to John Schmidt who co-founded ContentFilm in 2001.  Rounding out the management team are longtime Content executives Geoff Webb CFO and Erick Kwak head of worldwide business and legal affairs.
Further Content provided a trading update to the London Stock Market today noting that trading across the Group has been solid for the financial year ending 31 March 2011.   Following on from the pleasing results last year the Company expects to have another similarly positive year with results that will meet management’s expectations. John Schmidt noted that the television and digital divisions in particular had traded well over the last year. 
“Across our television film and digital divisions our distribution and sales efforts have grown more unified over recent years and as a result Content has naturally grown more integrated.  This is a welcome development as we find digital properties crossing over to television and film and film and television producers more eager to use our digital distribution capabilities ” says Schmidt.  “As a result we feel it is time to unify our operations under a common name so our partners in each of these divisions are aware that we are active and successful in all three areas.
“It was anachronistic to call the parent company ContentFilm so we’ve let that go. We have been called Content by our staff and the industry for some time and we’ve brought the Content name to the television division so everyone knows we operate in all three areas particularly our film friends in North America who are increasingly looking to expand into television.  We say goodbye to the Fireworks brand with some sadness but guarantee that the same strong values staff and systems will continue uninterrupted at Content Television.”